Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

Tamilnadu State Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

Positive Comparative Superlative
as big as bigger than the biggest
as pretty as prettier than the prettiest
as beautiful as more beautiful than the most beautiful
as kind as kinder than the kindest
as good/well as better than the best
as bad/ill as worse than the worst
as much/many as more than the most
as little as less than the least
as near as nearer than the nearest/next
as great as greater than the greatest
as interior as inner than the innermost

Rule I – Comparison between two:
uses only positive and comparative degrees.
(A) Between two equal things:
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 1

(B) Between two unequal things:
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 2

Easy Tip – Comparison between 2

  • when the positive degree has ‘not comparative doesn’t have ‘not
  • when the comparative degree has ‘not’, positive doesn’t have ‘not’

Rule II. Comparison between 3 and more:
using ‘the _____est’
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 3

Rule III. Comparison between 3 and more:
using ‘the _____est’
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 4

Tips to Remember:
Rule II – the- – – -est
P = no others—-as
C — – -er than any other
S = the est

Rule III – one of the —- est
P = very few as
C = er than many/most other
S = one of the est.

To be noted:
When transforming from Positive → Comparative → Superlative,
keep an eye on the verb, too.
Here are two examples which will explain this.

Example – 1:
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 5
∴ The verbs do not change. Only the Degrees change.

Example – 2:
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 6

In the first example – is (verb) – fast (degree)
In the second example – runs (verb)- fast (degree)
The verbs are not to be changed

Convert the sentences into the other forms of degrees:
I. Comparison between 2:
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 7
Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Grammar Degrees of Comparison 8

9. China has as many festivals as India.
India does not have more festivals than China.

10. This street is not so long as that.
That Street is longer than this.

II. Comparison using ‘the ______est’:
1. Sachin is the best batsman.
No other batsman is as good as Sachin.
Sachin is better than any other batsman.

2. No other acrobat performs as well as Sai.
Sai performs better than any other acrobat.
Sai performs the best.

3. Detroit city produces more cars than any other city.
Detroit city produces most of the cars.
No other city produces so many cars as Detroit city

4. This is the worst handwriting I have ever seen.
This handwriting is worse than any other I have ever seen.
No other handwriting I have ever seen is so bad as this.

5. This restaurant makes the tastiest dishes.
No other restaurant makes dishes as tasty as this one.
This restaurant makes dishes tastier than any other restaurant.

6. Andhra experienced heavier rainfall than any other state.
The state of Andhra experienced the heaviest rainfall.
No other state experienced rainfall as heavy as Andhra.

7. The cheetah runs the fastest.
No other animal runs as fast as the cheetah.
The cheetah runs faster than any other animal.

8. ‘Ihe Guptas contributed the least among all the families.
The Guptas contributed less than any other family.
No other family contributed as little as the Guptas.

III. Using ‘one of the ____est
1. Milk is healthier than many other drinks.
Very few drinks are as healthy as milk.
Milk is one of the healthiest drinks.

2. Ravi Varma is one of the best painters.
Ravi Varma is better than many other painters.
Very few painters are as good as Ravi Varma.

3. This is one of the finest shows presented.
Very few shows presented are as fine as this.
This show is finer than many others presented.

4. Singapore is a country that has less number of criminals than many others.
Singapore is one of the countries that has the least number of criminals.
Very few countries have as small a number of criminals Singapore.

5. Pineapple is one of the tastiest fruits.
Pineapple is tastier than many other fruits.
Very few fruits are as tasty as the pineapple.

6. Very few personalities in India are as popular as Dr. Abdul Kalam.
Dr. Abdul Kalam is one of the most popular personalities in India.
Dr. Abdul Kalam is more popular than most other personalities in India.

7. Indonesia is more affected by tsunami than many other countries.
Indonesia is one of the countries most affected by the tsunami
Very few countries are as much affected by tsunami as Indonesia.

8. The cycle is cheaper than many other means of transport.
The cycle is one of the cheapest means of transport.
Very few means of transport are as cheap as the cycle.

Complete the sentences:

Question 1.
Ravi is _________ than Ramesh.
(a) as tall as
(b) the tallest
(c) taller
(c) taller

Question 2.
Gandhiji was one of___________ leaders.
(a) greater than
(b) as great as
(c) the greatest
(c) the greatest

Question 3.
Kindness is the __________ of all virtues.
(a) as noble as
(b) nobler
(c) noblest
(c) noblest

Question 4.
140 other team is __________ our team.
(a) stronger than
(b) the strongest
(c) as strong as
(c) as strong as

Question 5.
Ants work __________ any other insect.
(a) hardest than
(b) harder than
(c) hardest
(b) harder than

Question 6.
No other Street in this area is ___________ this one.
(a) as busy as
(b) the busiešt
(c) as busy than
(a) as busy as

Question 7.
Very few buildings in this Street are __________ this one.
(a) taller than
(b) as tall as
(c) the tallest of
(b) as tall as

Question 8.
This is __________ in this book.
(a) longer lesson than
(b) as long lesson as
(c) the longest lesson
(c) the longest lesson

Question 9.
Very few birds in the world are __________ as peacock.
(a) more beautiful
(b) as beautiful
(c) most beautiful
(b) as beautiful

Question 10.
Very few toys in this shop are __________ as this one.
(a.) more expensive
(b) as expensive
(c) most expensive
(b) as expensive

Question 11.
Very few cities in India are ___________ Mumbai.
(a) more populous as
(b) as populous as
(c) the most populous as
(b) as populous as

Question 12.
Chandra’s handwriting is __________ (good) than that of Sonu.
(a) good
(b) better
(c) best
(b) better

Question 13.
No other district in Tamil Nadu is ___________ Tanjore.
(a) so fertile as
(b) more fertile than
(c) most fertile as
(a) so fertile as

Question 14.
The man is _________ than the boy.
(a) as tall as
(b) tallest
(c) taller
(c) taller

Question 15.
This mango is __________ that mango.
(a) as sweet as
(b) sweeter
(c) sweetest
(a) as sweet as

Question 16.
No other boy is __________ Babu.
(a) most smart as
(b) more smarter
(c) so smart as
(c) so smart as

Question 17.
The cream cake is ___________ the plain cake.
(a) as expensive as
(b) not expensive than
(c) most expensive of
(a) as expensive as

Question 18.
No other boy in the class is __________ Krishna.
(a) most naughty as
(b) more naughty than
(c) as naughty as
(c) as naughty as

Question 19.
No other girl in the class is ___________ Kamala.
(a) most clever as
(b) more cleverer as
(c) as clever as
(c) as clever as

Question 20.
Very few boys in the dass are __________ Shyam.
(a) intelligenter than
(b) as intelligent as
(c) more intelligent than
(b) as intelligent as

Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Solutions