Desk Arrangements For Talkative Students – Effective Classroom Seating Arrangements

Desk Arrangements For Talkative Students

Desk Arrangements For Talkative Students: While the class was going on, there were some talkative people in the class who sat in the last and disturbed the class. We have many ways to deal with this type of people and that desk arrangement is one.

Making desk arrangements for talkative students helps promote engagement and minimizes distractions. But all you need to remember as a teacher while making desk arrangements is the specific needs of students, tasks, and activities that will be held in the classroom.

However, look into the article, as we have given you a list of classroom seating arrangements that fulfill all your needs.

List of Top 8 Seating Arrangements For Talkative Students

In general, Classroom seating arrangements were more focused and built by using more conventional models which is useful for lectures. Still, many instructors find those ways of classroom seating arrangements with the demands of classroom activities.

So, look at the below list of seating arrangements for Talkative students in the classroom.

Round Table Seating

Are you looking for the best seating arrangement for talkative students? Then this roundtable seating arrangement is the perfect seating, if there is no work of using the board.

In this arrangement teacher can sit in the middle and no one can hide from the teacher. And there will be less chance for students to talk.

Semi Circle Seating Arrangement

Semi-circle seating is a modification of the roundtable setup. And this semi-circle seating we also call horseshoe seating. In this type of horseshoe seating, the teacher can see every student and there is less chance to talk to the students as the teacher will be seeing all of them.

This arrangement in your classroom can be done if it is a small or large classroom.

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Double Horseshoe Seating

As we have already seen the above semi-circle which is also known as a horseshoe, is very similar to it which we can see is a double semi-circle.

Even this will be very clear to the teacher and when the classroom is big and also students are more then you can use this arrangement. But compared to semi-circle, there is a chance for talkative students to talk.

But if we keep them in the front semi-circle there will be no issues.

U – Shape Large Classroom

One of more best seating arrangements for your talkative students in the classroom is this U-shaped large classroom. When you have a large classroom and a large number of students this will be good.

Using this arrangement students can make their group tasks and also listen to the class. And as there is accessible for teachers to keep an eye on every student.

In the front there is no U shape, just they can be seated in a row structure.

Double E Seating Arrangement

And this is not the most commonly used seating arrangement and it might be new to you. This type of seating is also called Butterly.

When you see the middle of the double E there are 2 seats left and those two seats should be given to the most talkative persons in your classroom. This type of seating is only allowed if there is no use of a blackboard.

Even it is fine for the group assignments.

Large Conference Room

This type of seating arrangement is good for talkative students and it is very similar to a roundtable. For this teacher can stand in the middle and take the class very easily.

And no one dares to talk in this type of seating arrangement as a teacher can see them. But if you are a teacher who always gives group assignments then this is not suitable for it.

Mini U shape Seating Arrangements

Are you looking for a seating arrangement for your students for group study still If there are some talkative students, then Mini U shapes are perfect.

So that as a teacher you can see everyone. And encourage your children to come up with a good solution.

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Pairs are also one of the best seating arrangements but if you have made some small changes in it. As a teacher when you are pairing up your students, just pair up one best one and one least student and no two friends should sit together.

Pair arrangement can be done using desks, or tables. But these pairs can be done only if you have so much space in our classroom.

Key Takeaways

If your class students’ behavior is not good as you think then it’s time to make their seating arrangement. Hope all these 8 seating arrangements for talkative students will be very helpful to set them in the right way.

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