Or will the Dreamer Wake? Summary in English

The intro para is a powerful and evocative piece of writing that sets the stage for the rest of the poem. It introduces the themes of environmental destruction and the importance of taking action, as well as the central character of the dreamer.

Or will the Dreamer Wake? Summary

Medora Chevalier focussed on the present endangered species like tiger, polar bear, thrush bird and whale. She expressed how animals would become extinct if they are not protected. In her approach it is very clear that we know the above mentioned species but for the next generations that species will be dreamer wake species as they are a few in number at present. If we do not protect the endangered species, it will be like our waving as we drown. It will be our last true moment.

The conclusion of the poem “Or Will the Dreamer Wake?” by Medora Chevalier is a call to action. The dreamer has awakened to the reality of the environmental crisis and is urging others to do the same. The dreamer asks us to imagine the future of our planet if we do not take action.