The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Summary Analysis and Explanation By Eleanor Estes

About the Author Eleanor Estes

Poet Name Eleanor Estes
Born 9 May 1906, West Haven, Connecticut, United States
Died 15 July 1988, Hamden, Connecticut, United States
Awards John Newbery Medal
Education Pratt Institute School of Information, West Haven High School, Pratt Institute
Eleanor Estes - The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Summary Class 10
Eleanor Estes

The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Summary of the Lesson

Wanda Petronski was a young Polish girl who went to school with other American children. She was different in many ways from other children. That day Wanda was not in her seat. She usually sat in the seat next to the last seat in the last row in Room thirteen where most of the boys made noises.

She rarely said anything. Wanda came from Boggins Heights. Her feet were usually caked with dry mud. There were other girls named Peggy and Maddie. Most often both these girls waited for Wanda Petronski to have fun with her.

Wanda did not have any friend but a lot of friends talked to her. She came to school alone and went home alone. She always wore a faded-blue dress that did not often fit her properly. Peggy asked Wanda courteously how many dresses she possessed.

Wanda replied that she had a hundred all lined up in the closet. All were surprised at her remark. About shoes she replied that she had sixty pairs of all colours. Cries of politeness came from the students.

Peggy was the closest friend of Wanda. She enjoyed fun with her but she always protected small children from bullies. She would cry for hours on seeing an animal mistreated. If anybody asked about her protection for Wanda as cruelty, she would feel surprised. But why did Wanda say she had a hundred dresses? She must have told the truth, Peggy thought. Other girls had never troubled her very much.

On the other hand, Maddie was a poor girl. She usually wore the old clothes of others. She thanked herself for not living in Boggins Heights or for having a funny name. But the question of asking dresses, hats and other items was troubling her.

Often Peggy asked such questions but Maddie always felt ashamed. In reality this game about dresses was invented by Peggy. It was Maddie’s desire that Peggy would stop teasing Wanda Petronski.

Today Maddie was busy with her arithmetic problems. She decided to write a note to Peggy on the point that they would stop asking Wanda how many dresses she possessed. She started writing but suddenly she stopped. She viewed a new target for Peggy and other girls. She would tell others that it was Peggy5s old dress and her (Maddie’s) mother had mended it so that none could recognise it.

She also thought that she would decide not to make fun of Wanda. With these words, Peggy tore up the note. Peggy also knew that Wanda hardly said anything to others.

Maddie was lost in Wanda about her hundred dresses. Then the drawing and colour contest came to her mind. For the girls the contest was to design dresses. The boys were to design motor boats. Maddie was hopeful that Peggy would win because she was good at designing.

She could copy a picture from a magazine quite alike. Next day it was drizzling. So without waiting for Wanda, they hurried to school for the result.

The moment they entered the room, they were amazed to see drawings all over the room. They were in dazzling colours of lavish designs. These must have been hundred and all were lined up. Everybody stopped and praised this grand work.

In no time Miss Mason announced the winners.

Miss Mason announced Jack Beagles from the boys. About girls, she told that there were just one or two sketches submitted by most girls. But there was a single girl in Room thirteen, who had drawn one hundred different designs. All should be proud of her.

The judges had viewed that each drawing was worthy of the prize. Wanda Petronski was the winner. She had been absent for some days and applauses were due for her. All students were happy and burst into applause. Labour gives result.

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