Every Success Story is Also a Story of Great Failures Summary

Every success story is also a story of great failures. Failure is a necessary part of the journey to success, as it is how we learn and grow. Successful people like Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling have all overcome great failures to achieve their dreams. Their stories are a reminder that failure is not the end of the world, but simply a part of the journey to success.

Every Success Story is Also a Story of Great Failures Summary

Every Success Story is Also a Story of Great Failures images

Failures are the stepping stones to success. According to Tom Watson Sr. we have to double our failure rate if we want to get the success. Most of the successful persons had to face failures before reaching their positions. Abraham Lincoln was a good example for this. Before he became President of the United States, Lincoln failed in business at age 21, was defeated in a legislative race at age 22, failed again in business at age 24, overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26, had a nervous breakdown at age 27, lost a congressional race at age 34, lost a senatorial race at age 45, failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47, lost a senatorial race at age 49 and finally achieved the success.

Though Lee De Forest was publicly humiliated for transmitting the voices across the Atlantic, he invented the triodes tube and had over 180 patents to his credit. Though their wisdom was questioned, the Wright Brothers didn’t lose their confidence and took their famous flight. Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken Chain Restaurants had knocked on more than a thousand doors before he got his first order.

Walt Disney, the famous cartoonist had faced many rejections before he got the success. He created Mickey Mouse when he was inspired by a small mouse. Thomas Edison was considered a stupid in his childhood but he grew up to be a great scientist.

He was partially deaf and had only three months of formal schooling. He had made over 1000 experiments before he invented the ‘electric bulb’. He was the man with great attitude. Though Edison lost his factory to fire at age 67, he didn’t lose heart. Three weeks later, he invented the phonograph.

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, forgot to put the reverse gear in the first car he made. He was broke at the age of 40. Lee lacocca was an American Businessman known for engineering the Ford Mustang and Ford Pinto cars. He was fired (dismissed from service) by Henry Ford II at the age of 54. Ludvig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. Though he was told that he had no talent for music, he gave some of the best music to the world.

Everytime the successful men failed, they bounced back which is called failing forward. Setbacks are inevitable in life. They teach us humility. We should get rid of fear and doubt and find courage and faith to overcome the setback. According to Napolean Hill whenever we think about something and believe it, we can achieve it. A burning desire is needed to achieve a purpose.

When a young man asked Socrates the secret to success, he took him to the river and ducked him into the water. He kept the young man there until he started turning blue and then pulled his head onto the water. The boy took a deep breath of air. Then Socrates made the boy realise that the secret to success is that he should want success as badly as he wanted the air.


It is important to remember that failure is a necessary part of the journey to success. Everyone fails at something at some point in their lives. It is how we learn and grow. The key is to not let failure discourage us. We must pick ourselves up and keep trying.