The Song of Freedom Poem Summary

“The Song of Freedom” is a poem celebrating liberty and individual rights. It portrays the strength of the human spirit in overcoming oppression and cherishing the values of freedom and equality. The poem’s verses convey a powerful message of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. Read More Class 9 English Summaries.

The Song of Freedom Poem Summary

The Song of Freedom Poem Summary in English

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This poem is hot just a description of free India. It is also a description of a glorious India. The poet visualises free India.

In this poem, the poet celebrates the freedom of our Nation. It is celebrated with songs and dance Indians fought for the freedom unitedly leaving aside any caste born pride. Now we are no longer subservient to anyone. We are free from the tricks any foreigner could play to divide us. So the poet celebrates India’s freedom from the British rule.

Subramanya Bharathi used the verse as his medium to awaken the slumbering people of India. He is a well known Tamil poet who inspired the masses to overthrow the foreign rule and breath the free air.

The hour of freedom is the song and dance. All rejoice because of attaining freedom. People are free from caste-born pride and we are not ruled by the foreigners. We have put an end to passive subservience. Nobody can fool us (as some did in the past) we are free and have strength. So we sing and dance.

Now we have to enjoy the fruits of freedom. We are all equal’ now there is no animosity because there is equality. We will blow the conch of victory and declare that we are free from the foreigners rule.

We don’t mislead people Lie and deceit are dead. They are no more is existence Ruin has seized the wicked and the good are rewarded.

Let us honour the peasant group. Let us respect the formers we shall put an end to greed. Let us not cross our need’. Let us be needy but not greedy. We shall put an end to immoral ways. Let us be strong, protecting our health. Let us not fall. Prey to wicked pleasures like gambling and drinking. The poet gives a call to believe the great saying that work is worship.

He pleads the masses to inculcate patriotic spirit and slavery. We should live united so that no nation can enslave us. We will certainly prosper and serve the Almighty. Let us widen our thought and action then only we can enjoy the heaven of freedom.


In conclusion, “The Song of Freedom” encapsulates the enduring human yearning for liberty and justice, inspiring a deep appreciation for the values of freedom and equality. Through its stirring verses, the poem underscores the importance of persevering in the face of oppression and continuing to sing the song of freedom, a timeless anthem of hope and resilience.

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