Little Bobby Summary in English

Little Bobby is a short story by Ritcha Rao about a naughty boy who wants a bike for his birthday. His mother asks him to write a letter to God explaining why he deserves a bike. Bobby writes four letters, each one more dishonest than the last. Finally, he steals a statue of the Virgin Mary from a nearby church and writes a letter saying that he has kidnapped God’s mother and will not release her until he gets a bike.

Little Bobby Summary

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“Little Bobby” is the story of a naughty boy by Ritcha Rao. He was a troublemaker both at home and school. He one day asked his mother a bike for his coming birthday. Mother wanted Bobby to know how he had been behaving. So she asked Bobby to write a letter to God. She wanted him to write the reasons that made him eligible for a bike. Bobby started writing a letter. But he was not good to deserve a bike. So, he wrote four letters and tore them up as they were not true or helpful. Then he went to the nearby church. He stole the statue of Mother Mary. He came back and wrote to God “I’VE KIDNAPPED YOUR MOM. IF YOU WANT TO SEE HER AGAIN, SEND THE BIKE!”


Bobby’s story teaches us that we should always be honest, even when it is difficult. We should also learn to forgive others, even when they have done bad things. Finally, we should remember that we are all capable of change, and that it is never too late to become a better person.