Sanghala Panthulu Summary

“Sanghala Panthulu” is a short story about a wise old man who helps the people of his village to unite against oppression. The story is also a tribute to the power of the human spirit. Sanghala Panthulu is a symbol of hope and resilience, and his story shows that even in the face of great adversity, it is possible to achieve change.

Sanghala Panthulu Summary

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Suravaram Pratapa Reddy is multifaceted personality. His writings mainly reflect local history and local people’s sufferings. The story Sanghala Panthulu crafted by Suravaram Pratapa Reddy is a caustic comment on contemporary complex problems. It is translated into English by Elanaaga (Dr. N. Surendra). Like other works of Suravaram, this story also reflects local history and local masses struggles and suffering. Gripping narration moves readers into those periods and places. It offers interesting insights into the then social, economic, political and cultural conditions.

The story takes place in a tiny river side village known as Ramasagaram, ruled by the Nizams. The village Ramasagaram is just a symbol. The time of the story is pre-1940. Most of the villagers are either illiterate or not well-informed. Atrocities witnessed in that village are common all over the Nizam’s state.

It is because people are timid and unorganized. Lack of unity among people, their ignorance about their rights comes in handy to the exploiters. The police are exploiting them to the core. In fact, the village needs no police station. Their only duty is to demand. drudgery, fowls and required grocery without any payment.

They have madigas for drudgery and komatis for supplying commodities. Thus, things are moving happily. But the farmers are perturbed. They observe the lives of people on the other side of the river Krishna ruled by the British. They find that the people are happy there.


The story can also be interpreted as a commentary on the importance of education and social justice. Sanghala Panthulu is a wise and compassionate man, and he is able to unite the villagers because he is able to educate them about their rights and the importance of freedom.