Homework Summary in English

Homework stands as a ubiquitous practice, a bridge between the formal learning environment of the classroom and the informal learning environment of home. It encompasses a range of tasks assigned by teachers to students, intended to reinforce concepts taught in class, provide opportunities for independent practice, and cultivate self-discipline and responsibility.

Homework Summary

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Homework is usually given to students to reinforce the things they learn at school. It usually helps the students learn the material better. But too much homework is not useful. It has some negative effects on students. This essay stresses the importance of limiting the amount of homework . to be given to children. On the other hand it discusses the adverse affects of excessive homework.

The amount of homework given to children has been increased in repent times. The present day competition also encourages school to try to increase the volume of the curriculum. Some teachers say that large amounts’of homework prepares students for the competitive world. The amount of homework given to students is higher in colleges than that of schools. A lot of homework usually means a lot of books.

Carrying large amounts of weight daily at a young age can do a lot of damage and it leads to chronic shoulder, neck and back pain. Excessive amount of homework makes some students sleepless. Some parents and teachers argue that it limits students after school activities. Children spending their whole time in doing homework become overweight and they fall to obesity.

Homework takes away the time of children spending with their families. It is worse in families where both the parents are employees. Excessive homework and assignments cause students lose their interest in subjects. In such times they try to copy and cheat. Those bad habits will haunt the kids throughout their life. They like to take easy ways.

The use of homework is effective when it is given in the limited and reasonable amounts. Homework should not be abolished but it should be limited. It should be creative and interesting so that the students enjoy it.


Homework can serve as a valuable tool for enhancing academic achievement, fostering self-directed learning, and cultivating a sense of responsibility. However, it is essential to strike a balance between academic rigor and students’ overall well-being, ensuring that homework does not become a source of stress or detract from other essential aspects of their lives.