8 Creative & Fun Ideas For Communication Team Building Activities At Workplace

Communication Team Building Activities

Communication Team Building Activities: After COVID-19, everyone is working from Home and there are hybrid modes with this communication between teams decreased, Right? Poor communication might be the root cause of many problems, Dont you think? Mainly, this can result in quality problems, mistakes, and lost opportunities.

Improving your team’s communication skills might help you increase productivity. But how to improve that, this is what is running through your mind. Right now.

Dont worry as we have a solution for it. One way of improving communication skills is through team-building activities. In this article, we will look at the top 8 team-building activities that will help your people communicate well.

What are Team Building Activities?

Team Building Activities are the collective activities that help to increase the relationship between your teammates, family, and group of friends.

Mostly we aim to play team building activities to increase communication, to complete the task, to know how the other person thinks, and to solve problems.

What is Communication Skills?

When it comes to communication skills, everyone thinks that communication is nothing but talking with the other person, who is new to you. But that is not right.

Communication skills include many activities like listening, speaking, open-mindedness, confidence, Friendliness, feedback, and nonverbal communication.

And improving all these will help you to grow your career.

List of Team Building Activities To Improve Communication in Your Workplace

In your workplace, if your team is having problems between the persons, that will affect the work. To reduce that miscommunication these team building activities will help you.

Look at the below team-building activities to improve communication in your workplace.

  1. Back-to-Back Drawing
  2. Team Quizzes
  3. Card Pieces
  4. Blindfolded Obstacle Course
  5. Copycat
  6. Taboo
  7. Perfect Square
  8. Decode the Emoji Message

Back-to-Back Drawing

When you are going to arrange this game for your team, do check before that there should be an even number of players. Because we need two members in each team.

And in that one member is the artist and the other person is the speaker. For a speaker, there are specific cards kept over there, needs to take a random card and describe it to the artist, then he needs to draw it on the whiteboard.

Each round might take 5-10 minutes and this game increases the communication skills between your team members, and also refine ideas.

Team Quizzes

One more fantastic way to increase communication between your team in the workplace is to play team quizzes very often. And tell them to write down their interesting topic in the paper.

Then roll it and put it in the bowl. Randomly ask your teammate to select the paper and take the quiz for your team on that topic, likewise continue.

This not only improves communication but also increases strong bonds which can lead to better teamwork.

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Card Pieces

In this activity, team members are going to trade their card pieces, to complete the card. Let us see how to do it. Firstly, you need to divide your team members into teams with 5 or 6 members in each team.

For each member give one deck card and then tell your team to make a triangle by cutting those cards diagonally. Now take all the pieces of card and mix them.

Then give each team an envelope with the same number of pieces. Now, the game begins, for the right piece of card you need to batter with the other teams. Which team completes the most will be the winner.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

When it comes to communication there are many things mixed in it like we have seen above. And in that trust is also one of them. To build trust between your team, this blindfolded obstacle course will be the best.

Having trust in one another in the workplace will promote company growth. So, now coming to the game, it is very easy just to select a room in a decent size in the office. And place some obstacles in the way.

Divide your team into equal number of teams with equal members. Then one person will be blindfolded, the other person needs to give directions to move from one end to the other without touching any of the obstacles.


If you are looking for a nonverbal communication game? then this is the best for you. Divide the teams into pairs and then tell them to stand and face them each other.

In that pair one partner will be the leader and the other one will be the follower. And then leaders can do anything they want and it should be followed by the other and it should be only body language as it is nonverbal.

You can also switch the roles after completion and see who copied the best.


And this game needs some creative thinking along with the communication. And even this game tests the guessing skills of your team.

Just split the people into teams and then one person will draw a card from the special game deck. And there are more number of cards that has a list of keywords.

In that cardholders should tell their teammates about the word without using the words related to it. For example, if the keyword is a bus, you should not use truck, transportation, travel, and more.

Perfect Square

Last but not least, one more communication team building activity for your office, is this perfect square. This will be good if you play indoors or outdoors.

Just tell your teammates to stand in a circle, with a rope that was given. After that, each member will be blindfolded and asked to leave the rope and walk away.

Then again they need to come to the rope and stand then they need to form a square. See which team does the best. So for this, they need good understanding and listening skills.

Decode the Emoji Message

This can be used for your remote workers as they can play on the phone. This is one type of nonverbal communication skill, that will connect your team.

Emoji message decoding is very easy, select the people into teams, and then one team will send the word in the form of emojis and the other teams need to guess the word.

For that, which team guesses the most will be the winner.

What are the Benefits of These Communication Team Building Activities

Communication is the main factor between employees when it comes to the workplace. According to the Forbes research that was recently released, said, “In employees who vice is heard 4.6 times at workplace will do their best work.

Let’s see the benefits you can see in your employees using this communication team-building activities.

  • Effective communication between your employees will help them to trust each other. Trust is most important for remote teams.
  • These team building communication activities build an improved culture of collaboration.
  • These communication team building activities deepen the ability to take on challenges.
  • Even when they rise conflicts between them, they will solve them easily because after team building activities they bond well.

Final Outcome

We hope that your team members will benefit from all these communication team building activities. Because one of the most important and difficult soft skills is communication.

With these above team building activities, your teammates will be strengthened in their communication skills. If you think so, just leave a comment below about your experience after using these team building activities.

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