Fog Summary by Carl Sandburg

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Fog Summary by Carl Sandburg

About the Poet
Carl August Sandburg (1878-1967) was an American poet, writer and editor. He won three Pulitzer Prizes- two for his poetry and one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln. He wrote poems like grass, analysis, Chicago, etc.

carl-sandburg Fog Summary

Poet Name Carl August Sandburg
Born 6 January 1878, Galesburg, Illinois, United States
Died 22 July 1967, Flat Rock, North Carolina, United States
Education Lombard College (1898–1902)
Awards Pulitzer Prize for History, Robert Frost Medal
Quotes Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.
Nothing happens unless first, we dream.

Fog Summary of the Lesson

The poem consists of two stanzas of variable length. The first stanza is made up of two lines. On the other hand, the second stanza is made up of four lines. Hence, the entire poem consists of six lines in total. In this small poem, the poet is comparing the movement of the fog to the silent footsteps of a cat.

Cat is an animal who is able to creep towards its destination without warning. Fog often arrives quickly and covers the whole city.

In the second stanza, the poet further develops the comparison between cat and fog. The fog has arrived above the city where it sits looking over the harbour, as a cat does when it arrives at its destination. Cats have a habit to’look over their surroundings from elevated spots.

The preserve of a cat and fog are temporary. Cats, like fog, are always ready to move on.

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