The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Summary

A Town Mouse visits a cousin in the country and disdains the Country Mouse’s lifestyle. They both then visit the city and are confronted by several dangerous situations, even though they eat well. The Country Mouse decides that the quieter, rural life is to be preferred.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Summary

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The town mouse lived at the back of the kitchen cupboard in a rich man’s house in a town whereas the country mouse lived in a country. They were cousins. They often wrote letters to each other.

One day the town mouse wrote a letter to his cousin saying that he was ill and wanted to stay with the country mouse in his country as he had been advised by the doctor to spend a week in the countryside. The country mouse got the letter from the town mouse. He invited the town mouse to his countryside. So he packed his bags and caught the next train to the countryside. He felt hot in train as the day was bright and sunny. He wished he was in an air- conditioned coach.

The country mouse received the town mouse at the station of the countryside. The town mouse asked the country mouse for some orange juice or lemonade saying that he was thirsty. But the country mouse offered him coconut water. The dinner that the country mouse served the town mouse at his house consisted of the root and the sugar-cane. The town mouse nibbled at the root and the sugarcane as he did not enjoy his dinner. Later he had to sleep on the hard, cold ground. The countryside was very quiet. The mouse felt it strange and did not like it. He went back to his town.

Next time, the country mouse visited the house of the town mouse. He did not like the traffic there. He felt surprised watching lights in the streets even in the midnight. The country mouse wanted some water and a little bit of food. The town mouse offered him ice-cold lemonade and orange-juice to drink. The town-mouse offered him bread and jam, different kinds of fruit, slabs of chocolate and a huge piece of lovely cheese. The country mouse had to eat and drink what the town mouse had offered. Meanwhile, they had to run for safety and hide themselves as somebody entered the room and opened the cupboard. The country mouse was tired of doing this and did not like to be there. So, he took leave of his cousin and went back to his house in the country. Since then, they did not visit each other again.


In conclusion, “A simple life in peace and safety is preferable to a life of luxury tortured by fear.” It means that the Country Mouse would rather live in country where it is quiet and simple instead of the nice and luxurious life in the city where it is dangerous.