University of Manchester Acceptance Rate 2021 | Admission, Rankings, Accomodation, Fees & Courses

University of Manchester Acceptance Rate: Visiting Abroad for higher studies is the dream of millions of students. For every new upcoming session, there are around 40,000 new admissions to the prestigious universities. Best of all is the University of Manchester that offers over 1000 courses covering different subjects- humanity, engineering, business, and other science areas. These programs are available as foundation courses for graduates, and undergraduates, MBAs, and PhDs.

The University of Manchester is a prestigious red brick university that invites thousands of students to every new academic session offering friendly pricing to students to afford its services. It ranks seventh from around the world, which is also a part of research-incentive, Russell Group. The university feels pride in its top-class research facilities and providing student-friendly priced services. The name and fame are not only in study matters but also in other social and sports activities. It is the house for over 450 clubs and societies that invite students to be a part of drama, literature, sports, and many other areas.

With such best reviews, entering into this famed university will let you through a tough competition. However, for those thousands of students who dreamt of studying under this well thought university, here is a guide to its acceptance rate.

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University of Manchester Acceptance Rate Masters Overview

The University of Manchester is famous for its Research work libraries and has an incredible history of innovation over many years. It has played a major helping hand to develop concepts in science. Presently, this area of study is developed at the forefront of cutting edge in science subjects.

As if that’s not enough, the university has a wide availability of e-journals, e-books, and many printed books and journals. It promises students to teach high standards of education with wide research work and data available. Usually, international students get attracted to this learning area for its wide variety of research data and other facilities that students can easily afford. However, the only challenging phase for them to get admitted to this prestigious university is rigorous competition. However, before everything you through, you need to understand the complete admission process. Let’s begin with it first.

University of Manchester Admission Criteria and Eligibility

Admission criteria are different for different courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. International students can apply for admission from around the world. Below is the admission criteria mentioned for both level courses:

Manchester University Application Procedure for Bachelor’s Degree

Students who apply for an undergraduate degree in any field need to visit a common portal – UCAS. With this portal, you can apply to five different universities for admission. Also, it would help if you underwent any generalized study before entering into your specialized field. The degree course for undergraduates lasts for three to four years. University of Manchester Acceptance Rate Undergraduate is as follows.

However, before getting into the UCAS portal, you need to clear a test whose score you need to mention on the portal. It would also help if you mentioned the base score you have gained in your high-school year. Your senior secondary marks are important to mention if you are directly jumping from your high school to UK universities.

Before you directly move to the acceptance rate, you need to know the eligibility criteria and entry process to the course of your choice. Each university or college possesses some admission criteria with generalized requirements for every student. However, requirements are different for international students according to their countries. Let us consider India as an example. Below are the generalized requirements that an Indian student needs to fulfill before entering the University of Manchester.

  • The first requirement that everyone must be aware of is good bands in ILETS, TOEFL, etc.
  • If you plan for A-Level courses, Indians can directly send their application for the first years undergraduate course. However, they will have to consider their admission in Medicine or Dentistry.
  • Students who are done with their 12th and a minimum of 80% overall marks in their high secondary education can directly get admitted to undergraduate level courses. However, make sure you have your high secondary education certificate.
  • Some special cases need 85% above marks in at least two subjects. One such example is Management.
  • You can directly apply for the Integrated Foundation year program if you have an overall score of 70% or above with more than 75% marks in Physics and Maths and 65% marks in English.
  • If you plan to enter UoM for Biosciences foundation year program, make sure you have Higher School Secondary Certificate. It is the first prominent document required before admission.
  • Students who have nearly 65% marks in their higher secondary standard are eligible for various foundation courses in Law, Management, Sciences, Psychology, Biosciences, Engineering, Humanities, and much more. These programs run in collaboration with UoM. However, UoM does not recognize them as eligible for direct admission.

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Manchester University Application Procedure for Master’s Degree

According to the University of Manchester, if you are looking forward to a Master’s degree, your undergraduate degree will be considered for admission eligibility. You need to have some paperwork for work experience where you could apply your study undergraduate study knowledge. You are also eligible to show experience with subjects you want to further study at the Master’s level.

Master’s degrees last for one or two years. However, in the research world of Ph.D. level courses, it might take many more than that. Your eligibility for different Master’s degree courses is different. However, below are the general requirements that every student needs to fulfill:

  • Students are eligible for a master’s degree under UoM if they have successfully scored first-level division marks from their graduate course from a recognized institution.
  • There are some additional requirements for students who want to persuade their career with an MBA master’s degree from UoM. Students need to show up their work experience after completing the graduation course and want to get admitted to an MBA degree under UoM.
  • If you are hoping for the Ph.D. level course, you must have cleared a three-year degree of graduation and a Masters’s degree with at least first class passing marks from a recognized institution or university. Also, they need to show their research proposal.
  • If you plan for Postgraduates research programs, you need to have an individual application recommendation as proof. Thus it would be best to get proper advice from schools or colleges before planning your career and making a formal application.

Acceptance Rate for University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is considered to be very selective for its students. Hence your motive is to score the highest marks with all valid details as accepted for admission. The application fee is $25, which is very nominal to afford. The acceptance rate for UoMs is 59%. Thus it is an achievable target. This is a very general acceptance rate in UoMs terms. However, there is some specialized acceptance rate for each course.

Acceptance Rate for Pharm D Course

Students aspire to be a part of the UoM Pharm D Course. It is a course for a doctorate for which hundreds of students come to apply. However, the rate of acceptance is only 28%. Thus it is even more vital for students to outshine their knowledge and meet every eligibility criteria with good grades. The overall least GPA to apply for this doctorate course is 2.5. Students need to have at least a C grade in their previous subjects. Along with supplement applications, candidates must show up at least three LORs.

Acceptance Rate for Ph.D. Courses

UoM focuses mainly on research work; the eligibility criteria for Ph.D. and research courses are elementary. They are no hard and fast rules to get admitted for the same. However, looking for a doctorate Ph.D. level course needs to get a grip as the acceptance level for them is 53%.

Acceptance Rate for Bachelors Courses

Bachelor’s level courses’ acceptance rate brings up fierce competition among students. From the lakhs of applicants, a count of thousands or hundreds is considered. Students need to pull up their socks as the acceptance rate is 53% for BA, B.Tech, BE, Bachelor of Science, etc. However, your score for the SAT exam must be at least 1300.

University of Manchester Acceptance Rate Medicine

Earning knowledge in medicine will uplift your career for sure. It is like a dream degree in UoM. This degree has raised maximum demands and the less acceptance rate, which led to good competition among students. Give your best for the competitive exam and top-grade competition to the rival students. You are in high esteem if you get a degree in medicine through UoM. You are free to get registration under the General Medical Council after clearance.

Acceptance Rate for MSc in Business Economics and Finance

It is a master’s degree program that brings fierce competition among students. The acceptance rate is as low as 10%, which means students need to put their entire focus on having admission in UoM under this course.

FAQ’s on University of Manchester Acceptance Rate

Question 1.
How can you say that the University of Manchester is the best?

Throughout the world, thousands of aspirants look to get admitted to the University of Manchester as it has a global reputation. The study area is famous for its research work and services that students get while studying. It is the best area of study in the whole world.

Question 2.
What is the least score to get admitted to UoM?

If you want to get admission to UoM, the minimum GPA requirement is 3.41. To avoid any further problems or face tough competition, you should score as well as possible.

Question 3.
What is the acceptance rate for UoM?

If you are sure to get admission to UoM, you need good determination power as the acceptance rate is 59%. You need to set up a good profile for this.

Question 4.
Is it hard to get admission to UoM?

As per the general acceptance rate of 59%, it declares that out of 100, 59 students are permitted to get admission. Thus, students need to be very determined if they want to enter their world.