Learn How to Climb Trees Summary

The physical benefits of improved strength, balance, and coordination, tree climbing fosters a sense of freedom and connection to the environment. This guide will introduce you to the fundamental techniques and safety measures essential for a successful tree-climbing experience.

Learn How to Climb Trees Summary

Jim Corbett was brought up in the Kumaon and Garhwal hills. He was an excellent shooter and killed many tigers and saved many poeple.

When he was eight, he was given his first gun. Then Kunwar Singh visited him. He told him that he could go with no fear in the jungles taking that gun. But he advised him to learn how to climb trees. He told Corbett a story to know the importance of climbing a tree.

One day last April Har Singh and Kunwar Singh went into the jungle to shoot. They found nothing to shoot. So they were returning home. Suddenly they faced a tigher. Then both of them stood still. The tiger hit a nullah. Then a large number of jungle fowl rose cackling out of the dense scrub. One of them alighted on a branch and Har Singh fired at it. Then the tiger roared at them.

At once, Kunwar Singh climbed up a runi tree. But Har Singh stayed there as he had not learnt climbing up a tree when he was a boy. The tiger sprang upon him. Har Singh was screaming. Then Kunwar Singh fired his gun off into the air. The tiger went away. Har Singh collapsed at the foot of the tree. Kunwar Singh got down the tree and found that the tiger’s claw had entered the stomach of Har Singh and torn the lining from his navel to within a few fingers’ breadth of the back-bone. All his inside had fallen out. Har Singh told Kunwar Singh to put his intestines back into his stomach. Kunwar Singh managed to do that.

Later Kunwar Singh wound his turban round his stomach and knitted it tight to keep everything from falling out again. He took Har Singh to the nearby hospital. But as it was night, the hospital was closed. They went to the doctor-babu who told them to bring Aladia, the tobacco-seller. Har Singh was laid on a string-bed. Aladia came and held the lantern. Kunwar Singh held the two pieces of flesh together.

The doctor was very kind. He sewed up the hole in Har Singh’s stomach. Har Singh was safe. Kunwar Singh offered the doctor two rupees but he refused to take that. Later Kunwar Singh and Har Singh went home. Seeing the condition of Har Singh, there the womenfolk were crying.

This story explains the importance of learning to climb up a tree in childhood.


Climbing a tree can build confidence and develop coordination, problem solving skills, and strength. As children play together in a tree, their social, creative and imaginative skills are enhanced. Children should be encouraged to climb safe trees.