How to become a Cricketer and make it your Career | Step by Step Guide to Join Indian Cricket Team

Indians feel Cricket is more than a Sport. You can see the Craze and Love for the Sport during World Cups and the Enthusiasm can be felt in the Atmosphere. One can see children playing cricket in the streets and street cricket has its own fan base. The same Enthusiasm can be transformed into a Professional Career. If you are one of those who have a passion for the game and want to make a career in it refer to the complete article. This Blog will help you figure out how to join the Indian Cricket Team and also step by step guide on how to become a Cricketer.

Prerequisites for becoming a Cricketer

Becoming a Professional Cricketer is not so easy. In addition to being good at the game, you need to possess certain other skills in order to become a cricketer. Below are the prerequisites for becoming a professional cricketer. They are as under

  • Practice: Practice a lot and unleash your potential and love for the game and acquire the ability to perform it on a professional level.
  • Basic knowledge of the game: Apart from Batting and Bowling you need to be aware of the various terms used in the game, equipment, rules, and regulations.
  • Know your strongholds: Know which part of the game you are good at with consistent practice. Also, assess your weak points and strengths and improvise on them accordingly.

Prerequisites for becoming a Cricketer

Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Cricketer

You need to work towards certain goals if you want to become a professional cricketer. Keep certain things in mind to become a professional cricketer and make a career in this field. All the key points are listed here and have a glance at them to get an idea of what to do to become a professional cricketer.

Step by Step Guide to Join Indian Cricket Team

Join a Cricket Academy

If you aspire to be one of the men in a blue jersey then the first and foremost essential step is to join the right academy. Learning from a professional coach will give the exposure needed in the field. In addition, practice on a regular basis and allow plenty of time in learning tips and tricks to excel in the field. By joining the Right Academy one can assess their strengths and weaknesses. Competitive Teammates existing will push you t work hard each passing day.

Find the Right Coach

Have you ever wondered why cricket players have a cordial relationship with coaches? This is because they will not just help you to become familiar with the sport alongside push you to work hard and show your charm to the world. While choosing a coach do your background check and then choose one. Usually, retired cricketers take up the job of coaches in Academies or Independently.

Join a Professional Team

Before you begin your career in professional cricket you need to be a part of the professional team be it school or college as it gives you an upper edge. Later, start playing for a team that plays for various cricket tournaments. Start playing for a well-known cricket club so that you get selected for a popular club if you meet the requirements set by them.

Start Playing Tournaments

Though you might start small but aim high. Once you begin playing for a team or club make sure you go for the tournaments held across the country. The gateway to becoming a professional cricketer is to join a highly competitive team and then get into the state team. For instance, you can play the prestigious Ranji Trophy as there are more chances to become successful in the field.

Work on your Physical Fitness

Have you ever wondered how MS Dhoni is able to excel in the field even at this age? The answer is quite a simple one i.e. balanced diet and regular workout. In order to be Physically Fit you need to visit the gym regularly. Right from basic cardio to intense workout make every a part of your gym routine.

Also, keep in mind working in the gym constantly is not going to help you if you don’t have a proper intake of food. You need to cut down on all unnecessary carbohydrates and sugars and have to take adequate protein regularly. This is the most essential tip to be remembered while you are preparing to become a professional cricketer or an established cricketer. Maintaining good physical health should be of utmost priority for every cricketer.

National Cricket Team Selection

All those who participate in the Cricket along with Nationals Team will have an A-Team. In order to be a part of the National Cricket Team, you need to be a member of the A-Team. However, this is not a mandatory step. In general, the players who play well in the National Team will be given a chance to be in the A-Team. A-Teams of all the nations compete together so that professional cricketers get trained in the foreign pitches. To fix your place in the national team you need to work hard relentlessly.

In addition to becoming a player in the national team, you can work in various franchises and become part of leagues held in various countries. Prominent cricket leagues that cricketers go for are IPL India, County Cricket England, BBL Australia, etc. However, cross-check the guidelines given by BCCI if you are an Indian National.

how to become cricketer

Believe in yourself

The last but not the least step is to believe in yourself and success will always follow if hard work is your weapon.  In Indian Cricket History, many players emerged as stars by believing in themselves and working hard. Some of them are as follows

  • Umesh Yadav: Son of a Coal Miner
  • Virender Sehwag: Traveled 84 km daily to practice
  • Ravindra Jadeja: Son of a watchman
  • Mohammed Shami: Son of a Farmer
  • Munaf Patel: Son of a landless factory laborer who worked for ₹ 35 per day
  • Wasim Jaffer: Son of a bus driver
  • Ms. Dhoni: Worked as a Ticket collector


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