What a Bird Thought Summary

“What a Bird Thought” poem captures the bird’s sense of wonder and exploration as it gradually grasps the vastness and complexity of the world it inhabits. The bird’s reflections on its experiences highlight the significance of curiosity and the transformative power of exploration in broadening one’s perspective.

What a Bird Thought Summary

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The poem ‘What A Bird Thought’ tells us how a bird perceives its world. When it is in its shell, it perceives (understands, becomes aware) the world to be small and round, and made of a pale-blue shell. When it comes out of its shell into its nest, it perceives the world to be made up of straw. When it grows a little and learns to fly, it perceives the world to be made up of leaves. Now that it has grown up and can fly extremely well, it has left its little home, the nest and the tree and flies wherever it wants to. And when it sees the vast blue sky, the bird is unsure what the world is really made up of. Hence, the bird wants to find out from us what the world is really like.


The bird’s journey mirrors the human experience of learning and growth. We too begin with a limited understanding of the world, but as we venture out and explore, our perspectives broaden, and we gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and beauty of our surroundings. Just as the bird takes to the skies with newfound confidence, we too can embrace the opportunities that come our way, soaring towards our own limitless horizons.