My Sweet Memories Summary

Sweet Memories are like cherished treasures, tucked away in the recesses of our minds, waiting to be unearthed and savored. They are the golden threads that weave the tapestry of our lives, adding warmth, color, and depth to our existence. Read More 5th Class English Summaries.

My Sweet Memories Summary

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Santhosh is a school going boy. His vacation started. He went to his grand parents’ village in the vacation. He wrote his experiences in his diary.

Santhosh packed his clothes and toys. He went to his grand parents’ village by bus. Santhosh sat near the window. There were different trees with flowers on bothsides of the road. There were many trees around the grand parents’ house. The mango tree was full of mangoes. He tasted the first mango.

Next day, he went out for a walk in the morning. The farmers were working in the fields. The air was filled with sweet songs of birds. Then, he played with a tyre and a stick, He met pallavi and her friends.

Santhosh went to the canal for a bath. Some children were climbing trees. Some were playing. He watched some boys swimming. He liked the” scenery.

He came back to his home in city. He enjoyed the trip very much. He never watched television. He never played video/mobile games. He liked the trip and waited for the next night to the village.


Childhood memories should be preserved because they may become our “pleasure of isolation” for the rest of our lives. Simple things have a special place in the hearts of those who remember their childhood. The days were free of complications and brimming with innocence.