Unity in Diversity in India Summary in English

India’s unity in diversity is evident in many ways. For example, the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and culture to all citizens. The Indian government also promotes national unity through various programs and initiatives, such as the National Integration Council and the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat program.

Unity in Diversity in India Summary

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India is a country with many races, cultures, languages and modes of apparel. The religions, sects and beliefs are not the obstacles to perturb its unity.

The traditions, conventions, way of living are in no way barriers of its development. The rich culture and heritage justifies the unity in social, intellectual and human development. The Indian civilization is a mixture of Dravidian, Aryan and Hindu cultures bringing North and South to a common stage.

People may speak different languages, may follow different regional habits but they have one common language to bring into one stream and that is Hindi recognised as the national language of India.

India is a land of rich music, fine arts, sculpture, spiritual impact and passionate heritage. The West gets attracted towards India for the way of life we had. The festivals of India depict the unity, love and feeling of universal brotherhood.

The ancestral heritage of sages, maharishis, spiritual leaders stand as a symbol of piety, peace and non-violence. The temples, monuments and caves represent the rich sculpture and architecture of Indian intellectual minds. The music and dance are considered to be the passion from ancient era to the present. The dance and art forms highlight the aesthetic outlook and spirituality. The themes like power, shakti, tragedy and love are performed to show varied aspects in the united India.

The individual in the whole, the simple in composite and one in many can be the divergence in convergence and unity in diversity – a special feature of only our nation.


India’s unity in diversity is a model for the world. It shows that it is possible for people from different backgrounds to live together peacefully and harmoniously.