DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers

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DAV Class 8 English Literature Chapter 11 Question Answer – Bangle Sellers

Pre-Reading Task

Question 1.
Have you seen women wearing bangles?
Yes, I have seen women wearing bangles. In India, most of the married women wear bangles.

Question 2.
Name any two festivals or occasions observed in India, wherein bangles hold a special significance. Talk about the importance of these festivals.
1. Karwan Chauth
2. Teej

I. Understanding the Poem

A. A few graceful phrases have been used in stanza 1 of the poem to describe bangles. One is given below. Find out two more and write them in the space provided. Write two such phrases of your own.
DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers 1
DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers 2

DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers

B. On the basis of your reading of the poem, complete the following statements meaningfully.

Question 1.
The bangles which the poetess finds fit for the maiden’s wrist are of ______ and ______ colour.
silver, blue

Question 2.
Some bangles are fresh like ______ growing on the ______ banks of the ______ flowing through the woods.
buds, dream, river

Question 3.
Some bangles reflect the kind of glow we normally find on ______ leaves.

Question 4.
The bangles that the bride shall wear on her bridal morning are like ______ brightened by the ______
cornfield, sunlight

Question 5.
The bangles of the bride have the colour of the have the colour of her ______ desire.
flame, heart’s

Question 6.
Some bangles are of ______ or grey colour.

Question 7.
The hands of the middle-aged woman have ______ and loved her sons and have served her ______ and her husband.
cradled, household

C. Read these extracts from the poem and then answer the questions that follow:

Question 1.
Whose hands have cherished,
DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers 3
(a) Whose hands are being referred to?
The hands of middle-aged women are being referred to.

(b) Whom have these hands cherished?
These hands have cherished their kids.

(c) How are these hands ornamented?
These hands are ornamented by the colourful bangles.

(d) Discuss the importance of these hands in the development of human race.
These hands have upbrought the children who are future of the nation. Then they look after their families and husbands with their utmost devotion.

Question 2.
‘Some, like the flame of her marriage fire,
Or rich with the hue of her heart’s desire;’
DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers 4
(a) Whom does ‘her’ refer to?
‘Her’ refers to the bride.

(b) List any two adjectives used by the poet to describe the bangles of the bride.
(zj The flame of marriage fire.
(u) Colour of heart’s desire.

(c) What colour do you think would appropriately describe ‘heart’s desire’? Why?
The colour of ‘heart’s desire’ is having seven colours of rainbow. Each colour represents a separate desire. VIBGYOR’ represents the colours of a rainbow in their natural order. The bride’s heart is full of desires of all these colour shades.

(d) The poet has compared the bangles of the Indian bride to her laughter as well as her tears. Why?
The bangles tinkle in the same way like the bride’s laughter and tears. These bangles express their joy with hope of bright future and also express their sadness of being separated from their loving parents and others.

DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers


A. ‘Bangles are not mere ornaments or accessories for women; they are a part of their identify’. Discuss.
An Indian woman’s identity is represented by the bangles she wears on her hand.
It is a symbol of auspiciousness for a married woman. The custom of wearing bangles is deeply rooted in Indian culture. A woman wears bangles because she is proud of the fact that she is progenitor of life. She is happy at the fact that life is conceived through her. She takes pride in her being a woman.

B. “Man has drawn all colours and freshness from various aspects of Nature.’ Comment.
There is no denying the fact that man has drawn all colours and freshness from various aspects of nature, if we see around, the colour of the sky is blue, the leaves are green, and mountains are pristine white, all these colours have different connotation in our life. They represent various aspects of our life. We draw inspiration from these colours’, because they add variety and freshness to our lives. In the same manner, bangles in different colours are symbolic of various stages in women’s life.

III. Life Skills

Worships the gods at her husband’s side.’ What is the significance of the woman’s presence by her husband’s side during worship?
The women’s role is significant when she stands by her husband’s side during worship, because it is considered in our culture that woman is the second half of her husband. She is auspicious and productive. When she has equal share in her husband’s pursuits.

IV. Values

Happiness lies in enjoying the little things around us rather than waiting for big things to happen. How is this idea conveyed by the poet? Give examples from the poem.
In the poem, the poet conveys the idea to enjoy the little things around us. She tells us to enjoy the beauty of colourful bangles. Bangles are not very costly but people can enjoy them veiy much. Women feel proud to wear bangles around their wrist and the bangles make other people happy too. She tells us that the colourful bangles enthral or attract people more than other costly ornaments do.

V. Writing Skills

‘Sarojini Naidu’s ‘Bangle Sellers’ is rooted in Indian culture and tradition.’ Explain this in a short paragraph of not more than 80 words.
‘Bangle Sellers’ is a poem about colourful bangles that are worn by every woman and girl in India. These bangles are symbol of auspiciousness. The bangles in the bride’s hand have colours of wonderful dream for coming life. These colourful bangles in the hands of women and girls make the festivals more festive. The custom of bangle wearing is deeply rooted in Indian culture and tradition. Over all we can’t think about our tradition without them. These are the best ornaments which any body can afford whether they are rich or poor.

DAV Class 8 English Literature Chapter 11 Solutions – Bangle Sellers

I. Reference to Context

Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:

Question 1.
Bangle sellers are we who bear Our shining loads to the temple fair.
Who will buy these delicate, bright Rainbow tinted circles of light?
(i) Which picture of India is reflected here?
The pictures of India’s traditional market and fair are reflected here.

(ii) What are the qualities of bangles?
The bangles are delicate, bright and of different colours.

(iii) How are the bangles similar to a rainbow?
Rainbow has seven colours which are sources of pleasure. The bangles also have multicolours and these are symbols of auspiciousness and pleasure.

DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers

Question 2.
Some are flushed like the buds that dream On the tranquil brow of a woodland stream;
Some are aglow with the bloom that cleaves To the limpid glory of ne-born leaves.
(i) How are bangles similar to a bud?
As a bud keeps the beauty of a flower in its petals in the same way the bangles in the hands of a maiden indicate about the pleasure of her future life.

(ii) Do you think a brow of woodland stream is symbol of life?
Life is like a river. A maiden’s life is peaceful as it does not know about the struggle of life.

(iii) Name the figure of speech used in the first line.

(iv) What does the poet say in the last two lines of the poem?
In the last two lines, the poet compares the beauty of bangles similar to the glow of a bud that splits into several petals.

II. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each.

Question 1.
What is the importance of bangles in a woman’s life in India?
Bangles play a very important role in a woman’s life in India. These are the symbols of dreams in the hands of a bride and symbol of auspiciousness for a married woman. They are the best companions of Indian women in all parts of life.

Question 2.
What does the poetess want to say through this poem about India?
The poetess has great love for India’s tradition. Through this poem she wants to say that the traditional market and fair are the part and parcel of common people where they buy different things. Specially women buy colourful bangles to adorn their wrists.

Question 3.
Write an autobiography of a bangle.
I am a bangle. I am made of glass in different colours. I am not merely a piece of glass but I am a symbol of auspiciousness and keeps the dreams of a woman inside me. The women get attracted by various colours, but in reality, they feel themselves incomplete without my existence in their wrists. I am a source of pleasure to all. I am the thing that makes the equality among women of all classes. The rich or the poor all love me and like to decorate their wrists with me.

III. Word Power

The poetess has used some words in the poem which carry different meanings in different contexts. A few such words along with their meanings are given below. Tick (✓) the meanings relevant to the poem.
DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers 5
(a) meet – suitable
(b) flushed – sudden rush of strong emotions
(c) bloom – a healthy glow

DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers

Bangle Sellers Summary in English

Bangle Sellers is the poem of Sarojini Naidu, a great poetess. Through this poem, the poetess presents the scenes of India’s traditional markets and persons in artistic manner. In this poem, she writes about the bangles. Bangle sellers claim that they sell beautiful bangles outside the temple. Anyone can buy them from there.
These bangles are very delicate, bright and slightly coloured. These are happy looking for daughters and wives.

Some of these bangles are fit for young girls which are silver and blue in colour. The bangles are as fresh as a bud which dreams on the peaceful edge of the river. Some bangles glow like the bud that splits into several retails.
DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 Bangle Sellers 6
Some bangles are like corn fields. These are important for brides. These are like the sacred fire of their marriage as they shine similarly at that time. As bride laughs and cries, the bangles tinkle, shine and show tenderness.

The bangles are different in colours like purple, gold and grey. These bangles have good relations with women. The hands of the middle aged women serve their husbands and cherish their children. They spend more than half of their lives and in this period, they never separate bangles from their hands, wives sit with their husbands and do worship of God.

Bangle Sellers Summary in Hindi

‘बैंगल सेलर्स’ महान कवयित्री सरोजनी नायडू द्वारा रचित एक कविता है। इस कविता के माध्यम से कवयित्री भारतीय बाजारों और व्यक्तियों को बड़े कलात्मक ढंग से प्रस्तुत करती है। इस कविता में, वह चूड़ियों के विषय में बताती है। चूड़ी बेचने वाले कहते हैं कि वे सुन्दर चूड़ियाँ लेकर मन्दिरों के बाहर बैठते हैं। आप इन्हें वहाँ से खरीद सकते हैं।

ये चूडियाँ बहुत कोमल, चमकदार और हल्की रंगीन हैं। ये पुत्रियों और पत्नियों के लिए खुशी का प्रतीक हैं।
जो चूड़ियाँ हल्के चाँदी और नीले रंग की हैं, वे युवा लड़कियों के हाथों में अच्छी लगती हैं। कुछ चूड़ियाँ उस कली की तरह ताजी हैं जो बहती हुई नदी के किनारे सपने देखती है। कुछ चूड़ियाँ ऐसे चमकती हैं जैसे किसी कली की पंखुड़ियाँ ।
कुछ चूड़ियाँ धान के खेतों के समान हैं। वे दुल्हनों के लिए बहुत महत्त्वपूर्ण होती हैं। वे उनके विवाह की पवित्र आग के समान हैं, क्योंकि वे उसी आग के समान चमकती हैं और पवित्र हैं। जैसे दुल्हनें रोती हैं या हँसती हैं, चूड़ियाँ बजती हैं, चमकती हैं और कोमलता दिखाती हैं।

ये चूड़ियाँ अलग-अलग रंगों की हैं, जैसे-स्लेटी, सुनहरी इत्यादि । इन चूड़ियों का औरतों के साथ बड़ा गहरा संबंध है। मध्यम आयु वर्ग की स्त्रियाँ इन्हीं हाथों से पतियों की सेवा करती हैं और बच्चों का पालन-पोषण करती हैं। इनमें वे अपने आधे से ज्यादा जीवन व्यतीत करती हैं और उस अवधि में अपने हाथों से चूड़ियों को कभी अलग नहीं करती हैं। पत्नियाँ जब अपने पतियों के साथ पूजा में बैठती हैं तब भी वे उनके हाथों में होती हैं।

  • Delicate – soft – नाजुक, कोमल;
  • Tinted – slightly coloured – हल्के रंग का;
  • Radiant-showing great happiness – उल्लासपूर्ण;
  • Lustrous – shining – चमकीला;
  • Maiden – young girl – युवती;
  • Flushed – fresh – स्वच्छ;
  • Tranquil-peaceful – शांतिपूर्ण ;
  • Brow – the top part of a hill – पहाड़ी का शिखर ;
  • Aglow – glowing – चमकीला;
  • Bloom-bud – खिले फूलों वाला;
  • Cleaves – splits – तोड़ना, फोड़ना;
  • Limpid – clear – स्पष्ट;
  • Hue – colour – रंग;
  • Tinkling – making a soft sound – हल्की आवाज;
  • Cradled – cradling a child – बच्चों को पालना;
  • Cherished – protect and care for lovingly – किसी से स्नेह करना और उसकी देखभाल करना;
  • Luminous – that shines in the dark – अंधेरे में चमकने वाला।