Guilty Summary

Guilty is a fast-paced and suspenseful thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It is also a thought-provoking novel that explores the themes of justice, corruption, and redemption. Read More Inter 2nd Year English Summaries.

Guilty Summary

About Author

Horace J.Gardiner was born in 1914 and lived in Hamilton Country, Ohio State, the U.S.A. Not much is known to the world about him. People consider Horace J.Gardiner and Bonneviere Arnaud a ‘single author’, for the apparent reason of the non-availability of any literary work by them individually!

A delightful little drama of guilt’. The authors are Horace J Gardiner and Bonavier Arnaud, who are little known to the world. This single is hilarious. Roles are limited. Conversations are simple. But the message is very serious. And with a different element. The problem of unemployment, the beauty of work, the need for moral values, self- deception, the anxiety caused by superficial illusions… gives a good message. Jim is an engineering graduate. Unable to find a job, Van King works as a night watchman in warehouses.

Good inspiration. Their neighbor, Mrs. Moore, tells Jim’s mother, Ma Rya, about the robbery at Van King’s warehouse. It will be known when the gym duty is off. Ma Ryan The mother’s mind goes wild. Before that, it was learned that their neighbor’s son had been convicted of cheating in the financial institutions and sentenced to ten years in prison. Ryan has 100% confidence in Jim’s honesty.

She thought it would be better if Jim could stop this theft earlier. Poneyle, Jim has nothing to do with it was happy. But as Jim cleans his room and is about to fold his sweater, a crumpled handkerchief falls out of its pocket, and a diamond jewel stolen from Van King’s warehouse falls out of it. Mrs. Moore was careful not to make eye contact. She compared the jewelry with the doll in the paper. Literally the same. Jim doesn’t steal. And how did this precious diamond chain come into his pocket. Suspicion began. Let’s talk to Jim from the other side of the Van King warehouse. Suspicion was felt. Mrs. Moore hurried away. Meanwhile, Jim A person comes in.

My Ryan is next to the door and they don’t see it. Jim looks anxiously for the diamond jewelry he brought and counts the money. Run away as fast as you can from that jewel with our Ryan Jim, before the police catch you She says with fear. Jim He wonders what is running away. The newcomer had something to say. Slowly the rest comes from the mother. She doubted

He proves to be free. The original thieves dropped the diamond in front of the coffee shop. Jim saw it and tried to give it to them. They left quickly. Later Van King Officials announced a cash prize. Then Jim knew. The newcomer is Van King. Jim’s mother, who did not know anything, suspected Ma Ryan Jim. When she came to know everything, she was overcome with shame and ‘guilt’. All in all a happy ending.


Guilty is a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the novel, with Reacher once again proving to be a formidable force for justice. It is also a story of hope, as the people of Hope begin to reclaim their town from the forces of corruption.