Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Vocabulary Constructing Sentences using different Parts of Speech

Tamilnadu State Board Class 10 English Vocabulary Constructing Sentences using different Parts of Speech

Words have different forms like noun, verb, adjective and adverb, etc. This exercise contains three of a word, in the options. The student is expected to use any one of the form in a sentence.

1. (a) sympathy (n) : I show sympathy to the poor.
(b) sympathise (y) : We sympathise for the poor.
(c) sympathetically (adv) : He looked sympathetically at the poor.

2. (a) music (n) : Music and astronomy are the two sides of the same coin.
(b) musical (adj) : Ravi gets his musical talent from his father.
(c) musically (adv) : Suresh is musically talented.

3. (a) energy (n) : The children are full of energy
(b) energetic (adj) : Alex is the energetic player in the team.
(c) energetically (adv) . : Prabu danced energetically.

4. (a) vision (n) : His vision blurred with tears.
(b) visual (adj) : There was no visual evidence to support his claim.
(c) visually (adv) : Visually challenged persons demanded reservation.

5. (a) habit (n) : Reading books is a good habit
(b) habitual (adj) : He is a habitual thief.
(c) habitually (adv) : The artist habitually drew the sketch.

6. (a) spirit (n) : The human spirit is boundless.
(b) spiritual (adj) : Thomas became a spiritual leader.
(c) spirituall├┐ (adv) : God must be worshipped spiritually by prayer.

7. (a) conclusion (n) : The meeting came to a conclusion.
(b) conclusive (adj) : There is no conclusive evidence for the corruption case.
(c) conclusively (adv) : The CID officer conclusively proved a murder case.

Construct a sentence using one of the following words given below.

Question 1.
(a) obedient
(b) obediently
(c) obedience
(a) He is an obedient student.
(b) He obediently followed his teacher’s instructions.
(c) Obedience is essential in any army.

Question 2.
(a) renovate
(b) renovation
(c) renovative
(a) I need money to renovate my house.
(b) The hotel is closed for renovation.
(c) The civil contractor has a renovative talent.

Question 3.
(a) high
(b) highly
(c) height
(a) The rent is very high.
(b) She is highly intelligent.
(c) The height of Mount Everest is 8848 meters.

Question 4.
(a) migrating
(b) migrant
(c) migration
(a) Migrating birds seek shelter and food.
(b) Migrant birds are brave little voyagers.
(c) Migration to cities is a problem.

Question 5.
(a) innocent
(b) innocence
(c) innocently
(a) I am innocent.
(b) I like his innocence.
(c) I speak innocently.

Question 6.
(a) earnest
(b) earnestly
(c) earnestness
(a) He is earnest in his studies.
(b) He studies earnestly for the examination.
(c) The teacher found his earnestness in sports also.

Question 7.
(a) life
(b) live
(c) lively
(a) All people want a good life.
(b) We live in Tamilnadu.
(c) We had a lively discussion about the match.

Question 8.
(a) happy
(b) happiness
(c) happily
(a) He is happy.
(b) I need happiness in life.
(c) They lived happily.

Question 9.
(a) penalty
(b) penalised
(c) penal
(a) He paid penalty for disobedience.
(b) He was penalised for his disobedience.
(c) The penal penalised him for his disobedience.

Question 10.
(a) popular
(b) popularly
(c) popularity
(a) J. Nehru was a popular leader.
(b) He was popularly known as uncle Nehru.
(c) His popularity was well known.

Question 11.
(a) beautify
(b) beautifully
(c) beautiful
(a) Rani knows how to beautify her skin.
(b) The building is beautifully decorated.
(c) The artist has drawn a beautiful picture.

Question 12.
(a) life
(b) living
(c) lively
(a) Life is very precious.
(b) I am living in Chennai.
(c) The match was lively telecasted.

Question 13.
(a) Courage
(b) Courageous
(c) Courageously
(a) Shivaji was known for his courage
(b) He was courageous like a lion.
(c) He fought courageously against the enemies.

Question 14.
(a) diminish
(b) diminishing
(c) diminished
(a) In summerwater levels in dams diminish.
(b) Diminishing water supply in Chennai makes us suffer.
(c) The corporation has diminished water supply in many parts of the city.

Question 15.
(a) angry
(b) anger
(c) angrily
(a) We should not get angry.
(b) Anger is unwelcome to all.
(c) He beat the dog angrily.

Question 16.
(a) kind
(b) kindly
(c) kindness
(a) Kumar is a kind man.
(b) He talks kindly to all.
(c) His kindness won him many friends.

Question 17.
(a) free
(b) freedom
(c) freely
(a) Nothing is free nowadays.
(b) We got freedom in 1947.
(c) He talks freely.

Question 18.
(a) decision
(b) decide
(c) decisive
(a) He makes a right decision.
(b) He decides to visit Delhi.
(c) He is very decisive

Question 19.
(a) calm
(b) calmly
(c) calmness
(a) Be calm when praying.
(b) Pray calmly.
(c) Feel calmness when praying.

Question 20.
(a) intelligence
(b) intelligent
(c) intelligently
(a) His intelligence is appreciated.
(b) I am an intelligent boy.
(c) I talk intelligently.

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