DAV Class 7 SST Chapter 9 Notes – Medieval Period

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Medieval Period Class 7 DAV Notes

→ History is generally divided into three periods- the ancient, the medieval and the modern.

→ In Europe, the period from 5th to 15th century CE is known as the medieval period, in India, the period from 8th to 18th century CE marks the beginning and the end of the medieval period.

→ During this period, several important changes took place in the social, economic and political structures of Europe, America and Asia.

DAV Class 7 SST Chapter 9 Notes - Medieval Period

→ The main sources of information of the medieval period are literature and archaeological findings.

→ The autobiographies, orders of the rulers and letters written during that period also help us to understand the life of the people during the medieval period.

→ The travel accounts of foreign visitors like Ibn Battutah, Marco Polo and Bernier are also important sources of information about that time.

→ The availability of paper during the medieval period encouraged the writing of records. Rulers, temples and monasteries collected these manuscripts which gave information about that period.

→ This was also a period of great technological developments like the Persian wheel, spinning wheel, etc.

→ Excavation of medieval towns, sarais and villages along with paintings, monuments, sculptures, coins and inscriptions, also give us a lot of information about the different aspects of the society and culture.

→ Medieval period : The period from 5th to 15th century CE.

→ Manuscript: Handwritten script of a book or any form of writing.

→ Scribe : A person who made copies of manuscripts.

→ Sarais : Inns for travellers.