Notice Writing Class 6 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

A notice is a formal means of communication. The purpose of a notice is to announce or display information to a specific group of people. Notices are generally meant to be pinned up on specific display boards whether in schools or in public places. Notices issued by the government appear in newspapers.

A Notice gives the reader some information regarding an important event that is about to happen or that has happened. It is usually displayed publicly. It is a formal piece of writing and involves a specific style.

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Notice Writing For Class 6 Sample Example With Answer

You are Srikant Verma, a student of class VI-C of Blooming Dale Public School, Pune. You lost your English Textbook in the school premises. Giving details of the book, draft a notice (in about 50 words) to be put up on the school notice board. Announce a suitable reward for the finder. Put the notice in a box.

Blooming Dale Public School, PUNE

August 10, 2017


An English textbook was lost on school premises on 7th August, i.e. Saturday. It is a hardbound book of class VI published by Raman Publishers. If found, please return it to the undersigned. A suitable reward is promised.

Srikant Verma

Notice Writing For Class 6 Sample Example

Notice Writing Class 6 Lost And Found

A notice is written in order to inform people or pupils (in a school) about an event or an activity.

It could be about a competition, an exhibition, or an inauguration that is going to take place in the near future. Or any other activities especially in school like an excursion, a meeting, or a show.

Characteristics of an effective notice:

To the point

Good notice is always to the point and leaves no scope for further inquiries without compromising on the word limit (50 words).


  • It should be formal.

Clearly stated purpose

A notice should contain all the necessary details such as:

  • The name of the organization issuing the notice
  • The title ‘NOTICE’
  • A heading to introduce the subject of the notice
  • The date
  • The body of the notice
  • The writer’s signature, name (in block letters), and designation

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Notice Writing For Class 6 Sample Practice Example

1. You have been promoted to the senior class. You want to give your old books to a needy student. Draft notice of about 50 words. You are Soumya, studying in class VI-A at Vikas Public School.

  • Books of all subjects
  • Good condition
  • Can collect in the last period

2. You are Krish, a student of Class VI. You have lost an expensive watch in the school premises. Draft a notice to be put up on the school noticeboard giving details of the watch and offering a suitable reward. Use not more than 50 words.