DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight!

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DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 4 Question Answer – Fight, Manju, Fight!

Pre-Reading Task

Question 1.
Imagine a situation wherein you Eire suffering from very high fever and you are to appear for a very important examination the next day. What will you and your friends do? Discuss in groups of five.
I will consult a doctor and request him to prescribe the medicine. This medicine will give me immense relief. I will get quick recovery from my fever. I will tell my friends to pick me up from my house Eind help me to reach to the examination hall.

Question 2.
Do hurdles dishearten you or give you greater strength? Share your opinion with your friends.
Hurdles do dishearten us initially but strengthen us in the last to meet the challenges of life. It proves that where there is a will, there is a way.

I. Understanding the Story
A. Answer the following questions very briefly:

Question 1.
Why did Manjula wear wrong shoes most of the time?
Manjula wore wrong shoes most of the time. Because there weren’t any shoes in the market soft enough for her clumsy feet.

Question 2.
Why did Manjula need extra money?
Manjula needed some extra money to buy colours and paints. She wanted to learn painting.

Question 3.
Where was her mother’s piggy bank?
Mother’s piggy bank was in the topmost shelf of the kitchen cupboard.

Question 4.
How many knots were tied on the gift given by Manjula’s brother?
There were eleven knots tied on the gift given by Manjula’s brother.

Question 5.
Who was Rich Belanger?
Rich Belanger was a soccer player of New Hampshire who lost his feet in a train accident. He played soccer with artifical feet.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight!

B. Answer the following questions in not more than 30 words:

Question 1.
Handling brushes was no problem for Manjula. Then what was the real problem in learning painting?
Handling brushes was not a problem for Manjula. The main problem was the cost of material which she needed in learning painting.

Question 2.
Manjula used to drift to another world. What was there in this another world of Manjula?
In another world of Manjula lies a brighter world of glowing colours, beautiful forms and perfect shapes.

Question 3.
What were the three gifts that Manjula received on her birthday?
A set of artist colours, a book on painting ‘Step by Step’ and three hair water colour brushes were the three gifts that Manjula received on her birthday.

Question 4.
Why did Manjula tear her painting into pieces?
Manjula tore her painting into pieces because of her father’s statement. Manjula’s father told her mother that she could never become artist with those deformed hands.

Question 5.
Which sentence was underlined in red in the newspaper cutting? Why?
The sentence ‘His parents did not like it’ was underlined with red in the newspaper cutting. Manjula also thought that her father did not like her painting as he thought that she could never become an artist with those deformed hands. Her mother wanted her to pursue it, despite obstacles in her life.

C. Complete the following table mentioning the role of various characters in encouraging Manjula:
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 1

Characters How they encouraged Manjula to achieve her goal
Father Gifted her the book on painting ‘Step by Step’
Mother Gave her money for colours and paints. Gifted her a set of artists’ water colours. She also encouraged her in overcoming obstacles.
Brother Gifted her three paint brushes. Encouraged her to participate in the “On the Spot Painting Competition” in the school.
Rich Belanger Despite his disability, he played soccer with artificial feet.

D. Who do you think kept the newspaper cutting on the table? Why?
The newspaper cutting must have been kept by her mother to encourage Manjula not to give up and overcome obstacles. She wanted to embolden Manjula’s will and strength by setting Rich Belangar’s example before her.


‘Sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.’
Discuss the importance of having a positive attitude in life. Give examples to justify your point of view.
“No one even gets anything in life by accident. Our hidden desires act as prayers and sooner or later are answered and we reach our goal.” Biographies of great people time and again prove that life is ultimately what we make it. It is our mental attitude that counts. The man who wins is the man who thinks he can. If we tag something as impossible then surely the task will become impossible. We can give example of Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking who with positive attitude were able to reach the pinnacle of success and glory and were able to imprint their names on the pages of history.

III. Life Skills

Physically challenged people don’t need sympathy, they need encouragement. Discuss.
It’s rightly said that physically challenged people do not need our sympathy. They have already had enough of that. What they need is motivation. And this comes from empathy. If we are able to step in other person’s shoes and understand what he is going through definitely our attitude will change. Let’s take the example of Hellen Keller only. If her teacher and mother had not encouraged her, she would have remained a deaf and dumb girl evoking pity from everyone around.

IV. Values

A. Sometimes Manjula wasn’t too sure whether “her brother was mischievous or simply mean.’ Discuss with your partner what kind of boy was he?
Manjula’s brother sometimes appear to be mean also. Like he used to tie the knots while giving her presents and Manjula felt a lot of pain while opening them. Her birthday present also was kept under her pillow but the clue to get it lay hidden in eleventh box all tied with a ribbon and Manjula had to open all of them. But he was young and perhaps didn’t understand what she was going through. Later on, he motivated her and kept that newspaper cutting under her pillow which finally gave her courage to go for painting competition.

B. What qualities of Manjula’s mother do you admire the most? Do you feel all mothers are alike?
Manjula’s mother is an epitome of sacrifice. She is a constant source of encouragement. Like all mothers she wants Manjula to excel in painting. She doesn’t want anything for herself, but wants to give colours and drawing sheets to her daughter.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight!

V. Writing Skills

Manjula won the first prize in her category in ‘On-the-spot Painting Competition’. Write her diary entry. Specially include the following:
(a) how the newspaper cutting instilled new courage in her;
(b) the satisfaction she got from the prize.


23rd November, 20XX
Dear Diary,
I had given up painting after listening to my dad’s views and started learning cooking and all that. But for my brother Amol. He didn’t like my slogging in the kitchen. He put that newspaper cutting on my bed. If a person can play football with artificial feet, why can’t I do painting? I decided to go ahead and gave my name for painting competition. The judges exclaimed in surprise when they saw my artwork. And when somebody told them about my hands, they were even full of praises for me. No wonder I won the first prize. Amol was so happy to see me. And guess what? I have got oil colours and a canvas as first prize. I am sure Mom and dad will also feel jubiliant on hearing this.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 4 Solutions – Fight, Manju, Fight!

I. Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
How did Mrs Parelkar react when she first heard about Manjula’s passion?
At first she was surprised. She looked at her daughter unbelievingly. Then, after realising that her daughter was serious she gave her some money from her piggy bank.

Question 2.
What did Manjula’s father say when he saw her painting?
He was all praises for her. He encouraged her by saying it was a nice picture and she should keep it up.

Question 3.
Why he refused to buy oil colours and canvas for Manjula later on?
Manjula’s father, Mr. Parelkar was the only earning member in the family. Cost of living had gone up. He found it difficult to make both ends meet. So, he couldn’t spare money for Manjula’s hobby. And then he thought painting would do her no good. Instead, she should learn to cook.

Question 4.
Was Amol happy when Manjula gave up painting?
No, he was not happy at all. He thought it was a dumb thing to do. He wanted his sister to participate in an On the Spot Painting Competition.

Question 5.
Whom do you consider really challenged—a person physically challenged but full of zeal or a person physically capable but without zeal?
Life is on going process. One has to face many hurdles to get success in life. The person who is physically challenged but having zeal never accept defeat and gets success. In reality, he or she is not considered as challenged while we encounter so many young, capable who have lost hope and do not have zeal to bring a change in their monotonous life are really challenged.

Question 6.
What should be the role of parents of physically challenged children?
Parents of physically challenged should nurture their children by supporting them in every possible way. They should not be seen with pity. All children need support and assurance from their parents. The best thing parents can do for their physically disabled children is to teach them how to take care of themselves, even with their conditions. They should encourage them time to time. Such children should never be ignored in any circumstances. They should never be discouraged. They must be brought into the mainstream of life.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight!

Question 7.
You are Manjula’s father. Write a letter to your friend realising your mistake of underestimating your daughter.
B-35, Saket
New Delhi
10th December, 20XX
Dear Anil
I hope everything will be fine. Today my heart is heavy. So I sat down to share my guilt stricken feelings with you. Today my wife asked me for some money to buy painting material for my daughter Manjula. I not only refused to give money but also told her that she would never become an artist with her deformed hands. So she should be taught household chores. As I came out of my room I found my daughter standing there with tears in her eyes. Perhaps she heard my talks. I became wordless even to sympathise her and whole day I felt guilt stricken for breaking the innocent heart of my daughter.
Now I have decided that I would give her every opportunity to grow as a happy child.
Yours lovingly

II. Word Power

A. Match the phrases on the left with their meanings on the right:

(a) to pull out 1. to stop trying
(b) to give in 2. permanently
(c) to give up 3. to withdraw
(d) for good 4. to accept defeat


(a) to pull out 1. to stop trying
(b) to give in 2. to accept defeat
(c) to give up 3. to withdraw
(d) for good 4. permanently

B. Now fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases:

(a) Many cinema houses were closed ____________
for good

(b) Karan had hurt his leg in an accident, so he had to ____________ from the race competition.
pull out

(c) The questions were very difficult but Priya did not ____________
give up

(d) There was pressure on my father to resign the job but he did not ____________
give in

Fight, Manju, Fight! Summary in English

Manjula Parelkar had malformed fingers and deformed feet. She could hide her feet in shoes, but not her hands. She wanted to paint like Hussain as she didn’t feel any difficulty in handling brushes but the problem was the cost of the materials she needed for painting.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 2
Manjula asked her mother for some additional money to buy colours and paints as she wanted to learn painting. Her mother gave her some money from ‘Piggy bank’ and cautioned her not to disclose its hiding place to anybody else. Manjula showed her first painting to her mother, which she appreciated.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 3
Manjula tells her mother that ‘this is just the beginning. I will pick up fast’. Manjula’s painting was praised by her father too. Her brother Amol teased her to sell it out or auction it on her thirteenth birthday. Her mother gifted her artist’s water colour and father presented her a book on painting. Amol gifted her three water colour brushes. Manjula needed real water colour paper for painting. So she asked her mother for it. Manjula overheard when mother spoke to her husband about Manjula’s paintings. He said that water colour paper is expensive. Her father said that Manjula should learn some useful things like cooking or stitching as he thinks she could never become an artist with those deformed hands. But mother pointed out that she had a talent and she would show her painting to an authority of art. Manjula returned to her room and for all her paintings bundled up the water colours and three brushes and threw them away into the farthest corner of her cupboard.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 4
The next day Manjula went to the kitchen and helped her mother in cooking. On the dining table her mother announced that Manjula had done the cooking. Her brother Amol got surprised and asked why she had done cooking not painting. Manjula replied that she had stopped painting. He advised her to enter the ‘On the spot Painting Competition’ which is going to be held in his school in November and win the first prize. Mr. Parelkar changed the subject saying that he was going to Mumbai the following week. Manjula thought that she would like to go to Mumbai too, as she heard of the famous art college in Mumbai. But, when she thought of her deformed hands, she became very sad.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 5
Manjula’s mother held her firmly by the shoulders and said with determination that she should not give up and meet the challenges. She also told her to face obstacles. The will and strength come from within. Manjula felt hurt. She wanted to tell her it was all her father’s fault, but she didn’t. She dashed into her room and started crying when she saw a newspaper cutting on the table. It was an article about Rich Belanger who lost his feet in an accident. But inspite of opposition from his coach and parents he decided to play football with artificial feet. And he did it. Manjula thought perhaps her mother is right. She had to fight. She hunted for the painting material which she had thrown into cupboard. Amol pitied that Manjula was not coming to join the “On the spot Painting Competition” even though she could win prize. Manjula replied that she might win as she would participate in her category of children. Amol said, he knew she wouldn’t give up. Manjula said if Rich Belanger could make it why not Manjula Parelkar. Mother asked, “Who is Rich Belanger?” Amol and Manjula replied together” he plays soccer with artificial feet.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 6

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight!

Fight, Manju, Fight! Summary in Hindi

मंजुला पारेलकर की हाथों की उंगलियाँ विकृत व अजीब से भदे पैर थे। वह अपने पैरों को जूतों में छिपा सकती थी परन्तु हाथों की उंगलियों को नहीं। वह प्रसिद्ध चित्रकार हुसैन की तरह चित्र बनाना चाहती थी क्योंकि उसे पेंटिंग के ब्रुश पकड़ने में अधिक कठिनाई नहीं होती थी परन्तु परेशानी की बात यह थी कि तस्वीरें बनाने के लिए पैसे की जरूरत थी । मंजुला ने अपनी माँ से कुछ अतिरिक्त पैसे रंग खरीदने के लिए माँगे क्योंकि वह तस्वीरें बनाना सीखना चाहती थी । उसकी माँ ने जमा किए हुए पैसों में से कुछ पैसे दिए तथा साथ में हिदायत भी दी कि इन पैसों के विषय में वह किसी को कुछ न बताए। मंजुला ने अपनी बनायी हुई पहली तस्वीर माँ को दिखाई है।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 7
मंजुला अपनी माँ से कहती है कि यह तो केवल शुरुआत वह जल्दी ही और अच्छी तस्वीरें बनाना सीख लेगी। मंजुला के पिता भी उसकी बनायी तस्वीरों की प्रशंसा करते हैं। उसका भाई अमोल उसे यह कहकर चिढ़ाता है कि वह उन्हें बेच दे या बोली लगवा ले। उसके तेरहवें जन्मदिन पर उसकी माँ ने उसे वाटर पेंट उपहार में दिए। पिता ने चित्र बनाने की कला सीखने की किताब भेंट की व उसके भाई ने पेंटिंग के तीन ब्रश दिए। मंजुला को वाटर पेंट से तस्वीर बनाने का कागज चाहिए था। इसलिए उसने इसकी माँग अपनी माँ से की। रात को जब माँ ने पिताजी से तस्वीरों के बारे में बात की तो वह उनकी बातें सुन रही थी। पिताजी ने कहा कि वाटर पेंट से तस्वीर बनाने वाला कागज काफी महँगा आता है। उसके पिता ने यह भी कहा कि मंजुला को कुछ काम की चीजें जैसे-खाना बनाना, सिलाई बगैरह सीखनी चाहिए। उनका विचार था कि वह अपने विकृत हाथों से कलाकार कभी नहीं बन सकती । इस पर माँ ने कहा कि उसके अंदर एक कलाकार बनने की क्षमता है और वह तस्वीरें कला के किसी विशेषज्ञ को दिखाएगी। मंजुला अपने कमरे में वापस लौटकर अपने द्वारा बनाई सारी तस्वीरें फाड़ दी तथा पेंटिग का सारा सामान अलमारी के पास फेंक दिया।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 8
अगले दिन मंजुला रसोई में खाना बनाने में माँ की मदद करने पहुँची। जब माँ ने खाने की मेज पर बताया कि आज खाना मंजुला ने बनाया है तो उसके भाई अमोल को आश्चर्य हुआ। मंजुला ने जवाब दिया कि उसने तस्वीर बनाना बंद कर दिया है । अमोल ने बताया कि वह उसके स्कूल में नवम्बर में तस्वीर प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेकर प्रथम पुरस्कार जीत सकती थी । मि० पालकर ने विषय बदलने के मकसद से बताया कि वे आगामी सप्ताह मुंबई जा रहे हैं। मंजुला ने सोचा कि वह भी मुंबई जाना चाहती है। उसने सुना था कि मुंबई में तस्वीर बनाने का एक प्रसिद्ध कॉलेज है। परंतु जब उसने अपने विकृत हाथों को देखा तो दुखी हो गयी।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 9
मंजुला की माँ ने उसे कंधों पर से कसकर पकड़ा और दृढ़ता के साथ कहा कि उसे हिम्मत नहीं हारनी चाहिए व उसे मुश्किलों से लड़ना है। उन्होने यह भी कहा कि मुसीबतों का सामना करने की इच्छा और हिम्मत अपने अन्दर से ही आती है। मंजुला आहत थी। वह कहना चाहती थी कि यह सारा कसूर पिताजी का है। परन्तु वह चुप रही। वह अपने कमरे में जाकर रोने लगी। जब वह उठी तो उसकी निगाह मेज पर पड़े अखबार में एक लेख पर पड़ी। वह लेख रिच बेलंगर के बारे में था जिसने अपने पैर एक दुर्घटना में खो दिए थे। अपने शिक्षक व माता-पिता के विरोध के बावजूद उसने हिम्मत नहीं हारी और निश्चय किया कि वह नकली पैर से फुटबाल खेलेगा और उसने यह कर दिखाया।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 10
मंजुला ने सोचा कि शायद उसकी माँ सही है । उसे मुसीबत का सामना करना होगा। उसने अलमारी में अपना पेटिंग का समान ढूंढा जिसको उसने फेंक दिया था। अमोल ने कहा कि उसे मंजुला पर दया आ रही थी कि वह उसके स्कूल की तस्वीर प्रतियोगिता में भाग नहीं ले रही थी जबकि वह पुरस्कार जीतने के लायक है। मंजुला ने जवाब दिया कि वह अपने वर्ग के बच्चों के साथ प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेकर इनाम जीतेगी। अमोल ने कहा कि उसे पता था कि वह हिम्मत नहीं हारेगी। मंजुला ने कहा कि अगर रिच बेलंगर कर सकता था तो वह क्यों नही कर सकती। माँ ने पूछा, कि रिच बेलंगर कौन है? अमोल व मंजुला ने साथ-साथ जवाब दिया कि वह कृत्रिम पैर से फुटबाल खेलता था।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 4 Fight, Manju, Fight! 11

  • Malformed – badly formed – विकृत;
  • Clumsy – awkward – भद्दे;
  • Nervously – worried afraid – चिंतित;
  • Impish – mischievous – शरारती;
  • Melancholic eyes – defective eyes – विषादग्रस्त आँखें;
  • Imitate – to copy – नकल करना;
  • Auction – sale – नीलामी ;
  • Drifted – moved away – दूर चल जाना;
  • Desperately – despair – निराशा;
  • Overwhelmed – overcome by emotion – अत्यधिक भावुक;
  • Suspiciously – with suspicion – शंकालु;
  • Torture – cruelty – यातना;
  • Unravel – to undo or open up – खोलना;
  • Urged – requested – विनती;
  • Pacifying – to calm. soothe – शांत करना;
  • Wearily – in a tired manner – थका हुआ;
  • Glimpse – a cursory look – झलक;
  • Sagged – sank – कसकर पकड़ना;
  • Gripped- hold firmly – कसकर ;
  • Obstacle – hindrance – रूकावट;
  • Casually-happened by chance – आकस्मिक