DAV Class 5 Science Chapter 7 Notes – Importance of Water

These DAV Class 5 Science Notes and DAV Class 5 Science Chapter 7 Notes – Importance of Water act as excellent revision resources, particularly in preparation for board exams.

Importance of Water Class 5 DAV Notes

→ Water: Water is an important natural resource for all living beings. The human body contains about 70% of water.

Importance Of Water For Animals:
→ All animals take water. Water helps in digesting the food and absorbing the nutrients. Water helps in eliminating waste materials from the body.

→ Water bodies are natural habitats for many animals. Aquatic animals cannot live outside water.

→ Some animals can live both in water and on land. Such animals are called amphibious animals, e.g. frog, turtle and crocodile.

Importance Of Water For Plants:
→ Plants need various nutrients from the soil. These nutrients are dissolved in the water present in soil. Plants take up water from soil. Along with the water, plants also absorb various nutrients from soil.

→ Plants need water for preparing their own food. Plants need water during germination of seeds.

→ Water is a natural habitat for many plants. These are called aquatic plants, e.g. water lily, lotus and hydrilla.

Water Availability In Nature
→ About 97% of water on the earth is present in seas and oceans. Remaining 3% is present in rivers, ponds, lakes, streams and glaciers.

DAV Class 5 Science Chapter 7 Notes - Importance of Water

→ Groundwater: A small part of water seeps into the ground. It gets trapped between underground rocks. This is called groundwater.

Ways Of Drawing Out Groundwater:
→ Earlier, people used wells for drawing out groundwater. Ponds were also dug to get groundwater. Baolis or stepwells were also made to get groundwater.

→ Water wheel or rehat can also be used to draw groundwater. This method is very useful in irrigation.

→ Pulley is commonly used to draw groundwater from a well.

→ Now-a-days, tubewells are used to draw groundwater. A long pipe is inserted deep into the ground to make tubewell. Hand pump or electric pump can be used to draw water from a tubewell.

→ Aquatic animal: An animal which lives in water.

→ Amphibious animal: An animal which can live both on land and in water.

→ Groundwater: Water trapped between underground rocks.

→ Stepwell: A well which has steps on all sides.

→ Persian Wheel: A huge wheel with buckets fitted on its rim. It is used for drawing water from a well or pond.