DAV Class 5 Maths Chapter 6 Worksheet 6 Solutions

The DAV Maths Book Class 5 Solutions and DAV Class 5 Maths Chapter 6 Worksheet 6 Solutions of Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers offer comprehensive answers to textbook questions.

DAV Class 5 Maths Ch 6 Worksheet 6 Solutions

Question 1.
Solve the following word problems.
(a) Raju got ₹ 60 as pocket money from his father. He spent ₹ 16.50 on ice cream. How much money is left with him?
Raju got pocket money = ₹ 60.00
He spent on icecream = – ₹ 16.50
Money left = ₹ 43.50
₹ 43.50 is left with him.

(b) Mrs. Renu bought 2.750 litres of milk. She used 1.5 litres of milk for making curd. Find the quantity of milk left.
Quantity of milk bought = 2.750 l
Quantity of milk used for curd = -1.500 l
Quantity of milk left = 1.250 l
The quantity of milk left is 1.250 l

DAV Class 5 Maths Chapter 6 Worksheet 6 Solutions

(c) Rahul weighs 52.525 kg. His brother weighs 4.5 kg less than Rahul. Find the weight of his brother.
Weight of Rahul = 52.525 kg
His brother weighs less than Rahul = -4.500 kg
Weight of his brother = 48.025 kg
The weight of his brother is 48.025 kg.

(d) Amit travelled a distance of 15.55 km. If he travelled 12.400 km by bus and the rest by scooter. Find the distance covered by the scooter.
Distance travelled by Amit = 15.550 km
Distance travelled by bus = -12.400 km
Distance travelled by scooter = 3,150 km
3.15 km covered by scooter.

(e) Neha saw a doll in the showcase of a shop. The cost of the doll was ₹ 175. She wanted to buy it, but she had ₹ 4.50 less than the cost of the doll. How much money did Neha have?
Cost of the doll = ₹ 175.00
Money, Neha had less than
The cost of doll money = – ₹ 4.50
Neha have = ₹ 170.50
Neha have ₹ 170.50

DAV Class 5 Maths Chapter 6 Value Based Questions

Question 1.
What was the total length of the ribbons brought by the team?
Length of red ribbon = 4.50 m
Length of yellow ribbon = 3.65 m
Length of blue ribbon = +5.08 m
Length of ribbon brought = 13.23 m
The total length of the ribbons brought by the team was 13.23 m.

DAV Class 5 Maths Chapter 6 Worksheet 6 Solutions

Question 2.
Mention any two situations where you have worked as a team in the school.
(i) Annual function celebration.
(ii) Annual sports day.

Question 3.
How do you feel working in a team?
I feel enthusiastic and responsible.

Word Problem

Sheela had 11.35 metres long clothes. She used 6.70 metres of cloth for stitching a frock. Find the length of the remaining cloth.
Length of cloth Sheela had = 11.35 m
Length of cloth used for frock = – 6.70 m
Length of remaining cloth = 4.65 m
4.65 m of cloth is left.