The Bear Story Summary By Axel Munthe Analysis and Explanation

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The Bear Story Summary Analysis and Explanation in English By Axel Munthe

About the writer Axel Munthe

Poet Name Axel Munthe
Born 31 October 1857, Oskarshamn, Sweden
Died 11 February 1949, Stockholm, Sweden
Children Malcolm Munthe
Movies Axel Munthe, The Doctor of San Michele
axel munthe - the bear story class 7 short summary
Axel Munthe

The Bear Story Introduction
The story depicts the lovable side of a fierce bear. He obeyed his lady as any other pets do. He gave up his beastly acts. The writer pictured the likings and habits of the bear.

The Bear Story Summary of the Lesson

There lived an old lady on the outskirts of a big forest. Once she found a bear and fed it with a bottle. After a few years, the bear grew into an adult bear that is bigger and powerful.

He was an amiable bear who ‘amicably’ enjoyed catching grazing cattle. His company was enjoyed by the children who playfully teased him too. They rode him and sometimes sleep in between his paws. The three pennies found him understanding.

He had a fine appetite and was fed well by the cook. He never ate meat rather ate bread, porridge, potato, Babbage, turnip-like dogs do. At his young age, he climbed upon apple trees to have them but once he learned it was not wise, he keenly waited for an apple to fall to the ground.

He was punished for plucking the beehives. He never repeated what once told to him. He was obedient and friendly.

He was chained only on Sunday when the lady visited her sister every Sunday. It was difficult for her to take him along as he might fall for his temptations. Once he created a mess because wind frightened him and he lost his balance.

He and his mistress fell down into waters. After that, he was patted by his mistress and was given an apple. He accepted the decision.

Once his mistress chained him and went through the forest. Then she heard the sound of broken trees as a bear was chasing her at full speed. He reached her but the lady did not like disobedience.

She hit him and wanted him to go back as she was getting late. She was infuriated when she hit him so hard that it broke her umbrella. He looked back, again and again, to see astonished for her action.

However, when she returned in the evening, the bear was sitting outside the kennel. She rebuked him and decided to chain him for two more days. Then the old cook informed that he behaved as meek as an angel and waited eagerly for her to return.