10 Most Amusing Team Building Games for Teens & Kids 2024

Team Building Games for Teens

Team Building Games For Teens & Youth Leadership: Are you afraid of being a new friend to a stranger at high school or college? Not anymore! There are several ways to communicate with strangers and become friends for the rest of your life.

Teenage is the most blissful phase for everyone. Ruining teenage days by keeping silent around you is the foolish thing to do. Let’s get naughty and enjoy every second of your teenage life with the help of group games or activities.

Building a team with different individuals & mindsets is the first step for teens. Teamwork is the second important step as it helps teens to develop or enhance their problem-solving, leadership, creative thinking, and listening skills.

So, look at the list of top Team Building Activities For Teens and be ready to break some ice between you and other teens.

List of Best 10 Team-Building Activities & Games for Teenagers

Here are the most fun team-building activities for teens that work great to improve communication and collaboration within a team. Also, these sort of Team Building Exercises for Youth Leadership helps develop work skills & personal skills like confidence, self-esteem, and compassion.

    1. Birthday Lineup
    2. Egg Drop
    3. Build A Tower
    4. Group Juggle
    5. Hula Hoop Challenge
    6. Obstacle Course
    7. Paintball
    8. Survival Games
    9. Puzzle Race
    10. Looped To Rope

Birthday Lineup

One of the simple yet interesting icebreaker games to communicate with teens, at first sight, is Birthday Lineup. The game of birthday lineup helps you take initiations with others as it involves birth dates.

You can play this funny first-day game activity in two ways. One is asking everyone to stand up in a line as per the birthday. It starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st. Due to this everyone started to chat and was happy for each other to line up.

The second way to play this Birthday lineup is by using gestures or actions. This sounds pretty challenging right, but no worries try approaching your place as per your birthdate and communicate more.

Egg Drop

The next fun food activity to try with teens is The Egg Drop. Do follow the instructions and get help to play this game with your friends:

Provide players with household materials and a carton of fresh eggs. Ask them to use the materials to create a container for the egg, ensuring it doesn’t break when dropped.

You can make the activity more difficult by holding the player’s stand on a chair or at a height before dropping the egg. This activity offers a great possibility for creative thinking and problem-solving skills in teenagers.

Build A Tower

Why Build A Tower Game? This compelling challenge offers a wonderful prospect for improving problem-solving abilities and nurturing effective communication among team members.

Creating a tower within a given time limit using the given supplies is quite a challenging task for teens. If the group comes with outstanding team-building skills, then the team’s effort greatly influences their chances of achieving the task.

Group Juggle

In a group juggling activity, the team of teens must form a circle and confirm that the ball is passed around without dropping it. The primary goal is establishing seamless teamwork and coordination by keeping the ball in steady motion.

Hula Hoop Challenge

The quite challenging task to opt for in any team-building game is the Hula Hoop Challenge. It asks the group to line up or form a circle with holding hands. Now, the rest of the game is to pass the hula hoop around the circle over their bodies without leaving their hands.

Hula hoop exercise for teens is the best one too as it improves their coordinating and trusting skills. Also, it nurtures the teenager’s unity, communication, and determined team synergy.

Obstacle Course

The following are some of the major points to be noted to start the Obstacle Course Game:

  • If you are searching for a challenging fun game to icebreaker between the teens then this Obstacle course is the one that can help any age groups.
  • Teenagers or employees can play this task to enhance team-building skills.
  • This game can be played at any place, indoors or outdoors.
  • You’ll need a large area, small obstacles like cones or hurdles, and a timer.
  • Divide your group into two teams and have them compete to finish the course first without touching the obstacles.


Here are the key points to be remembered about the game of Paintballing:

  • Paintball is an active team exercise that needs physical strength. While paintballing may seem a bit intense for some teenagers, it can also be enjoyable.
  • To participate, form two teams with an equal number of people. Each team will obtain a set number of color-filled balloons.
  • The objective is to throw these balloons at the opposing team to paint their members. A player who gets hit by a colored balloon and has the color on them is out.
  • Thus, one team must eliminate the most players from the other team.
  • This activity teaches team members to collaborate, defend themselves, and look out for each other by planning strategically as a team.

Survival Games

A teamwork activity for teens like Survival Games tests group and individual strategy and logic. Choose a theme like the moon, an island, the desert, or the Arctic.

Now, create a list of 15 items for players to rank in order of importance for survival. Individuals rank the items, and then the group re-ranks them, helping teens comprehend the value of teamwork and developing leadership rates.

Puzzle Race

Puzzle Race is the pro version of jigsaw puzzle games as it completely turned into a competing team-building challenge, emphasizing individual expertise and collective strategy.

This sort of team-building game for teens helps sharpen their critical thinking, spatial awareness, teamwork, and communication skills. The togetherness & collaborative skills of team resembles the output.

Looped To Rope

  • Divide the teens into two groups, each with a minimum of five members.
  • Make a big circle out of rope for each team and put it on the floor.
  • Each team stands at the edges of the circle with the rope taut around their ankles and hands in the air.
  • Team members take turns moving the rope up from ankles to wrists without lowering their hands.
  • The first team to finish the challenge wins. This activity helps enhance communication and problem-solving skills.


Lastly, we have to admit that implementing the above prepared 10 team building games for teens list surely helps each other to communicate and achieve things around it. For more such icebreaker activities/exercises/games for all age groups, visit our site LearnCram.com

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10 Cool & Fun Team Building Activities For Teens

10 Cool & Fun Team Building Activities For Teens

Some Kids when they grow up and become teenagers, actually they might struggle to communicate and work with a group of people. For those children, team-building activities are a great way to teach your teen the art of teamwork and increase their leadership skills.

However, here we have provided you with a list of cool and fun team-building activities for your teen group. Team Building activities are the best place to start for teens to acquire skills in communication and critical thinking.

Why Team Building Activities For Teens Are Important

Team Building activities are interactive group games for teenagers that are fun and attractive ways to engage them. Before we dive into the list of team-building activities, here we are going to provide you with the benefits and tell you why team-building activities for teens are important.

Team Building activities for teens are not just fun and games, they help teens to build their social skills, emotional intelligence skills, and more.

  • For teenagers, these team-building activities will help with problem-solving skills as they need to work as a group for solution.
  • Also team building will teach patience, humility, and also leadership.
  • Some teens do not have many communication skills, these group games will help improve them.
  • Along with all these benefits, these team-building activities help students to think out of the box and increase their critical thinking skills.

10 Awesome Team-Building Activities For Teens

Team Building Activities for Teens will help them communicate effectively and also increase their problem-solving skills. Apart from this, there are a lot of other benefits that you have and also a lot of fun.

These activities are Icebreakers for the teens.

  • Trust Ball
  • Tug of War
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Human Knot
  • Escape Game
  • Murder Mystery
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Electric Fence
  • Silent Line up
  • Blind Pictionary

Trust Ball 

Trust Ball is also the best teen team-building activity, that can able to create communication and team-building skills. In this game, teens who are available to play the game should sit in a circle, and try to pass the ball without using sounds or words.

This game aims to get the ball to everyone in the group who is sitting in a circle without dropping the ball. Whoever passes the ball more than other members of the group then they will be the winner.

If you have a huge group of people in your gang, this will be the best game.

Tug of War

This game is an active outdoor activity for teens that empowers Physical and mental strength. To play this game with your team members, you need to divide the group into two teams and one person needs to be an umpire.

Then take a long and strong rope based on the team, now both teams should stand opposite each other and catch the rope, once the umpire gives the sound, both teams should pull the rope towards them.

Which team gets the rope towards them more than the other then that team will be the winners.

Treasure Hunt

It is a classic team-building activity for teens that they will enjoy the most and not only for teens, this can be played by any age group. And this game can be managed as you like, it can be played hard or also simple.

To play this game, you can divide the group into different groups of 4 or 5 members in each group and the person who is not playing the game can place the things in different places by giving the clue of the next spot, then the team who finds the final thing that team will be winners.

Human Knot

It is a single no no-prep and prop style problem-solving exercise that will challenge teens to think outside the box. All the people who are going to play this game should stand in a circle. Then ask them to stretch their arms and close their eyes.

Team members need to untangle themselves by moving in a weave pattern without leaving their hands. Through this game, teens can make faster and more accurate decision-making through effective communication.

Escape Rooms 

Escape rooms are having so much craze these days. But it is not going in a bad way. By playing this game there will be a lot of fun and it needs teamwork, so there will be chances to increase communication skills in teens.

It does not need any preparation like other games, but all you need in this game is it costs some money. And this game will be best for small groups of teens, than large groups.

In this game, you need a theme that you choose and in that, there will be many puzzles to solve if you need to get out of the room. This will be very interesting too.

Murder Mystery

It is also a fun and exciting game like the one which we have discussed above. People need to dress like the characters you like, and people need to act according to it.

Scavenger Hunt

As a teen, if you have a large group of people, this game will be the perfect fit for your team. It is very similar to Treasure Hunt. In this game, firstly you have to make the group into teams of 4 or 5, then you have to provide a list to the teams.

Now you need to set a time for those teams to provide you with the photograph items, whoever brings the items first near you will be the winners.

Electric Fence

Children when they become teenagers will become natural-born risk-takers. And they will have the skill to do anything. If you are going to play this game, it needs a lot of teamwork and effort.

To play this game, you need 5 or 6 in your team.  And tie a rope at a certain height from the ground as it is going to represent a fence. You need to set a time limit for it and that time limit for the team that will land safely on the other side of the rope from the opposite side.

Silent Line Up 

It is a perfect activity for a group of teenagers who are unwilling to interact with each other. To play this game, all the team members need to stand in a line, you can ask them to stand who is the smallest in the shoe size first and the highest shoe size the last.

And they have to arrange themselves in a particular order to work with each other. In this activity, you need teamwork and creative thinking ability.

Blind Pictionary

If you are looking for the best fun activity for your teen group, then this blind pictionary will be a simple as well as super fun-filled activity.

Like many of the most successful activities that we have shown above, this is highly interactive as it needs much teamwork. To Play this game you need to take a printout of the picture and remove the tail, then every person needs to draw the tail by blindfolding their eyes, and the team members need to tell the position to draw the tail.

And you can even make a complex with your ideas.


Hope that the article we have provided is on Cool and Fun Team Building Activities for Teens. Still, if you would like to know more about this type of article you can check the learncram.com website.