DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

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My English Reader Class 6 DAV Solutions Unit 5 Vacation Time

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Unit 5 Vacation Time


I. Finally, it is vacation time! So do not waste time watching television programmes or just playing. There are a number of ways to utilise your vacation more meaningfully.
Do it yourself.

II. Read what these children say about holidays.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 1

Discuss with your partner. Write down five things/activities you would wish to do during the vaction.

  1. Dance
  2. Horse Riding
  3. Swimming
  4. Skating
  5. Art and Crafts

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time


To The Glacier Summary

Once upon a time there were four boys who had set out to cover the last dak bungalow which was 10,000 feet above the sea level. The glacier was seven miles away from this bungalow. They had finished all the eatables brought with them. At such a height there was no human being. Only animals like snow bears were found there. They explored a snow field which looked like a valley of Gods. They all sat on rocks to rest for a while.

It was a sunny day and they all sat there to have a sun bath. Suddenly they heard the sound of thunder. All the boys rushed to find some shelter in a nearby cave. It started raining heavily there. Anil had a pocket knife with which all of them carved their names on the rocks of the cave. It was dark all around. The path became very slippery due to rain. They would have slipped in a hole but had a narrow escape due to the moonlight. So they all decided to go back to the cave.

The next morning they again started to climb up but as Kamal dared to take a few steps on the loose pebbles, the ground gave way. They had to grab him by the arms and shoulders. All were soon on the glacier. It was again very slippery there. The narrator also sprained his wrist and hurt his knee due to that. They climbed down back from the way as it was a very narrow passage which brought them back to the dak bungalow.

एक बार चार लड़कों ने डाक बंगले पर जाने का निश्चय किया जो समुद्री तट से 10,000 फीट की ऊँचाई पर था। वहाँ से हिमनद सात मील की दूरी पर था। अब तक वे अपने साथ लायी हुई खाने की सभी चीजें खत्म कर चुके थे । वे जिस ऊँचाई पर थे वहाँ केवल जंगली जानवर ही दिखायी दे रहे थे। ऊपर पहुँचकर जब उन्होंने सफेद रंग की बर्फ की चादर देखी तो उनकी हैरानी की सीमा नहीं रही। उन्हें लगा जैसे वे सब स्वर्ग में खड़े हों। वे वहाँ पर बने कुछ काले पत्थरों पर बैठ गये ।

उस दिन धूप बहुत तेज थी और वे वहाँ बैठकर धूप सेंकने लगे। तभी उन्हें तेज बिजली की गड़गड़ाहट सुनाई दी और वे पास की गुफा की ओर शरण लेने के लिए भागे और गुफा में पहुँचकर बारिश रुकने का इंतजार करने लगे । अनिल के पास एक चाकू था जिससे उन्होंने गुफा के पत्थर पर अपने नाम लिखे। बारिश रुकने पर वहाँ अंधेरा हो चुका था, किन्तु पूर्णिमा की वजह से रोशनी थी। इसी रोशनी के सहारे वे आगे चल पड़े, किन्तु बारिश की वजह से रास्ते में फिसलन बढ़ गई थी जिसकी वजह से वे गढ्ढे में गिरने से बाल-बाल बचे और उन्होंने गुफा में वापस पहुँचने का निश्चय किया।

अगली सुबह उन्होंने यात्रा शुरू की। कमल ने जैसे ही कुछ कदम कंकड़ों पर लिये वह फिसलन भरा था। उन्होंने उसे कन्धे और बाजू पकड़कर बचाया । इसलिए उन्होंने बहुत ही ध्यान से रास्ता अपनाया । लेखक को भी चलते-चलते बाजू में मोच आ गयी और घुटने में भी चोट लग गयी। वापस आने का रास्ता भी बहुत संकरा था, जिस पर होते हुये वे वापस डाक बंगले पर पहुँचे ।

Word – Meanings:

Cascade = water pouring down very fast – पानी का बहुत तेज़ बहाव;
Cradled = hanged – लटका हुआ;
Abode = a living place – रहने की जगह;
Void = a big hole – एक बड़ा गड्ढा;
Slither = to move by sliding from side to side – जमीन पर दाएँ-बाएँ फिसलते हुए चलना;
Gorge = a very narrow valley – संकरी खाई;
Pebbles = small stones – छोटे पत्थर ।

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

A.2. Complete the following statements with one or two words from the story.

(a) The four boys had set out to reach the ________ to be the first boys from the town to climb such a height.

(b) The glacier was cradled between ________ that seemed to be ________ of gods.
two peaks, abode

(c) Within half an hour, Bisnu and Ruskin were a ________ red.

(d) As the rain came suddenly, the boys ran for shelter into a ________.

(e) On the smooth rock of the cave, the boys ________ their names.

A.3. Mark the following statements with a tick (✓) if true and a cross (✗) if false.

(a) The four friends were Ruskin, Bisnu, Anil and Kamal.

(b) The boys were well equipped for high altitude climbing.

(c) Anil used his pocket knife to cut apples.

(d) The last dak bungalow was situated at 10,000 feet above the sea level.

(e) Kamal slipped and fell a hundred feet down the gorge.

A.4. Read the last paragraph carefully. The author relates his experience on the glacier. Complete the ladder to show the different steps they used to cross the glacier.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 2


End Finally we reached the glacier.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 3

We had another steep climb before we reached the path that Vishnu had spoken about.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 3

I also sprained my wrist and hurt my knee.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 3

After advancing several yards on the ice we would either be back or slither down.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 3

Our progress was slow and awkward.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 3

For every few steps forward we slid one step backwards.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 3

We were soon at the glacier. Start

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

A.5. Suppose Bachendri Pal, the pioneer in mountaineering, comes to the school of Bisnu, Ruskin, Anil and Kamal, and the boys interview her. Read the questions the four boys ask her to conduct the interview.
After reading, try to answer the questions in pairs. At the end, compare your answers with those of other students in the class.
Good Morning, Ms Bachendri Pal, you are welcome in our school.
Ruskin : We feel extremely elated to see you here and will like to share your experiences.
B.Pal : It’s pleasure to be here and I am really honoured.
Bisnu : When did you scale the Mount Everest?
B.Pal : I scaled the Mount Everest on May 23, 1984.
Anil : Did you join any training institute before climbing the highest peak?
B.Pal : Yes, I had to join a training institute.
Kamal : What equipment do we need for the climb?
B.Pal : During climbing a lot of equipment like rope, hook, oxygen cylinder, climbing shoes and other petty things are required.
Bishnu : What is the function of IMF?
B.Pal : The IMF plays a very significant role by helping financially to interested climbers.
Kamal : What type of food do we need to carry?
B.Pal : We need to cariy water, biscuits, chocolates and other dry foodstuffs.
Ruskin : How did you feel to become the first woman to climb the Mount Everest?
B.Pal : I really feel excited and different from the rest of the world.
Anil : Would you like to say anything to our friends?
B.Pal : Yes, I would like to say that hard work, self-confidence and never to lose heart by failure, are the main tools to get success.
The boys : Thank you very much Ms. Pal for giving your precious time to us.


Continue working in pairs. Work out another set of questions to interview another famous person in the field of sports.
Good morning Mr. Sachin Tendulkar. You are most welcome to our school.
Ruskin : We feel extremely elated to have you, the master blaster of Indian cricket team.
S.Tendulkar : Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure.
Bisnu : How do you feel after becoming so important member of Indian Cricket Team?
S.Tendulkar : Oh! It’s really a great feeling. It was only possible due to the team spirit and competent captain, Saurav Ganguli.
Ruskin : How do you rate the bowlers of the team?
S.Tendulkar : We have some of the greatest bowlers like Harbhajan Singh, Anil Kumble, Yusuf Pathan etc. in our team. There is nothing to look¬back.
Ruskin : Against whom do you really avoid batting?
S.Tendulkar : Of course, none other than Rawalpindi Express, Sohaib Akhtar, He is the finest bowler in the world.
Ruskin : When did you start playing? Had you ever thought that you will ever achieve such a milestone?
S.Tendulkar : I started playing from the age of 11 years. Yes, I always kept belief in myself and my potential.
Bisnu : How do you feel after becoming the highest run scorer in one day and test cricket?
S.Tendulkar : No doubt. It is a wonderful feeling. But I don’t play for my personal records. My century doesn’t matter if India loses a match.
The boys : Thank you very much for giving us your precious time. Best of luck.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

A.7. Values

India has a rich heritage that includes incredibly beautiful monuments and archaeological masterpieces but it is plainful to note that some people deface them by inscribing on them their initials or names or some messages.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 4

As a responsible citizen of the country, what is your role in protecting these national treasures? Discuss with your partner.
You may use hints given in the box below.

  • Monuments – pride of the nation, epitome of glorious past
  • Need of the hour – spread awareness
  • Sensitise – the youth

Very often we have seen that people are in the habit of defacing public monuments. Be it ‘Hawa Mahal’ in Jaipur or ‘Red Fort’ in Delhi – everywhere one can see red stains from betel (paan) spits defacing the walls. Tourists often want to write the dates and year also when they visited the monument. We are spoiling our own national heritage in this manner. Tourist from other nations come to see these monuments only. As a responsible citizen of India, I would like to create awareness about it through social media like Twitter. We can also put up posters and hoardings to educate Indian tourists.

A.8. All the four boys sat on the black rocks ‘to feast their eyes on the view’. ‘Feast one’s eyes’ is an idiomatic expression. It means to look with pleasure. Given below are some other expressions. Match them with their meanings.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 5


(a) Ringing us surrounding us
(b) Hung open surprised
(c) Get into one’s clothes to wear one’s clothes
(d) To slither down to slide down unsteadily

A.9. Imagine yourself as Kamal. Write a page in your diary sharing the thrilling and adventurous experience you had while mountaineering with your friends.
Monday, 8 pm
10th March, 20XX

Dear Diary,

Today I came back from Shimla in the morning. I had gone there for a mountaineering expedition with my friends. We all enjoyed so much. We didn’t stay in a hotel but in a camp. It was a new experience for all of us. Then, we went for rock climbing, cycling, hiking and trekking. We had joined a reputed mountaineering club for this. Our instructor was a very friendly person. He taught us all these skills. Then, we also got a chance to go for rafting. None of us had done it before.

Next year also I am planning to join the same mountaineering club during my summer vacations.


DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

B.1. It is the month of April. Are you planning your vacation? Have you ever thought of discovering the talents in you? Let us have a look at the activities held at Summer Camps.

Read the advertisement given below. What, information does this advertisement provide? Discuss in groups of four.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 6

Which camp would you like to join and why? Write in the space given below.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 7

This advertisement informs us that the Institute of Effective Communication and Leadership will organise summer camps so that the children can be able to explore their talents. Its Adventure Camp will be held at Y’ Campsite, Almora. Children between the age group of 12-16 years can register in it for the activities like hiking, trekking, camp fires, camp games, etc. On the other hand, Day Camp will be held at YMCA, Jai Singh Road. Children between the age group of 3-15 years can register their names for the activities like dancing, singing, karate, picnic, fun games, art, craft, etc.

I would like to join Day Camp because I love dancing and singing, I like to learn karate for my own safety and to help someone in need.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

B.2. Let us imagine that you have become a member of Kids’ Own Parliament. You have to send them your views on some subject. Discuss in pairs and write your suggestions/views that you think should reach the Government authorities.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 8


DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 9

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time


The children in Aditi’s class were asked to present a viewpoint in the class. Aditi decided to talk about schools and why children should be educated at home. She made some notes first and then worked out the presentation. Read Aditi’s notes and her presentation.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 10

In my opinion, children should be educated at home because—

  1. The government would save a lot of money. It would not need to build schools, pay teachers, pa}’ electricity bills or pay for books and materials. The money
    saved could be spent on far more important things like feeding the homeless, medical research and improving hospitals.
  2. Technology has improved so much; children can learn just as much at home from computers. Parents could be trained to use computers to help children to learn.
  3. There would be no distraction at home. If children are working in a noisy room, they cannot learn much, but in their own homes they can learn a lot.
  4. There would be no teasing. Some children get upset being teased by seniors. This would not be a problem at home.
  5. Children would be safer at home. There would be no fear of traffic accidents on way to school or on way home. Parents would not have to worry about their children talking to strangers. —Aditi Guleria

B.4. Based on your reading of Aditi’s viewpoint, answer the following questions.

(a) How would the system of ‘education at home’ aid the government in saving money?
Government would not have to build schools, pay the teachers, pay electricity bills, for books, etc.

(b) What role can technology play in facilitating it?
Children can learn as much as possible through computers.

(c) Why, according to Aditi, would the children be able to concentrate better if they were educated at home?
Yes, there would be less distraction, no teasing and safe environment.

(d) In what way would this system of education ensure greater safety for children?
There would be no fear of accidents while going or coming back from school. Children would be safe from strangers also.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time


Imagine you are Manav, Aditi’s classmate. You have been given the task to convince Aditi about the importance of the traditional way of education system. Write a dialogue between the two of you.
Manav : Aditi, I respect your viewpoint but for children life would be quite dull. Aditi: How?
Manav : You see that children enjoy going to school talking and playing with one another.
Aditi : That can be done at home also.
Manav: Then, teachers not only teach subject matter but also help in counselling.
Aditi : Yes, but parents can always go the counsellors.
Manav : Besides, going to schools helps to polish your debating skills, speaking skills.
Aditi : Yes, but children can attend competitions.
Manav : But then who will organise these competitions?
Aditi : So, we can say that schools and teachers are very important to get good education.

B.6. Values

School is a temple of learning. It is like a second home for children, where they spend maximum time apart from their home.
The values taught in school undoubtedly go a long way in the right grooming of their character.
List ten values that you have learned in school.

  1. In school, I learnt to respect teachers.
  2. I learnt team work.
  3. I learnt to work with zeal and determination.
  4. I learnt discipline.
  5. I learnt cooperation.
  6. I learnt empathy.
  7. I learnt to work hard.
  8. I learnt to respect time and deadlines.
  9. School also taught me importance of social work.
  10. School helped to hone my speaking skills.

B.7. You are Varun Sharma. Imagine that the system of education proposed by Aditi becomes a reality. Write a letter to your friend describing what it would be like to live and study in a world without schools.
15th July, 20XX
20, Model Town

Dear Alok,

I hope this letter of mine finds you in the best health and high spirits. In your previous letter you asked me about my school.

Well, we don’t have schools now. Government has shut them down. We all are learning through computers. It is very dull and boring. The joy of getting up early, going to school, gossiping with my friends is all lost. Chatting through computers is not the same.

Even classes seem to be very dull. Interacting with teachers was very inspiring. Now, you send a question and keep on waiting for reply, sometimes internet connection is not there which makes it more cumbersome.

I wish that government restarts the schools once again.

Yours friend
Varun Sharma

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

C.1. Have you ever thought how a school would look like without children? Perhaps you never thought of it.
For self-attempt.

C.2. Given below is the summary of the poem. Complete it by writing suitable word(s) in the blank spaces.
The speaker in the poem feels that the school house likes to be left alone. Now the wind is cool and sweet. The green grass is no more untrodden by careless.

There is no more noise. There is always silence in the hall. Sunlit leaves whisper as they rustle against the wall.

C.3. On the basis of your reading of the poem, answer the following questions:

‘I think……………..perhaps…………….it does, for now’.

(a) Who does ‘it’ refer to?
It’ refers to the school.

(b) Who is ‘I’?
‘I’ refer to the poet.

(c) Who do you think is on vacation?
The children of the school are on vacation.

(d) Does ‘it’ like to be left alone?
No, ‘I’ don’t like to be left alone.

(e) List four things which describe the atmosphere of the school house during vacation time.
Four things which describe the atmosphere of the school hour during vacation time:
(i) silence
(ii) loneliness
(iii) cool
(iv) sweet.

C.4. Make a one-sentence statement of the theme of the poem.
School is not a school without children. In the absence of children, it is very lonely.

C. 5. Suggest another title for the poem in consultation with your partner.
‘A Body Without Soul’.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time

C.6. Life Skills

The era of cut-throat competition hardly leaves children with any leisure to pursue their interest, hobbies, etc. In the wake of such scenario, vacation is the best time to explore hidden talents or learn something new.
Pen down a few tips which one can follow to utilise the vacation productively.

  • Make a time table and follow it strictly.
  • Start your day with a morning walk.
  • Join some hobby classes.
  • Keep your TV watching time limited (say 2 hours).
  • Play for 2-3 hours in the evening.
  • Visit some historical place or hill station.

Listen to the audio CD titled ‘Listen & Comprehend’ (Class-VI). After listening, answer the questions asked in the audio CD verbally. Listen to the tape script once again and attempt the given question. The tape script is also given on page no. 139.
For self-attempt.

C.7. Listen to the radio advertisement that your teacher will play and find out what it has to offer you to make your vacation truly exciting. After listening, complete the following brochure:

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 5 Vacation Time 11


Revitalize your spirits
… Go Goa !!!

Also known as :

  1. The Rome of the East
  2. Tourist Paradise
  3. Pearl of the Ocean

Coastline : 100 km

Famous for :

  1. exotic beaches
  2. fairs and festivals

Adventures :

  1. Water skiing
  2. Active fishing
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Exploring life underwater

Goa…. the complete health and wellness destination.

C.8. It is Imperative that students’ leisure is put to use In a way that does not burden them, yet fits In with their sense of adventure and fun.
Imagine you are Shourya. Your school Is organising hobby classes during the forthcoming vacation. Draft a notice In not more than 50 words Informing the students about the same. Give all the necessary details like dates, duration, charges, etc.

DAV Public School

20th May, 20XX


The school is organising Hobby Classes during summer vacations where children can learn painting, swimming, yoga, aerobics and fusion dance. The details are as follows:

Dates: 1 June to 20 June, 20XX
Time: 6:30 am to 9:30 am
Fees: ₹ 250 per class

A student can join two classes. Give your consent slip to your class teacher by 25th May, 20XX.

(School Head Boy)


Every Day is A Holiday Summary

Here the author is telling us about a few interesting holidays we celebrate throughout the world. The first one is the ‘World Hello Day’. On this day we have to say ‘hello’ to at least ten persons. It was started on third Sunday of November in 1973 after the end of a war in the Middle East to encourage world peace. This could be made possible only if people could come up and communicate with one another.

The McCormacks wrote letters in many languages and sent them to the leaders of many countries in the world telling them about the World Hello Day. Then McCormacks got a positive response and a holiday was declared every year on this day. McCormacks were congratulated by Pope John Paul II, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain for making such an effort to bring people together.

The second one is International Day of the Seal. This day is celebrated on 22 March. Many aquariums and marine research centres around the world celebrate this day on the third weekend of March. This holiday was declared to tell people about the dangers seals face from pollution, oil spills etc. Many exhibitions are put up which educate the people about how the seals live, preserve and rescue and again return to their habitats.

The third one is the Do it Day. This day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in September but it is celebrated as per our convenience. The founder of this day was Ethel Cook. She found this day to do all the pending work and to get every thing organised.

यहाँ लेखक कुछ रोचक अवकाशों के बारे में बताता है जिन्हें हम संसार भर में मनाते हैं। पहला अवकाश ‘वर्ल्ड हैलो डे’ के नाम से जाना जाता है। इस दिन हमें कम से कम दस लोगों को ‘हैलो’ कहना पड़ता है। यह मध्य – य-पूर्व में युद्ध की समाप्ति पर 1973 में नवम्बर के तीसरे रविवार को शुरु हुआ था। इसका उद्देश्य विश्व शान्ति को प्रोत्साहन देना था। ऐसा तभी संभव था जब लोग एक-दूसरे से आपस में मिलकर संवाद स्थापित करें। मेककारमेक्स ने कई भाषाओं में कई देशों के नेताओं को ‘विश्व हैलो डे’ के विषय में जानकारी देने के लिए पत्र लिखे। मेककारमेक्स को बहुत अच्छा अनुभव हुआ और हर वर्ष इस दिन को अवकाश घोषित कर दिया गया। मेककारमेक्स को पोप जॉन पॉल द्वितीय, अमरीकी राष्ट्रपति रोनाल्ड रीगन एवं ग्रेट ब्रिटेन की रानी एलिजावेथ द्वितीय से लोगों को करीब लाने वाले इस विशेष प्रयास के लिए मुबारकबाद के पत्र मिले।

दूसरा दिन अर्न्तराष्ट्रीय शील दिवस है। यह दिन 22 मार्च को मनाया जाता है। पूरे संसार में एक्वेरियम एवं जलीय शोध केन्द्र इसे मार्च की तीसरी सप्ताह को मनाते हैं। यह अवकाश लोगों को यह बताता है कि सील मछली को किस प्रकार प्रदूषण के प्रकोप से बचाया जाय। बहुत सी प्रदर्शनियाँ लोगों को शिक्षित कर यह बताती हैं कि किस प्रकार सील जिंदा रह सकते हैं और उन्हें किस प्रकार बचाया जाय।

तीसरा दिन ‘Do It Today’ है। सितम्बर माह के पहले बुधवार को इसे मनाया जाता है । परन्तु इसे सुविधानुसार किसी भी दिन मनाया जा सकता है। इस दिन की शुरूआत करने वाली महिला का नाम एथल कुक था। उन्होंने इस दिन को सभी अधूरे कार्य पूरे करने एवं हर वस्तु को व्यवस्थित करने का दिन कह कर संबोधित किया।

Word – Meanings:

Encourage = to give support – प्रोत्साहित करना;
Collision = an occasion when things or people collide – वस्तु या व्यक्तियों के बीच टक्कर;
Habitat = the natural home of a plant or an animal – पौधे या पशु का प्राकृतिक आवास;
Eventually = in the end, finally – अंत में|