Bonsai Life Part 2 Summary

Bonsai is a living art form that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. With proper care, your bonsai can become a treasured heirloom that will be passed down for generations. Read More 8th Class English Summaries.

Bonsai Life Part 2 Summary

Bonsai Life Part 2 Summary in English

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Though Akkayya had been very interested in studying, Nannagaru didn’t educate her. He believed that studies wouldn’t get into a girl’s head. So, he had made Akkayya discontinue her education. He concentrated only on Annayya’s education. Akkayya got married to a villager and she was limited to do her household work. Ammalu took her Akkayya around the house. Akkayya was surprised to see the turayi and pomegranate trees in the flower pots among the flower plants. She felt sorry for them. She questioned Ammalu how they would grow in that little space and why they couldn’t let them grow freely.

Ammalu explained that they were bonsai trees. She told that Bonsai was a special method of growing plants. The Japanese named this method bonsai. But Akkayya didn’t like this idea. Ammalu was distressed as she was unable to impress her Akkayya with her bonsai. Then came the storm which brought all the sand from the desert. Ammalu caught hold of Akkayya’s shoulder and dragged her into the room. After a while it started raining. Ammalu immediately pulled the bonsai tree pots and flower pots inside, under the canopy.

Akkayya opened the window and looked at the streets. She saw many people standing under the huge turayi tree. She showed it to Ammalu saying that it was providing shelter to the people and potecting them. Ammalu asked her Akkayya what was the surprising thing about it. Then Akkayya made Ammalu understand that a housewife’s life was like that of a bonsai. Though bonsai looked proper and sweet, it was very delicate. It couldn’t provide protection to anyone. Infact, it had to be brought under the canopy so that it would not be destroyed. Akkayya’s words touched Ammalu’s heart. She felt like freeing the bonsai trees from their flower pots. Thus the story is a plea to provide education for women to empower them and make financially independent.


In conclusion, Part 2 of Bonsai Life has covered the more advanced aspects of bonsai cultivation, including pruning, wiring, repotting, choosing the right bonsai, and caring for your bonsai over the years.