Keep Going Summary

“Keep Going” is a motivational and inspirational self-help book written by Austin Kleon, aimed at helping individuals overcome creative blocks, stay motivated, and continue pursuing their passions and creative endeavors. Read More 1st Year English Summaries.

Keep Going Summary

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Edgar Albert Guest is regarded as a people’s poet. His poem, “Keep Going”, is undoubtedly one of the best inspirational poems. True to its popularity, the poem keeps on advising the reader never to quit.

The poem straight away states that life may pose problems. Goals may stand beyond your reach. Funds may be low. Needs may be more. Your circumstances deny your happiness and you lack humour. Instead of a smile, you let out a sigh. But give up not march a head. If the pleasure anxiety overweights. you may take rest. But, you should never quit. You must continue with your efforts till success greets you.

Life does not always go smoothly. You will encounter challenges in your life. This is normal in life. Embrace the queerness of life. It’s not a new thing. Every human being can learn this in the course of his life. It is easier to turn about when faced with failure rather than trudging on. Many have failed and quit because they have failed. Other people have contemplated quitting. You are not alone. Don’t quit due to your failure. Your win may just be nearby. Stick it out even in failure. Keep moving. Don’t give up because failure has slowed you down. Give yourself another chance. You may succeed the next time.

Your goals are just around the corner when you are uncertain and you lack strength, you may perceive the aspired goal to be so far away. But, it could be nearer than what you think. It’s a common occurrence to give up after struggling for sometime because the situation seems hopeless. It’s a great feeling to achieve the desired result after being in struggles for a while.

The victor’s cup doesn’t come easy. It comes from times of struggling. If you quit for fear or become a fired of the struggle you will soon regret. It will be too late to do anything about it. You will regret it when you realize that you were so close for achieving your anticipated goal. Life is unpredictable. You always hope for the best. You never know what will happen next.

The poet says that success and failure are closely related. Look at your failure as a learning opportunity. Success and failure are made of the same cloth. Success is ‘the silver tint’ when you have doubts. Go a head even when you are doubtful. Success does not give you a date of when it will arrive. You may think that you are not going to succeed, yet you are very close to it.

Life is a fight. It will often present you with hardships. You have to continue with it. Don’t quit during what you consider to be the worst times. You can go through your hard situations. They sometimes are not the worst, they just seem worst. At such times, you must not quit. Keep Going. Success is yours. Sure ! thus, the poem can dispel depression instantly and permanently.


“Keep Going” serves as an invaluable resource for those looking to sustain their creative momentum and navigate the challenges that often come with creative endeavors. It’s a call to action to stay true to your creative self and to never lose sight of the joy that comes from the process of making and sharing your work with the world.