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Looking for a tool that does Partial Derivation easily? Utilize our Partial Derivative Calculator tool and obtain the result instantly. Provide input function in the input fields and click on the calculate button to get the partial derivative of the given function along with the detailed solution.

Partial Derivative Calculator: Are you scared of finding the partial derivatives? To help you in this we have given the free Partial Derivative Calculator that does all your derivative calculations in fraction of seconds. We have included the step by step procedure on how to solve the partial differential equation. You can use this online calculator tool to verify whether your answers are accurate or not after performing partial derivative function.

How to Find Partial Derivative of Function?

Partial Derivative is nothing but the derivative of a function of multiple variables with respect to one variable and all other variables are kept constant. No need to get panic to solve the partial derivative of an expression. You can simply go through the following mentioned steps and use them to get the partial derivative easily.

  • Take any function to compute the partial derivative
  • You must know the derivative of sum/ difference is the sum/ difference of derivatives and the derivative of a constant is zero.
  • When you apply a derivative with respect to one variable, solve the derivation with respect to that particular variable only.
  • Solve all the derivative functions and the result will be your answer.


Question: Solve ∂2/∂x [4x2y3+x2] using partial differentiation method?


Given that,

2/∂x [4x2y3+x2]= ∂/∂x[∂/∂x(4x2y3+x2)

Let us take function f=4x2y3+x2

∂f/∂x= 8xy3+2x

We can also write ∂2/∂x [4x2y3+x2] = ∂/∂x(∂f/∂x)

=∂/∂x (8xy3+2x)

Consider y as constant


2/∂x [4x2y3+x2 = 8y3+2 = 2(4y3+1)

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FAQs on Partial Derivative Calculator

1. What is the difference between a derivative and a partial derivative?

Derivative isa applied to a function that has only one independent variable. Partial derivative is applied to functions that have more than one independent variable.

2. Why are partial derivatives used?

Partial differentiation is used to differentiate mathematical functions having more than one variable in them.

3. Can you integrate a partial derivative?

Yes, we can integrate the function f(x,y) with respect to x, a process refer as partial integration. Suppose for the function f(x,y) do the partial derivative with respect to y and integrate f(x,y) with respect to y.

4. Does order of partial derivatives matter?

The order of partial differentiation does not matter for any function. We may first differentiate with respect to one variable and then with respect to another.