The Earthquake Summary

An earthquake summary provides a concise overview of a seismic event, including its magnitude, location, depth, and potential impacts. This crucial information is vital for assessing the event’s significance and determining necessary response measures. Read More Class 8 English Summaries.

The Earthquake Summary

The Earthquake Summary in English

The Earthquake images
The given lesson ‘The Earthquake’ is a folk tale. The narrator tells us that the story happened a long time ago, in a place near to the western sea. A hare lived under a small palm shrub at the foot of a Bel tree. One day, a strange fear struck the hare. It started wondering what would happen to him if the earth fell to pieces. At the very moment, a huge ripe bet fruit fell right on top of the palm shrub with a loud crash. The hare was horrified and thought that the earth was surely falling to pieces around him. He madly fled away from the place.

Another hare, saw him fleeing asked him why he was running away scared. The fleeing hare asked the other hare not to question him, without even looking back. The other hare ran after him and insisted that he answer him. The fleeing hare replied that he was running away because the earth was falling to pieces.

So the other hare also joined him and as they were running another thousand hares joined them when they heard that the earth was falling to pieces. Later a deer, a boar, an antelope, a buffalo, a gazelle, a rhinoceros, a tiger and an elephant joined them. The line of animals stretched to about three miles.

Later a lion saw this wild flight of animals and asked them what it was all about. When they told him that the earth was felling to pieces, the lion thought to himself that, since there was no earth quake, they might have misunderstood some sound they had heard and started fleeing. He decided to stop them as he feared they all of them would come to destruction.

The lion sprang swiftly to the foot o fa hill ahead of all the animals and roared thrice at the top of his voice. All the animals were frightened and huddled up together and stood still.

Then the lion asked them why they were running away. All the animals answered in chorus that they were running away because the earth was falling to pieces. When the lion asked them, who had seen the earth falling, the animals started to point at each other. At last the first hare which had started all this came forward and spoke to the Lion. The j hare narrated all which had happened till then. The Lion realized that the hare had heard a ripe bel fruit fall down on the palm leaf with a crash and started running away believing that the earth was falling to pieces.

The Lion then ordered the other animals to stay where they were and took the hare to the place at the foot of the palm trees. After inspecting the place the lion found the ripe bel fruit which had come crashing down on the palm leaves. The Lion then understood everything. He asked the hare to jump on his back, and they went back to the other animals. 1 he wise Lion then spoke to the other animals and assured them that there was no earthquake or any other calamity and it was perspective safe for them to go back to the place they lived. All the animals thanked the lion and went back home.

Imagine what would have happened it the king Lion had not gone to check the real feet. The Moral of the story is that we should check the real fact before we act.


In conclusion, earthquake summaries are essential tools for understanding and responding to seismic events, aiding in disaster preparedness and mitigation efforts. Timely and accurate information can save lives and minimize damage during these natural disasters.

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