Deforming Force in Physics | Definition, Examples, Types – Elasticity

Deforming Force Definition in Physics:
1. A force which produces a change in configuration of the object on applying it, is called a deforming force.

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Deforming Force | Definition, Examples, Types – Elasticity

2. Firstly we take a body, Now we apply the external force to the body. After some time you see that the shape and the size of the body changes this property is known as Deforming Force.

Deforming Force Types:

  • Elastic deformation is reversed when the force is removed.
  • Inelastic deformation is not fully reversed when the force is removed – there is a permanent change in shape.
  • Temporary deformation is also called elastic deformation, while the permanent deformation is called plastic deformation.

Deforming Force Examples:

  • A pencil which is broken by applying force.
  • Mild steel rods
  • Iron rods

Elasticity defines a property of an object that has the ability to regain its original shape after being stretched or compressed. Learn about the deforming force applied on an elastic object and how the stress and strain works on an object. What is a Hooke’s law and how it is applicable for the concept of elasticity.

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