What is Force in Physics? | Definition, Formula, Types, Units – Laws of Motion

Force Definition Physics:
Force is a push or pull which changes or tries to change the state of rest, the state of uniform motion, size or shape of a body.

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What is Force in Physics? | Definition, Formula, Types, Units – Laws of Motion

Force SI Unit:
Its SI unit is newton (N)

Force Formula Physics
F = m.a
F = Force
m = mass of an object
a = acceleration

Dimensional Formula of Force:
Dimensional formula is [MLT-2].

Types of Forces in Physics:
Forces can be categorised into two types:

  1. Contact Forces
  2. Distant Forces

(i) Contact Force Definition:
A contact force is any force that requires contact to occur. The contact force acts on a point of direct contact between the two objects.

Contact Force Examples:
Frictional force, tensional force, spring force, normal force etc are the contact forces.

(ii) Distant Force Definition:
The Forces are those types of forces that result even when the two interacting objects are not in physical contact with each other.

Distant Force Examples:
(Field Forces) Electrostatic force, gravitational force, magnetic force etc are action at a distance forces.

Impulsive Force in Physics
A force which acts on a body for a short interval of time and produces a large change in momentum is called an impulsive force.

Impulsive Force Examples:
1. when you hit a ball with a cricket bat, you apply a force for a time(a very short period in this case) to cause a change (or transfer) of momentum in the ball.

2. A hammer, the collision of two billiard balls.

Laws of Motion:
There are various laws in Physics that define the motion of the object. When an object is in motion whether it is linear or circular there is some force which is always imposed on it.

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