Snake Poem Summary in English and Hindi by DH Lawrence

Snake Poem Summary in English and Hindi Pdf. Snake Poem is written by DH Lawrence. has provided Snake Poem Objective Questions and Answers Pdf, Poem Ka Meaning in Hindi, Poem Analysis, Line by Line Explanation, Themes, Figures of Speech, Critical Appreciation, Central Idea, Poetic Devices.

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Snake Poem Summary in English and Hindi by DH Lawrence

Snake by DH Lawrence About the Poet

David Herbert DH Lawrence (1885-1930) was a poet, novelist, short story writer and essayist. He grew up amid the strife between his genteel and educated mother and his course miner father. When he grew in maturity as a writer, he rejected the gentility which his mother had represented and began to see his father earthiness as a virtue. His important works include. A collection of poems, The White Peacock (1911) The Trespasser (1912) Sons and Lovers (1913) The Rainbow (1915), Plumbed Serpent (1916). Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1926).

Snake Poem

Snake Written by DH Lawrence Introduction to the Poem

In the present poem ‘Snake’ Lawerence exalts the values of primitive life and denounces the shams and artificialities of modern civilized life.

Snake Poem Summary

Snake Poem Summary in English

David Herbert Lawrence wrote the poem ‘Snake’. He has described about a snake in this poem. He said that one night when he felt thirsty came out to drink water but as soon as he came out he saw a black cobra which also came to drink water. It was too hot that night.

The snake was looking good, silent and peaceful. It came out from a carobtree only to drink water. To see its politeness the poet didn’t fear at first but his sense of humour felt him that he should kill the snake at any cost. But the snake was too peaceful to hit. After some time the poet decided to hit the snake. He went to pick up.a stick to hit the snake. He hit the snake speedily and the snake felt pain, while the latter part of his body was hit by a stick (a piece of wood), moves its body and went into the hole of ground (earth).

The poet didn’t want to kill him but he was afraid that if he didn’t kill him, he was to be killed by the snake. The poet felt sorry on his act, because its (snake’s) look was simple and innocent. It seemed to him like a king in exile and he wanted to see him again.

Snake Poem Summary in Hindi

डेविड हर्बट लॉरेन्स ने The Snake “साँप” शीर्षक कविता को लिखा है। उन्होंने इसमें एक साँप के बारे में बताया है। उन्होंने कहा कि एक रात जब उन्हें प्यास लगी तो पानी पीने के लिए वे बाहर आये। उन्होंने एक साँप को देखा जो पानी पीने आया था। यह एक काला कोबरा था। साँप शांत, अच्छा और चुपचाप दिख रहा था । बहुत गर्मी थी। वह पास की ही जमीन की दरार से निकल कर बाहर आया था और पानी पीने के लिए कवि के घर में गया था।

उसका दयालुपन और सीधापन देखकर कवि नहीं डरा, लेकिन तुरंत उनके दिमाग में डर आया कि अगर वह उसे नहीं मारेंगे तो वह उन्हें डंस लेगा। कुछ समय के बाद कवि ने यह निर्णय लिया कि वे साँप को मारेंगे । वे साँप के लिए छड़ी उठाने गये। उन्होंने साँप पर जोर से प्रहार किया । उस समय साँप पानी पीने के बाद पुनः उसी दरार (सुराख) में प्रविष्ट हो रहा था।

छड़ी उसके शरीर के पिछले भाग में लगी । वह पीड़ा का अनुभव कर छटपटाया तथा उस दरार में शीघ्रता से प्रविष्ट हो गया। कवि को अपनी करनी पर पछतावा हुआ क्योंकि वह उसे नहीं मारना चाहता था। उसे लगा कि यह उसका कितना तुच्छ, निकृष्ट, निष्ठुर तथा अशिष्ट कार्य था । चोट खाकर सर्प ने मुड़कर देखा था तथा दरार में शीघ्रता से प्रविष्ट हो गया था। कवि की आन्तरिक आकांक्षा उसे पुनः देखने की जागृत हुई, कवि को उसके फिर से दर्शन का विश्वास हुआ । उसकी दृष्टि में सर्प एक बेताज बादशाह नजर आ रहा था जो धरती के भीतर अज्ञात रूप से निर्वासन का समय व्यतीत कर रहा है। वह अपने पाप का दण्ड भुगतना चाहता था क्योंकि उसने एक देवता के सान्निध्य का अवसर खो दिया।

What is the main theme of the poem snake?

Theme: The Poem Snake by D.H.Lawrence is a nature centered poem. The Poem shows the conflict between the inner thoughts of heart and the educated mind. In the beginning the poet explains the nature of the snake how it drank water, his attraction towards the snake was seen throughout the lines.

What is the meaning of the poem snake?

The poem Snake by D.H. Lawrence was written in the early 1920s. It is a narrative poem that uses imagery and symbolism to convey Lawrence’s idea’s about society throughout history. One can see many parallels between social class and Snake. This poem also highly relfects religious ideas.

How does the poet describe the snake in the last stanza?

He describes the snake as “yellow brown” and “soft bellied” with “straight gums” and a “slack long body”. The snake drinks silently from the tap or faucet.

Why does the speaker like the snake?

The speaker liked the snake because it looked most innocent. It drank the water peacefully for which it came there.

What is the tone of the poem snake?

The poem has no metrical pattern or end – rhyme scheme. The poet’s mood is that of awe and fascination and then regrets of the rare opportunity he misses. The tone is that of admiration and then blame.

What does the narrator feel at the end of the poem snake?

The poem ends with the narrator’s expressing a wish that the snake should come back once again, so that, he could expiate his petty act.