The Green Champion – Thimmakka Summary

Saalumarada Thimmakka is an environmentalist from India who has planted and tended over 400 banyan trees along a highway. She is known as the “Tree Mother of India” for her dedication to planting and caring for trees. Read More 1st Year English Summaries.

The Green Champion – Thimmakka Summary

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The present prose piece ‘The Green Champion – Thimmakka’ is an internet-based inspiring article. It describes Thimmakka’s undying passion for the planting trees and insists on the need to emulate her selfless service in preserving nature. Thimmakka, a woman more than 100 years in age, from Karnataka has been landed globally as the Green Champion for her tree planting mission.

She was a poor and not properly educated. She worked as a coolie. She was married to Bikkala Chikkayya, a labourer too.Her married life was not happy. She couldn’t become a mother till she was forty. Her husband was very cooperative. With nothing to be proud, she thought of ending her life. Wisdom dawned. The couple decides to plant saplings and nurture them as their own children.

They not only planted them but also fenced watered and guarded them from animals. They started planting trees in their village in a stretch of 4 km. They planted 10 banyan saplings in the first year and increased the number year after year. Now there are 400 banyan trees in the area. Apart from them there existed over 8000 other trees planted by them. Even after the death of her husband, she continued her mission of planting trees. Her outstanding work earned her the name Saalumarada which means a row of trees in Kannada.

Thimmakka received many awards including the prestigious Padma sri award in 2019. Thimmakka is popular as Saalumarada Thimmakka because of her work. There is also an environmental organisation named after her in the U.S. called Thimmakka’s Resources for Environmental Education. She brought world wide recognition to her state, Karnataka through her incredible services. Hence, she is a true inspiration to us. She is 100 plus and still cherishes the dream of planting more trees in future.

Her mission is taken forward by her foster son, Sri Umesh. He has been planting and tending to trees along the roads, in schools, public places and on the maintain and hilltops. He runs the PRITHVI BACHAO movement successfully. He grows own nursery and distributes plants to the interesting farmers to grow plants. Therefore, Thimmakka has become a role model to the entire world. She urges us the plant even a single sapling to make the world a better place for our future generations. The easy insists on the need to emulate her selfless service in protecting nature.


Thimmakka’s work has had a significant impact on the environment and the lives of the people in her community. The trees she has planted have provided shade and shelter for travelers, and they have helped to improve the air quality in the area. The trees have also attracted wildlife, and they have helped to prevent soil erosion.