DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

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My English Reader Class 6 DAV Solutions Unit 3 Thrill in School Life

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Unit 3 Thrill in School Life


I. Which of the statements below is the most thrilling for you and why? Discuss in pairs.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 1

For self-attempt.

II. Narrate to your partner any of your memorable experiences at school. Write the account in detail for an unknown friend, on the basis of the headings below.
Starting Point: My first day in school

Account of what happened: As my father was in government job, he was transferred to a new town. My school also changed. I joined new school when I was in class III. My first day in the new school was full of new experiences. Everybody in the school was very kind, affectionate and helpful towards me. As it was my first day, I didn’t have my books. So I copied all the things that the teacher had taught. When the teacher asked my name I got nervous. I was not able to speak and at this everybody started laughing at me. On the first day only I made two friends and they are still very good friends of mine. Teachers of the school are also very polite and encouraging in nature.

Conclusion: Politeness and helpful nature always help the individual in becoming a good person.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

A.1. Do you like your school? Are you proud of your school? Why? Discuss in groups of four.
Yes, I like my school very much. All the teachers in my school are very helpful. They always treat every student as their own children. They are always ready in solving the problems of the children. My school has all the modern equipments that are essential for the better learning of the children like computer labs, sports equipments, musical instruments, swimming pool, etc.

Our school does not want that the children only excel in the field of education but it also gives equal weightage to the sports development. The coaches of the school are also very helpful and understanding. They do their best to teach the pupils in perfect way. That is why our school wins a number of awards every year. My friends are outstanding. They are always ready to help us. From time to time our school also organizes an educational trip for the students. Our school is impartial while dealing with students. I am proud of my school.

A.2. When did you take admission in the school? Was it difficult for you to get admitted in the school? Describe your experience.
I got admitted to the school when I was three years old. Yes, it was very difficult for me and my parents to get me admitted to this school. This is the best school in the town. So there was a long queue of parents who were always interested in seeking admission of their wards to this school. My parents have really worked hard to get me admitted in this school as they had to stand in long queues to get only an admission form for me. After submitting the admission form, they were asked all sorts of questions. Another list of the selected children was displayed in which date and time were also mentioned for the interview of the children. There were a lot of students who were questioned one by one. Being a shy boy, my parents were really tensed whether I would give answers or not. But by the God’s grace and my parents’ hard work, I managed anyhow and I got admitted to the school.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life


The Interview Summary

The play is about a boy named Ramu who was preparing for admission to a school. Ramu was seeking admission to class VI in a town named Tiruchi where his father had been transferred. The school in which Ramu wanted to take admission had only five seats and there were twenty aspiring candidates for those five seats. Ramu’s sister whom he
called Akka told him to prepare well for the interview as he should have answered each and every question the board would put up. He also told Ramu that it was going to be a tough competition for him but he was very confident about himself. When Ramu reached the school for interview, he saw many boys there. In the school, Ramu met his old friend Balu whose father had also been transferred to Tiruchi.

All the boys were called in one by one for the interview. Ramu was the last candidate to be interviewed. The clerk took him to the interview room where three men were sitting round a table. The headmaster told Ramu to have a seat. The first question which the headmaster asked Ramu was about his previous school and the reason as to why Ramu wanted to get admission to this school. Ramu told them that his father had been transferred here due to which he had to leave his previous school which he liked very much. The next question the headmaster asked was about the best thing of the town. Ramu promptly replied that the Uchipallayyar Kovil, the temple of Lord Ganesha from where one could have a grand view of the town, was the best thing of the town.

The headmaster quickly asked how many steps did he take to climb up the temple. Ramu quickly answered. He took the same number of steps to climb up, he had taken to come down. The next question was asked about his fun. The last question which was put up to Ramu was about his short height. Ramu replied without hesitation that nobody in the family was tall. He also told them that once when his father was put up the same question by his boss he replied that his legs were long enough to reach the ground. Hearing his smart reply, the headmaster him the form and told to gave deposit the fees.

यह नाटक रामू नामक लड़के के बारे में है जो कि विद्यालय की प्रवेश परीक्षा की तैयारी कर रहा था। रामू तिरूची नामक कस्बे में छठी कक्षा में प्रवेश लेने की तैयारी कर रहा था जहाँ उसके पिता का स्थानांतरण हुआ था। जिस स्कूल में रामू प्रवेश लेना चाहता था, उसमें केवल पाँच सीटें खाली थी और बीस लड़के उसके लिए परीक्षा देने आये थे। रामू की बहन जिसे वह अक्का कहकर बुलाता था, उसे अपनी तैयारी बहुत अच्छे से करने का सुझाव दिया, क्योंकि प्रवेश पाने के लिए रामू को उनके हर सवाल का जवाब आना चाहिए था। रामू को पूरा विश्वास था कि उसे विद्यालय में प्रवेश अवश्य मिलेगा। जब रामू विद्यालय पहुँचा तो उसने देखा कि बहुत से लड़के परीक्षा के लिए कतार में बैठे थे। वहाँ उसे अपना पुराना मित्र बालू मिल गया जिसके पिता का स्थानांतरण भी तिरूची में हुआ था।

सभी छात्रों को साक्षात्कार के लिए बारी-बारी से बुलाया गया। रामू साक्षात्कार के लिए अन्तिम छात्र था। जब वह साक्षात्कार कक्ष में पहुँचा तो उसे तीन लोग बैठे हुये दिखे। पहला सवाल रामू से प्रधानाध्यापक ने उसके पिछले स्कूल के विषय में किया। जिसके जवाब में रामू ने बताया कि उसे अपना पिछला विद्यालय अपने पिता के स्थानांतरण के कारण छोड़ना पड़ा। अगले सवाल में प्रधानाध्यापक ने तिरूची की सबसे अच्छी जगह के बारे में गणेश का मन्दिर तिरूची की सबसे अच्छी जगह है जहाँ से पूछा। रामू ने उन्हें बताया कि उचिपलायार कोविल भगवान पूरे कस्बे का नजारा लिया जा सकता है।

यह सुनते ही उन्होंने रामू से पूछा कि मंदिर तक जाने के लिए कितनी सीढ़ियों का प्रयोग किया गया। रामू ने उन्हें बताया कि ठीक उतनी ही, जितनी सीढ़ियों का प्रयोग उसने मन्दिर से उतरने में किया। अगला प्रश्न रामू से उसके मनोरंजन के बारे में पूछा गया। रामू ने उस प्रश्न का भी समुचित एवं सटीक उत्तर दिया। रामू से निर्णायकों ने अन्तिम प्रश्न उसके छोटे कद के बारे में पूछा। रामू ने बिना किसी झिझक के उत्तर दिया कि उसके परिवार में सभी लोगों का कद छोटा है। उसने उन्हें यह भी बताया कि एक बार उसके पिता के अधिकारी ने उनसे ठीक यही प्रश्न किया था। उन्होंने कहा कि उसके पाँव जमीन पर पहुँचने के लिए काफी हैं। उसकी हाजिर जवाबी को सुनकर प्रधानाध्यापक ने रामू को फार्म पकड़ा दिया और उसे अपनी फीस जमा करवाने के लिए कहा।

Word – Meanings:

Bleary eyed = red and watery eyes – आंक लाल होना;
Wreck = unhealthy or exhausted – बीमार, थका हुआ;
Eminences = highly respected – अत्यधिक सम्मानित;
Transferred = to move from one place to another – स्थानांतरित करना;
Majority = the largest number – अधिकांश;
Slaughter = the killing of farm animals for food – हत्या

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

A.4. Complete the following with one or two words only.

(a) Ramu calls Akka poor because she has spent her money on buying __________.
a scarf

(b) Ramu is appearing for an interview to get __________ in one of the schools at __________.
a seat, Tiruchi

(c) Ramu and Balu consider all those appearing in the interview as __________.

(d) According to Ramu, Tiruchi is famous for __________.
Uchinallauuar Kovil, a temple

(e) Ramu has been told by his father that all the teachers are __________.
of eminences

(f) Ramu and his father are __________ in height.

(g) At the end of the interview Ramu __________ for his admission to the school.
is selected

A.5. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

‘So the lamb to the slaughter is first offered a seat.’

(a) Who says these words?
Ramu says these words.

(b) Who is the lamb here?
Ramu himself is the lamb here.

(c) Who is going to slaughter the lamb? How?
The three judges are going to slaughter the lamb by putting up different questions.

(d) ‘Lamb to the slaughter’ is a figurative expression.
(A figurative expression is one that conveys a meaning different from its literal meaning . What does this expression mean to you in the given context?
It means that the boys who are called up for interview first are to be put a lot of questions by the board.

(e) Pick up some more figurative expressions from the play.
(i) If wishes were horses!
(ii) I prefer a sharp knife to a dull one.
(iii) It is better to cut down in one stroke than to receive several blunt blows.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life


1. Balu says, ‘The Board will have to see who among us are less foolish.’ What does he mean by this statement?
Balu means to say that the children who will give the more correct answers to the questions asked by the Board will be less foolish.

2. Ramu was able to get admission in the school. The panel was really impressed with his answers during the interview.
Did he display wit or knowledge? Pick out instances from the play to support your answer.
Ramu displayed his wit during the interview. For instances, when he was asked how many steps he had taken to reach the top, he instantly answered that he had taken the same number of steps that he had taken to come down. Moreover, when he was asked what was his idea of fun, he wittingly responded that both have their charms.

A.7. Life Skills


Ramu did well in the interview. He was a confident boy.
There are many ways to boost self-confidence. Some are listed below. Discuss with your partner and add a few more to the list.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 2


Think Positive Be determined Plan Ahead
Take help from experts Set a Goal Work hard
Read motivational books Always have a smile on your face

A.8. During the reading of the play, you come across a number of words like scowl, growl, etc., generally written in brackets at the beginning of a dialogue, that express different emotions. Some such words are given in the bubbles. Write what emotion each word expresses.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 3


DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 4

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life


Present a talk show in your class.

Work in groups of four.
One of the group members can be the host and the other three the guests.
Ask the guests about their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies.
Pep up your show by asking the guests to spell a few difficult words or make them say tongue-twisters.
Don’t forget to involve your audience.

Dear friends, we are here to present a talk show. Let me first of all introduce you all to our guests: Mohsin, Renu and Rahul and I am your host for today – Vishal.
Vishai: Mohsin, I have heard that you are an avid book reader.
Mohsin: Yes, I love books. I spend all my money on books. I have read Enid Blyton, V.S. Naipaul, Harry Potter, and many more.
Vishal: Who is your favourite author?
Mohsin: I love books by Ruskin Bond. He is the best. His stories touch the core of my heart.
Vishal: What about you Renu?
Renu: I love playing guitar. I also love dancing. In my free time, I learn dancing.
Vishal: That’s very good. And Rahul?
Rahul: I love playing football. One day I want to become a national football player.
Vishal: That’s nice. So, it seems all of you spend your time in productive activities.
Mohsin: Yes, but we are equally good in studies.
Vishal: Oh! Let me test if you can say this tongue twister-
I saw sussie sitting in a shoe shine shop
Renu: Let me try first.
I saw sussie………….. Oh! I forgot.
Vishal: Or you try this one
peter piper picked a peck of picked peppers.
Mohsin: I can repeat this.
(He says it thrice.)

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

B.1. Friends are human assets. Complete the chart using adjectives that can best describe friendship.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 5


DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 6

B.2. Work with your partner and write words for the phrases given below. The first letter of each word is given as a clue.
If you are unable to guess the words, find the correct answers from the story.

(a) Group of people g________

(b) Destruction w________

(c) Slight or brief mental pain t________

(d) Unpleasant n________

(e) Very tired e________

(f) Breathe with short quick breaths p________

(g) Saying ‘Yes’ a_________

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life


Girl Gang Summary

This story is about the friendship of a group of girls. In this story the author shows how all of them help one another to find the solution of their problems. On one Saturday afternoon Alice was going for shopping in a train. She saw that her classmate Kirsty was also travelling in the same train. A ticket checker came to check the ticket. She told the checker that she might have lost the ticket and had no money to buy another ticket. The checker told her that she would be taken to authority in that case. Kirsty begged before him to forgive her but it was of no use.

One day after school when Alice was about to leave for her home Kirsty came running to her and told her if their geography teacher whom they called the Old Sour Breath comes asking about Kirsty, Alice should pretend that she had not seen her. When geography teacher Mr. Sawyer came and asked about Kirsty, she simply lied that she had not seen her. The teacher took her to the classroom to show what Kirsty had done to the class. All the maps and displays were torn into pieces and everything was lying on the floor. When she came out, she saw that Kirsty was waiting for her outside the school gate with her four friends.

Alice told Kirsty that she had told nothing to Mr. Sawyer. Kirsty told that it was a revenge on Mr. Sawyer as he took girls as inferior one. Next day when Alice opened her geography book she found a note from Kirsty to meet her urgently at 8 o’clock in the park at night. At night the girls assembled in the park. A girl named Sandra was their leader. They all gathered there to take revenge from the ticket collector. They had a bag full of apples which they bombarded on the conductor’s house and ran away. Kirsty told Alice not to utter a word about the incident in front of anybody. Now Alice was the new member of the girl’s power gang.

यह कहानी कुछ लड़कियों के समूह की दोस्ती के बारे में है । इस कहानी में लेखक ने बताया है कि किस तरह वे सब निकालती हैं। एक शनिवार को एलिस नाम की लड़की रेल एक-दूसरे की मदद करती हैं और अपनी समस्याओं का हल द्वारा कुछ खरीददारी करने बाज़ार जा रही थी। उसी रेलगाड़ी में उसकी कक्षा में पढ़ने वाली लड़की क्रिस्टी भी सवार थी । किन्तु वे दोनों आपस में बात नहीं करती थी। कुछ समय बाद वहाँ एक टिकट निरीक्षक निरीक्षण करता हुआ आया। जब उसने क्रिस्टी से उसकी टिकट माँगी तो उसने कहा कि शायद उसने अपनी टिकट खो दी है।

निरीक्षक ने उसे नयी टिकट लेने के लिए कहा तो क्रिस्टी ने कहा कि नयी टिकट लेने के लिए उसके पास पैसे नहीं हैं। निरीक्षक ने उसे अपने अधिकारियों के पास ले जाने को कहा। क्रिस्टी ने बहुत विनती की परन्तु निरीक्षक ने उसे क्षमा नहीं किया। एक दिन जब विद्यालय की छुट्टी के बाद एलिस घर जाने की तैयारी कर रही थी तो उसी समय क्रिस्टी ने उसके पास आकर कहा कि अगर उनके भूगोल के शिक्षक उसके बारे में कुछ पूछें तो उनसे कह दे कि उसने उसे नहीं देखा। थोड़ी ही देर में भूगोल के शिक्षक जिसे वे Old Sour Breath कहते थे वहाँ आये और क्रिस्टी के विषय में पूछताछ करने लगे । एलिस ने कहा कि उसने उसे नहीं देखा है।

यह सुनकर वे एलिस को अपने साथ कक्षा दिखाने के लिए ले गये। वहाँ जाकर एलिस ने देखा कि सभी मानचित्र कक्षा में इधर-उधर बिखरे हुये थे। जब ऐलिस बाहर आयी तो उसने देखा कि क्रिस्टी चार अन्य लड़कियों के साथ स्कूल के बाहर उसका इंतजार कर रही थीं। एलिस ने क्रिस्टी को बताया कि वह सब उसने Mr. Sawyer से बदला लेने के लिए किया क्योंकि वह लड़कियों को हीन समझते थे। अगले दिन जब ऐलिस ने अपनी कक्षा में भूगोल की किताब खोली तो उसमें क्रिस्टी का लिखा हुआ एक पर्चा पाया जिस पर क्रिस्टी ने ऐलिस को रात आठ बजे बहुत ही जरूरी काम के लिए बुलाया था।

रात को वहाँ पर पहले से बहुत सी लड़कियाँ एकत्रित थी । सान्ड्रा नाम की लड़की उनकी नेता थी। उन्होंने ऐलिस को बताया कि आज वे वहाँ उस निरीक्षक से बदला लेने के लिए जमा हुई थी जिसने रेल में क्रिस्टी की बात नहीं सुनी थी। उनके पास सेबों से भरा हुआ एक थैला था जिससे उन्होंने निरीक्षक के घर पर बमवारी की और वहाँ से भाग गयी। क्रिस्टी ने ऐलिस से यह सब किसी से भी न कहने का वादा लिया। इसके बाद उन्होंने ऐलिस को भी अपने समूह का सदस्य बना लिया।


Panting = to breathe quickly – तेजी से सांस लेना;
Twinge = a sudden short pain – अचानक दर्द होना;
Impatiently = eagerly – अधीरता से;
Boomed = loud deep sound – गहरी आवाज;
Revenge = something that you do to punish somebody – बदला;
Exhausted = very tired – बहुत थका हुआ;
Exciting = full of eagerness – उत्सुकतापूर्ण ।

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

B.4. On the basis of your reading of the story, write who the following people are.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 7



A powerful girl of the gang


The Informer

Mr Dawson

Library Incharge


Kirsty’s friend


Leader of the girl gang

Old Sour – Breath

The Geography Teacher

B.5. Write T for True and F for False statements.

(a) Alice was travelling without ticket.

(b) Kisty enjoyed Geography classes in the school.

(c) Alice felt a little sorry for Mr. Sawyer.

(d) Sandra was senior to Alice.

(e) The green house belonged to Mr. Sawyer.

B.6. Complete the following statements.

(a) Kirsty couldn’t buy another ticket because __________
she didn’t have money.

(b) The students referred Mr. Sawyer’s as __________
Old Sour – breath

(c) Kirsty took revenge on Mr. Sawyer by __________
destroying maps and displays in the class.

(d) Alice promised Sandra and other girls __________
not to reveal what they had done to anyone.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

B.7. Complete the following table.
The revenge taken by the Girl Gang.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 8


Against By At Time Because
1. Mr Sawyer Tearing maps School After School He underestimated the girl’s power.
2. Conductor Throwing apples on the house His house At night He was rude to Kirsty in the train.


1. The Girl Gang allowed Alice to be a member of their groups because
(a) she lied to the geography teacher that she had not seen Kirsty.
(b) she has kept all the secrets of girl gang.
(c) she has helped the gang in taking revenge from the conductor.

2. Kirsty and her gang wrecked Mr. Sawyer’s classrooms. Are their actions justified?
No, their actions are not justified at all. Whatever the teacher did or said was part of their duty. Kirsty and her gang didn’t have to behave in this manner. Their behaviour can lead to expulsion from the school also.

B.9. Life Skills


Alice was supportive to Kirsty. This helped her make friends with her. What makes you a good friend?
Complete the web chart with the words that describe your personal qualities.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 9


DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 10

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

B.10. Values

Kirsty and her gang indulged in unruly activities to assert their power. But, ‘Power is not about wilful behaviour, it is about righteous behaviour.’
What qualities and values should we try to inculcate in ourselves to make this society a better place to live in? A few have been enlisted below.

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To make this society a better place to live in, we should have
1. Patience
2. Love
3. Humanity

B.11. Here are a few words from the story, but the letters are jumbled. Using the hints given, unjumble the words to find the correct answer.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 12

(a) dramatically
(b) unpopular
(c) wreck
(d) assignment
(e) brilliant

B.12. School News

Be a Reporter

Collect information about the latest activities and happenings in your school. Prepare three news items and present them before the class in an interesting style.

You can use PowerPoint presentations or props to make your presentations effective.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

C. Listen to the audio CD titled Listen & Comprehend (Class-VI). After listening, answer the questions asked in the audio CD verbally. Listen to the tape script once again and attempt the given question. The tape script is given on page no. 80.

Tape Script

Aerodynamic Mishap

I made a paper aeroplane
It really was the best,
I took my time to make it right
To that I can attest!

I’d planned it all so thoroughly,
I’d sketched from either side,
I knew that all would be amazed
To see it swoop and dive,

But its first flight was not too planned
Though it soared up high,
The teacher turned, it crashed and burned
And hit her in the eye!

My plane, screwed up, went in the bin,
All agreed it was a shame.
But my teacher’s got a big black eye,
And I’m the one to blame!
Do it yourself.

C.1. It is said that school-time is the best time of one’s life. It is a wonderful mix of experiences—some really good, some funny, ribtickling ones and a few somewhat nightmarish. Let us listen to a thrilling incident from the speaker’s life. As you listen to the tape script, number the events in the order in which they happened.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 13 The teacher got a black eye.
DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 13 The plane soared high.
DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 13 The plane was crushed and landed in the bin.
DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 13 The speaker made a paper aeroplane.
DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 13 Suddenly, the plane crashed and hit the teacher in the eye.
DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life 13 He was sure that the plane would swoop and dive beautifully.

Do it yourself.

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life


The Inside – Out Stocking Summary

Once upon a time there was a little unlucky boy named Rex. He always had some or the other reason for him being unlucky such as he would fall down while running or loose a pound from the hole of his pocket. Rex was very good at running races. Once a sports meet was being organised in his school, in which all the sports events such as running, obstacle race and other games were going to take place. Many schools were also taking part in the sports meet. Rex’s headmaster asked him to take part in running race. Then he told his headmaster about how unlucky he was.

He told his headmaster that on that day he would surely have something due to which he would not be able to take part in the race. Lucy, Rex’s sister was very concerned about her brother. She wanted her brother to take part in the race as she was confident that her brother would win the race if he took part. In their own town, there lived an old lady Mother Brown. Lucy visited her and asked how she could bring luck to her brother. Mother Brown suggested that a black cat would bring luck to him. But there was no black cat in their village.

Then Mother Brown told her if on getting up in the morning you put on one of your stockings inside out without noticing then it might make you lucky for that day. Lucy had an idea in her mind. She walked back home and just a night before the sports day she waited for Rex to fall asleep and turned one of his stockings inside out. In the morning Rex put on his stocking inside out without noticing. Lucy and Rex went to the school and Rex won all the races without any obstruction. He was very happy. Lucy thought that she will do the same thing always for his brother to make him lucky. After that Rex usually won all the games and had many lucky days.

एक बार रेक्स नाम का एक छोटा-सा बालक रहता था जो बहुत अभागा था। रेक्स हमेशा ही किसी भी वजह से हार जाता था, जैसे कि वह भागते समय गिर पड़ता था, झूला झूलते हुए गिर जाता था और उसकी जेब से पाउंड निकलकर गिर जाता था। रेक्स एक बहुत ही अच्छा धावक था । एक बार उनके विद्यालय में कुछ खेल – कूद प्रतियोगिता आयोजित की गयी इसमें बहुत से विद्यालयों से लोग उसमें भाग लेने आ रहे थे। रेक्स के प्रधानाध्यापक ने रेक्स से भी इसमें भाग लेने को कहा। इस पर रेक्स ने उन्हें बताया कि वह बहुत अभागा है और उस दिन उसके साथ कुछ-न-कुछ दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण होगा जिसमें वह भाग नहीं ले सकेगा।

लूसी, रैक्स की बहन अपनी भाई के लिए बहुत चिंतित थी। वह चाहती थी कि किसी भी तरह उसका भाई दौड़ में हिस्सा ले। उसे अपने भाई पर पूरा भरोसा था कि वह दौड़ जीत लेगा। उनके गाँव में मदर ब्राउन नाम की बहुत समझदार महिला रहती थी। लूसी अपने भाई को भाग्यवान बनाने का उपाय जानने के लिए उनके पास गयी। उन्होंने कहा कि काली बिल्ली उसके लिए भाग्यशाली साबित होगी। परन्तु उनके गाँव में कोई काली बिल्ली नहीं थी ।

मदर ब्राउन ने सुझाया कि अगर रेक्स सुबह उठकर बिना देखे उल्टा मौजा पहनकर प्रतियोगिता में चला जाय तो वह जीत जायेगा। लूसी ने रेक्स के सोने के बाद उसका एक मौज़ा उल्टा कर दिया। रेक्स ने उल्टा मौज़ा पहन लिया और वे दोनों स्कूल के लिए निकल पड़े। रेक्स ने उस दिन सारी प्रतियोगितायें बिना किसी बाधा के जीत ली। रेक्स उस दिन बहुत ही प्रसन्न था । लूसी ने मन ही मन सोचा कि वह हमेशा अपने भाई के लिए ऐसा ही करेगी। इसके बाद रेक्स के जीवन में ऐसे बहुत से भाग्यशाली दिन आये और उसने बहुत सी खेल प्रतियोगिता जीती।

DAV Class 6 English Reader Book Solutions Chapter 3 Thrill in School Life

Word – Meanings:

Swing = to move backwards and forwards – झूलना;
Marvellous = wonderful – अद्भूत;
Obstacle = hindrance – बाधा;
Measles = an infectious disease – चेचक;
Stockings = socks – पैर का मौजा;
Crept = to creep – रेंगना;
Cheered = pleased, to make glad – प्रशंसा करना।