Love for Animals Summary

“Love for Animals” is a universal and deeply rooted sentiment that reflects our empathy and connection with the animal kingdom. It encompasses the bonds we share with pets, wildlife conservation efforts, and our collective responsibility to ensure the well-being of all living creatures.

Love for Animals Summary

Love for Animals Summary In English

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The given lesson ‘Love for animals’ is a story about the great Indian sage Shri Ramana Maharshi and his love and compassion towards other living beings. Lucy and Nithin are returning home from school, on the way, they see a man trying to talk with his dog. The dog seemed to answer him by barking. Lucy suddenly remembers Shri Ramana Maharshi.

She asks Nithin if he knew anything about Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Nitin does not know and asks her if there is anything special about him. Lucy tells him that the Bhagavan loved animals and birds. Nithin is now curious to know more about Ramana Maharshi and asks Lucy to tell him more about him.

Lucy narrates that even animals were attracted to him and he spoke to them just as he would speak to people. Nitin wonders if it was just like the man they just saw talking to his dog. Lucy informs him that he called them as ‘boys’ and used to ask if the ‘boys’ were eating their food. Nitin is astonished Lucy further tells him that he called his cow Lakshmi and used to say “Give Lakshmi some rice”.

So Nitin was again curious to know where he kept all those animals. Lucy tells him that they lived in his ashram and that he would personally feed them. He would eat only after feeding them. Nitin wanted to know if he even had birds in his ashram. Lucy tells him that Ramana Maharshi called his Peacocks by imitating their cries.

The Peacocks would go to him and eat peanuts, rice and mangoes from his hands. Nitin thought that all these was interesting to know and he asked Lucy if she could tell him more interesting stories about Ramana Maharshi and animals.

Lucy then narrates an incident in Ramana Maharshi’s life. She tells him that one day, the Maharshi was sitting on a hillside and a snake crawled over his legs. He was a brave man and he didn’t move or show any fear. Later, when he was asked how he felt when the snake crawled over his legs, he told them that it felt cool and soft.

Nitin exclaims that he would have cried and run away if such a thing would have had happened to him. He asked Lucy if they killed the snakes in the ashram. Lucy tells him that the Maharshi never allowed people to kill the Snakes. He would patiently explain them that the people in the ashram had come to occupy the place where the snakes lived and that the people had no right to trouble them. Moreover, the snakes did not trouble them.

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As both Nitin and Lucy were about to reach their homes, Lucy promised Nitin that would continue the story the next day. Nitin thanked her and wanted to know who told all the stories to Lucy. Lucy told him that her Grandmother knew a lot of stories and that she told her stories every day. They both bid goodbye to each other and went home.


In conclusion, our enduring “Love for Animals” underscores the vital role of empathy and compassion in our coexistence with the animal world. This love motivates us to protect and preserve the welfare of animals, enriching our lives and promoting a more harmonious relationship with nature.