A Letter to a Friend Summary in English

This introduction paragraph is clear, concise, and friendly. It states the purpose of the letter (to reach out to a friend), expresses gratitude for the friendship, and gives a brief update on the writer’s life. It also invites the friend to share what’s new with them.

A Letter to a Friend Summary

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Ramesh wrote this letter to his friend Suresh apologizing for his not meeting him during his visit to Hyderabad the previous week. Ramesh is a computer programmer at Microsoft, Hyderabad and his wife is a System Analyst at Dell, Hyderabad. He is annoyed at his busy city life. Both Ramesh and his wife work with computers, think like computers and live like computers. Their child always plays computer games never caring for anyone. Ramesh is very unhappy in the city. He recalled the memorable days of his childhood in his letter.

Ramesh and Suresh enjoyed their childhood days in Manikonda village. They played together in their garden in the moonlight. Theirs was a big family. Their grandpa used to tell them tales. They played gill-danda, hide and seek and kabaddi. They went for swimming every Sunday. Ramesh remembered how their Padmanabhaiah Sir appreciated them when they got the first prize in District Science Fair. Their picnic to Koil Sagar and their tour of Srisailam were memorable.

Ramesh couldn’t forget the roaring of the Krishna River at the dam. They enjoyed the festivals such as Dasara, Deepavali, etc. along with their uncle and aunt. Ramesh thought of his grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters …. sometimes. He thought that they missed them all. They missed the joy of the family, their company and many things in their busy life. At present they are living in this unreal world. They have lost their real life.


This conclusion paragraph is more specific because it mentions the friend’s new job and expresses the writer’s interest in hearing more about it. It also invites the friend to keep in touch, which shows that the writer is interested in maintaining the friendship.