DAV Class 6 SST Chapter 9 Notes – Life of Early Man

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Life of Early Man Class 6 DAV Notes

→ The remains of objects and tools that have been excavated from different parts of the world give us information about the lite of the early man. Most of these objects anti tools are made of stone. The period when the stone tools were used s called the Stone Age.

→ The Stone Age is divided into three main phases- Palaeolithic Age or Old Stone Age. Mesolithic Age o Middle Stone Age and Neolithic Age or New Stone Age.

→ The Palaeolithic man prepared stone tools to defend himself from wild animals. He also used them for hunting animals, chopping meat. cutting wood and digging. The tools were known as core and flake tools. These tools were crude and unpolished.

→ The man of this period was food hunter and gatherer who moved from one place to another in search of food He discovered fire by rubbing two stones against each other.

→ The man of Mesolithic Age began to make huts with the branches of trees He also began to produce food and tame animals like cows, goats, sheep and pigs, Thus, he changed himself from food gatherer to food producer.

→ The Neolithic man started growing grains like rice, wheat etc. He stopped moving from one place to another and started a settled life The settled hf gave birth lo the institution of family.

→ The invention of wheel was the most remarkable achievement of the Neolithic period. People used the wheel for making sledges and charlots.

DAV Class 6 SST Chapter 9 Notes - Life of Early Man

→ Pottery was also developed m this period. It ls believed that copper was the first metal to be discovered by man, So, the Stone Age came to an end and the Metal Age began.

→ Hunter-gatherers : Early people who hunted wild animals and gathered food to eat,

→ Palaeolithic : The term Is made of two words Pelaeo and lithic. Pelaeo means old and lithic means stone.

→ Mesolithic : Meso means middle. This age refers to the period between Palaeolithic Age and Neolithic Age.

→ Neolithic: Neo means new.

→ Bake : To cook or strengthen by heat.

→ Core: Central part of something.

→ Domestication : Trained to live or work for humans,

→ Flake : Very thin piece.

→ lustre: Soft glow.