Journey to The End of The Earth Summary in English by Tishani Doshi

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Journey to The End of The Earth Summary in English by Tishani Doshi

Journey to The End of The Earth by Tishani Doshi About the Poet

Tishani Doshi (9 December 1975) is an Indian poet, journalist and a dancer based in Chennai. Born in Madras, India, to a Welsh mother and Gujarati father, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. She received Eric Gregory Award in 2001. Her first poetry collection Countries of the Body won the 2006 Forward Poetry Prize for the best first collection.

Her First novel The Pleasure Seekers was published by Bloomsbury in 2010 and was long-listed for the Orange Prize in 2011 and shortlisted for The Hindu Best Fiction Award in 2010. She works as a freelance writer and worked with choreographer Chandralekha. Her poetry collection Everything Begins Elsewhere was published by Copper Canyon Press in 2013. Her most recent book of poetry, Girls Are Coming Out Of the Woods, was published by HarperCollins India in 2017. She writes a blog titled ‘Hit or Miss’ on Cricinfo, a cricket related website.

Poet Name Tishani Doshi
Born 9 December 1975 (age 44 years), India
Occupation Poet, writer, dancer
Awards Eric Gregory Award
Education Johns Hopkins University
Nationality Indian
Tishani Doshi - journey to the end of the earth summary in english class 12
Tishani Doshi

Journey to The End of The Earth Theme

The lesson refers to the manner in which geological phenomena enable us to trace the history of mankind. It also tells us about the way in which landmasses and countries are formed. The writer emphasizes the impact of human endeavour to dominate nature. It should be realized that exploration of this landmass under the ice cap will certainly reveal valuable information on the theory of birth and evolution of our planet and its association with the solar system and the galactic evolution.

The challenge to the ecology of the world makes the Antarctica (with the simple eco-system and lack of biodiversity) a crucial place for study. The Students on Ice programme provides inspiring educational opportunities which help to foster an understanding and respect for our planet. The objective of taking children to Antarctica to teach them the importance of protecting the Earth’s environment is laudable.

Journey to The End of The Earth Summary in English

The writer was part of the Student’s on Ice expedition that was visiting Antarctica. The team crossed nine time zones, three bodies of water and as many ecospheres, aboard a ship, to reach the land of wonder. She was wonderstruck at its immensity, its isolation, its pristine beauty, and, above all, the fact that India and Antarctica once formed the same landmass.

A visit to the Antarctica around which Gondwana once existed, is like going back to the past. It is like revisiting history. In its layers of ice, it holds half a million-year-old carbon track records. It gives us an understanding of evolution and extinction, and ozone and carbon. Witnessing the geological phenomena, such as the drifting of land masses explains the formation of countries. It is easy to understand how the drift had created countries, pushing India northwards to jam against Asia while the folds formed the Himalayas, and how the Antarctica was isolated. There are visible signs of where humankind came from and clear indications of where it is headed. The Antarctica is inhabited by a variety of lifeforms—One can find midgets and mites to blue whales. Then, there are icebergs as big as countries. But there are no signs of human life, no trees, no billboards and no buildings.

Human civilizations have been around for barely a few seconds on the geological clock, yet they have created a ruckus by their various activities. Rapidly growing population and various thoughtless activities of humankind have engaged it in a battle with other species for limited resources. These climate changes may adversely affect man and lead to the end of the world.

Students on Ice expedition was initiated to sensitize the youngsters who still have the idealism to save the world. Actually seeing glaciers receding and ice shelves collapsing will make them understand that global warming is a real threat. It is difficult to imagine or be affected by the polar ice caps melting while sitting in our living rooms and so this visible life changing experience is important.

Their ship the Akademik Shokalskiy, got stuck in a thick white stretch of ice and so it had to be turned north. They were all instructed to climb down the gangplank and walk on the ice. The group of 52 had to walk on the one metre thick mass of whiteness below which was 180 metres of living, breathing water. They saw seals stretching and sunning like stray dogs on the streets. The writer thought how everything, though repeated by time zones and nautical miles, was linked to its characteristics.

Character Sketch of Tishani Doshi in Journey to The End of The Earth

Tishani Doshi: She has love for adventure and her participation in the programme Students on Ice is an active witness to her adventurous spirit. She has an eye for observation and a knack of giving minute details. Her knowledge of the geophysical world is commendable and her command of written English merits appreciation.

She gets overwhelmed by the beauty of balance in play on earth. Her two weeks stay has left an epiphanic effect on her and she carries back indelible memories of it.

Her first-hand knowledge of the Antarctic Circle, geology and ecology is very remarkable.

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