Playing the Game Summary

“Playing the Game” is a short story about a young boy who learns the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork. Alan, the protagonist of the story, is faced with a difficult decision on the day of an important cricket match. He must choose between helping an elderly man in need and playing in the match. Alan ultimately chooses to help the elderly man, even though it means missing the match. Read More 1st Year English Summaries.

Playing the Game Summary

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Arthur Mee is an English writer, journalist and educator. His main contribution in the field of writing is towards the younger generation. No doubt that he is a moralist and humanist. Some of his writings are based on conversational style. As far as his style in writing is concerned it is worth easy, lucid and provides entertainment to the readers. The present article, ‘Playing the Game’ is written by him for I.P.C magazines, London. It is about a school boy, Alan.

Alan was chosen to play in the school cricket match. He was proud of it. He had practised bowling with his father for weeks. He was a good bowler. He had to play in his school team. His father promised him a bicycle, if his team won the match. When Alan was going to the play ground, he saw an old man on the way. He was leaning heavily on his stick. He was weak and lean. The road was so hilly and the word was too much for him. He could not walk easily on the way. So, he requested Alan to help him. He wanted to help him.

He supported the old man by his arm. But the old man stumbled over a loose stone. Alan kept standing by him. He waited for someone who might help the old man. At last a policeman came there and promised, Alan to help him. He relieved Alan. The police man finally took him home. Now Alan ran as he could but all was in vain.

When Alan reached the playground, he found young Herold Banks playing in his place. The police man told Alan’s father what had happened. He bought a bicycle from the market for Alan. Although he could not play on the cricket pitch, he was playing the game of helping an old man. On the next morning the school boys gave Alan three loud cheers as they had known about his kind out.


In the conclusion of “Playing the Game,” Mee emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship and fair play over winning. He uses Alan’s story to remind readers that sports are not just about winning and losing, but also about learning important life lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play