The Awakening of Women Summary

“The Awakening of Women” is a groundbreaking novel that was ahead of its time in its exploration of women’s rights and identity. It is a powerful and moving story that continues to resonate with readers today. Read More Inter 2nd Year English Summaries.

The Awakening of Women Summary

About Author

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Kavalam Madhava Panikkar (June 1895 – 10 December 1963), popularly known as Sardar K. M. Panikkar, was an Indian statesman and diplomat. He was also a professor, newspaper editor, historian and novelist.

Few of his notable works in English:

1920: Essays on Educational Reconstruction in India 1932: Indian States and the Government of India
1938: Hinduism and the modern world
1943: Indian States 1954: A Survey of Indian History 1954: In Two Chinas: memoirs of a diplomat
1964: A Survey of Indian History
1966: The Twentieth Century

KM Phanikkar is versatile. As a political leader, ambassador, columnist, historian and writer, he showed unparalleled talent. A current article entitled “Women’s Race Awakening” describes the sentiments of the Vanita Loka in India. Women’s world was a light in ancient India. But in the 18th and 19th centuries the condition of Ativah deteriorated drastically. Gandhi The movement contributed greatly to the empowerment of women. That woman was in the most respected position in the world.

They were deprived of education, isolated in society, abused, widowed and degraded. They tried for the upliftment of the nation. But not so much
Gandhi said that the power of the nation is the power of the nation, and its power can be used for development as much as it is actually used

The national movement led by the women’s race once in the world of Indian women in the 18th and 19th centuries kept them away from education, pressured them into early marriages, widowhood, and people like the Brahmo society did not succeed in the upliftment of the race. Women’s power is not inexhaustible and the consumers of their power for the development of rural India have realized. Called.

No matter where you look, there is no doubt that there is no demand for response, boycott of all kinds of goods, all-round movement and non-cooperation. Women. As a result of the long national movement, the Ativalas have attained the top position in all fields. Before independence some laws like their right to property, right to education, minimum age for marriage were enacted.

After independence, he won the highest posts and dazzled the world. Thus the women’s development which started with Gandhi’s movement spread and progressed rapidly to all fields. It goes on and on. Continuity Social Beneficiary!


The Awakening of Women, Edna Pontellier is forced to make a difficult choice between her old life and her new one. She has awakened to her own desires and sense of self, and she can no longer live in the stifling social environment of her marriage and family.