It’s Change…. Summary

The poem is written by an American poetess Emma Gorrie. The speaker is a school going child who is afraid to go to school due to some fears which she expresses with her mom. She is worried that scientists in the name of change have started cloning the animals and biologists are experimenting with the stem cells.

It’s Change…. Summary

It’s Change image

A little girl is afraid to go to school. She is worried that the teachers and scientists are all out to destroy this earth. They say cloning pigs and sheep is a big change. Biologists make stem cells grow. Geologists find cracks in rocks. Archaeologists discover bones of creatures who lived thousands of years ago. All these persons add to things we must learn. That is a big problem.


The poem is the message an author wants to communicate through the piece. The theme differs from the main idea because the main idea describes what the text is mostly about.