Amanda Poem Summary, Explanation

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Amanda Poem Summary, Explanation

About the Poet
Robin Mc Maugh Klein is an Australian author of books for children. She writes Children’s and young adult fiction. Some of her famous books are Hating Alison Ashley, People might hear you, etc.

Robin Mc Maugh Klein - Amanda Poem Summary, Explanation

Poet Name Robin Mc Maugh Klein
Born 28 February 1936 (age 84 years), Kempsey, Australia
Genre Children’s and young adult fiction
Movies and TV Shows Hating Alison Ashley, Say a Little Prayer, Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left
Awards Dromkeen Medal, Grammy Award for Best Music Film

Amanda Summary of the Lesson

Robin Klein was an Australian writer, she wrote many books for children. Her first short story was published at the age of sixteen. She worked in a number of jobs before becoming an established writer.

She was awarded a Literature Board grant for writing and since then she has more than twenty books published. Several of her books have been shortlisted for the children’s book of the year award.

The poem “Amanda’ is composed by Robin Klein. In this poem, the poet describes a little girl named Amanda, who is constantly instructed about do’s and don’ts by her elders. She is told not to hunch her shoulders and to sit up straight.

She is told to finish her homework and tidy her room and to clean her shoes. She is forbidden from eating a bar of chocolate that she has. But all the time the little Amanda keeps dreaming of a life of freedom in open.

She dreams of the mermaid in the calm green sea, of roaming barefoot in the dusty street and of the golden ‘ haired Rapunzel who lived alone in a high tower. The poetess advises her not to remain worried. Otherwise, people will think that she has been scolded by the poet.

The poetess gives a number of advice to the girl, Amanda.

Amanda Summary of the Lesson

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