Descriptive Essay ICSE 2008

Describe a weekly market scene in your area. State why You like or do not like the scene. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2008 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2008

Describe a weekly market scene in your area. State why You like or do not like the scene. (ICSE 2008)

Where and why are they held

  • Describe one such market
  • State what you like or dislike about this market

Need to make them more organised and accessible

Weekly markets are a common sight in most cities and towns of the country. They are usually held once a week and are mostly located on the outskirts of cities and towns. Farmers of the nearby villages bring their produce to sell in these markets. Thus one can find health care and cosmetics items products, selling side by side with agricultural products and farm produce, brought by peasants from the surrounding villages. This provides a good occasion for the people to savour the good thing of the town as well as villages. Thus it provides an excellent opportunity for people of the town and villages, to partake in the exchange process.

Last Sunday, I along with my father went to the weekly market in Chinhat, which is close to my home. The market is located near the highway which connects Lucknow to Faizabad. Parking the car on the pavement, we proceeded towards the market, which was bustling with people. On either side of the road there were makeshift shops displaying wares, ranging from toys to clothes, ready-made garments and cosmetics. Shopkeepers were hawking their wares loudly, often screaming on top of their voice to attract customers. Women and children crowded around these shops selecting the items of their choice.

I made my way towards the food grain market with great difficulty. It was more crowded, as people tugged along with their cycles and scooters. An occasional tractor trolley bringing produce from the nearby villages would add to the confusion. Finally reaching the market I found huge stockpiles of food grain of different variety on either side of the road. The farmers were hawking their produce quoting reasonable prices, which were being eagerly lapped up by the buyers. Others were busy selecting and comparing the produce, so as to strike a good bargain. My father too got busy and soon after making the purchase, we decided to return. This was not easy, after a bit of jostling and pushing we finally reached the main road.

A small fair was in progress on the other side of the highway. Children were having the time of their life, on the merry go rounds or on the swings, while their parents were away shopping. The balloon man, the juggler and the snake charmer, had an appreciative audience, who seemed to thoroughly enj oy their performance. There was much merrymaking and laughter, which gives the market the semblance of a fair.

A little away was a vegetable and fish market. It was the dirtiest, and the most congested part of the market. Here the pungent aroma of fish and rotten vegetables was quite nauseating. However, farm fresh vegetables attract buyers, who usually purchase in bulk. The high pitch sales talk, the price haggling, shouts and arguments, justifiably made it the‘fish market’.

I like the weekly markets, because they provide a very healthy interaction between the urban and the rural folks. They give the rural folks an opportunity to sell their produce directly to the customers, thereby improving their economic lot. The customers are also benefited by getting farm fresh products at fair prices. What I dislike is the unhygienic surroundings, which pose serious health hazards and traffic congestion. These pose serious inconveniences and dissuades city folks from visiting such markets.

Weekly markets play an important role in promoting trade and cottage industry, which is vital for the economic development of the country. However, there is need to make them more organised and accessible.


  • Describe a cattle market scene in your area. State why you like or do not like the scene.
  • Describe a fish market in your area. State what you like or do not like the scene.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2009

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2009 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2009

Recall a time in your life when you were certain about 68 something but were later proved terribly wrong. (ICSE 2009)

Numbers always scared me, because of which I scored poorly in Mathematics.

  • I was certain that teachers’ gave hints of important questions to students taking tuition.
  • I befriended Mohan who took tuition and got the important questions before the examination.
  • I memorised the answers to the questions
  • The questions were entirely different and I failed.

Learnt an important lesson “Success is ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration”.

I have always been scared of numbers which was the reason for my poor score in Mathematics. This had been my Achillies heel, for in spite of doing well in all subjects, my poor performance in Maths always let me down.

I therefore devised a strategy to overcome my weakness. I somehow was certain, that teachers gave hints of important questions to students taking tuition from them. Since my parents did not share this conviction, I befriended Mohan, who was taking tuition in Maths from my class teacher. Showering him with chocolates and gifts, I soon became one of his best friends.

As the final examinations approached, I decided to put my strategy to work. I broached the subject subtly, seeking hints of important questions given to him by the teacher. He was taken aback, but denied any such hints. I kept pestering him to ask the teacher and he finally agreed.

A day before the exams, I went over to his place and jotted down all the important questions, specified by the teacher. I spent the night memorizing the answers to the questions. By morning I felt reasonably pleased with myself, for I had at last found the solution to my problem. In the examination hall I confidently surveyed the surroundings. The sight of boys nervously flicking pages of books amused me. A little later as the bell rang the examination commenced.

I stared at the question paper in disbelief. It was an entirely different paper, with different set of questions for which I was totally unprepared. My mouth turned dry and my limbs felt weak and numb. With considerable effort, I tried to gain composure, but in vain. The invigilator noticed my discomfort and enquired if I was unwell. She sent me to the dispensary, where after taking a tranquiliser I was advised rest.

Needless to mention, I got a big zero in Mathematics and consequently was not promoted. It was indeed a heavy price I paid, for realising an old adage “Success is ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration”.


  • Recall a time in your life when you were afraid of something but were later proved terribly wrong.
  • Give an account of how you spend your summer vacations.

The waiting room at a railway station presents a wonderful opportunity to observe human behaviour. Describe an experience when you were early for a train and had to spend some time in the waiting room with different kinds of people. (ICSE 2009)

Waiting at Lucknow Railway station to catch the Lucknow Mail, which was an hour late.

  • Description of the waiting room
  • Took a chair in the comer of the room, registered my presence in the register
  • Talked to the couple in the room
  • Woken by a loud thud as a passenger sleeping on the table fell

Walked out of the waiting room as the train arrived

“Train number 2229 from Lucknow to New Delhi is late by an hour and half and shall now be coming at 11.30 pm.” This loud and crisp announcement greeted me, as I entered the railway station with my strolley in tow. I shrugged my shoulders in despair and proceeded to the first class waiting room. My wish of having a good night’s sleep, to be fresh for the interview the next day, lay in shreds.

I walked into the waiting room, which was the size of a small auditorium, with steel armchairs lined up on all the sides. In the centre were two large tables, on which four young men lay fast asleep, with their bags and briefcases tucked under their head. On one side of the room at shoulder height was a TV monitor, displaying the status of trains.

Looking for a place to park myself, I noticed a chair vacant in the extreme comer of the room. No sooner had I seated myself, a man wearing a dark blue shirt, limped towards me with crutches in his hand. He held out a small register. Chewing tobacco he murmured, “Please write your name and ticket number in the register.” The strong smell of tobacco nauseated me. I quickly did his bidding, sparing myself the agony of putting up with him for long. Putting the strolley under my seat, I thankfully stretched out on the steel armchair preparing for the long wait.

Glancing around, I saw a middle aged couple seated next to me. The man with a receding hairline and bushy moustache smiled, as I looked his way.

“ Going to Delhi?”
“ Yes “ I replied.
“Same here”

The ice being broken, he gave vent to his feelings on the working of the Indian Railways and their pathetic record of punctuality. Being weary I just nodded in approval. His wife seated beside him, nudged him to silence, pointing to the passengers sleeping around us.

Relieved, I shut my eyes to take a small nap. I had hardly fallen asleep when a loud thud woke me. I opened my eyes to see a man who had been sleeping on the table before me, lying on the floor. His briefcase lay open, with its contents spilling out on the floor. His face was contorted with pain as he tried to stand up. I rushed to help him and made him sit on my chair. He thanked me profusely, as I packed his belongings in his briefcase.

A little later the Public Address system cackled to life, announcing the arrival of Lucknow Mail on platform number one. I pulled the strolley from under the seat and waving to the couple, who had also scrambled to catch the train, walked out of the waiting room.


  • The waiting room at a bus station presents a wonderful opportunity to observe human behaviour. Describe an experience when your bus was late and you had to spend some time in the waiting room with different kinds of people

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2010

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2010 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2010

Think of a time when you achieved a personal goal. Say why the goal was important to you and how you achieved it. Describe how you felt on achieving it. (ICSE 2010)

One of the most difficult personal goal in school was to learn cycling.

  • New situations always made me a bit nervous and my first cycling lesson was no exception.
  • One Sunday morning I decided to learn cycling with my father’s help.
  • Initially I had great difficulty in coordinating the movements.
  • The next day after the first round I found him standing in front of me.
  • I had indeed mastered the skill of cycling and later won the inter school championship trophy.

Learning to cycle was not easy for me. It however made me more confident and bold.

Learning something new was a very scary experience. One of the most difficult things, I have ever had to do in school was to learn cycling. I was mortally afraid of falling and injuring myself. I watched my friends with disdain, as they cycled to school, while I trudged along with my school bag on my shoulder. Occasionally a friend would give me a lift on his bicycle, which would make me feel even more lowly and awkward. One day I finally decided to learn this important skill and requested my father to help me.

New situations always made me a bit nervous and my first cycling lesson was no ; exception. Early Sunday morning when everyone was fast asleep, I crept out of bed, put on my full sleeves shirt and trousers, to protect me from injury. As I wheeled out my brother’s bicycle on to the driveway, my father called out to me. He was glossing over the newspaper, which he put aside as he came towards me. We steadily made our way to the park adjacent to our house.

Reaching the park, he made me sit on the cycle holding the seat from behind. My legs barely touched the lower pedal. A stream of instructions followed, like “Hold the handle straight”, “Look straight ahead”, “Don’t stop peddling, etc”. He gave an initial push to the cycle from behind. I found these coordinated instructions quite difficult to follow, and soon I was down on my knees, with the cycle over me.

However the strong grip of my father softened the fall and I escaped with minor bruises. But my father was patient. He encouraged me saying “Good, keep it up Sumit”. This boosted my confidence. I was up on my feet. Holding the handle of the cycle firmly, I pushed the pedal down with my legs, at the same time trying to retain my upright position. The very presence of my father boosted my confidence no end. In about an hour’s time, I learnt to coordinate the movements, as my father ran behind holding the seat of the cycle.

The next day we repeated the entire exercise, completing one round of the park. During the second round I felt more free and easy, as I feverishly pushed the pedals. To my surprise I found my father standing right in front of me smiling and waving. He 1 had intentionally let go of my seat after the first round. I had indeed mastered the skill of cycling. It was a wonderful free feeling – like flying.

From that day onwards, it became my hobby and later fetched me the inter school championship trophy.
Learning to cycle was not easy for me. However my persistence in achieving this personal goal finally paid off. Now whenever I am faced with a new challenge, I am not nervous. This is because I know that as 1 practice more, my skills would get better. This has made me more confident and bold. It is indeed a wonderful feeling when you achieve a goal, you have set for yourself.


Learning something new is challenging. Say why it was important for you and how you achieved it. Describe how you felt on achieving it.

A school carnival or fete is a great occasion for fun with friends. Describe one such event in your school. (ICSE 2010)

Provides entertainment and also great learning

  • The day of fete; Description of the stalls at the fete
  • Manning the stall set up by my class, lessons of team work and coordination
  • Winning a lottery ticket
  • Fun and merrymaking as the fete concluded

A memorable occasion

The school fete is looked forward to by most of us. It provides entertainment and also great learning which is useful later in life. This year my school organised a fete on Saturday, the 10th of October. Feverish preparation began a fortnight before the event. Each class was asked to set up a stall of their choice. We collected contributions from our classmates and sent out invitations to parents, requesting them to join the festivity with their friends and relatives.

The day turned out to be cloudy but by midday the Sun peeped through the clouds, which hung heavy in the sky. They threatened to play spoilsport, but thankfully a westerly breeze them steadily blew away, bringing much cheer to our dampened spirits.

Making my way to the big playfield, excited shouts of glee from my friends greeted me. Numerous colourful stalls adorned the school ground. In the centre an orchestra was belting out the latest musical hit, which added gaiety and festivity to the occasion. A huge giant wheel in one comer of the field had small children shouting with delight as the wheel went up and down.

I took my position on the counter of our stall selling eatables like snacks and chowmein. It was great fun serving the customers most of whom were my friends. We seemed to have matured overnight, working like true businessmen, accounting for cash and stocks. The next stall was selling cakes and chocolates and they were also doing brisk business. The occasional cackle of the loud speaker broke the revelry to make an announcement.

A friendly tap on my shoulder made me turn around “Hi Siddhant,’ said Rohit as he caught my hand and escorted me to his stall selling raffle tickets and persuaded me to buy one. I reluctantly parted with a ten rupee note in exchange for the ticket, which I carelessly shove in my pocket. Taking a break from my stall, I went around the other stalls, eating chocolates and ice cream, till I had run out of money.

As the sun set we wound up the stall which was almost depleted. Handing over the collection to my class teacher, I was about to depart, when I heard the number of the lucky winner being announced. I pulled out the crumbled ticket from my pocket – Lo and behold! I had struck the jackpot. In a trance I walked up to the podium, to collect the prize.

Thereafter all boundaries began to crumble, as teachers and students danced to the music of the orchestra. I too joined in the fun and merrymaking. It was exciting and enjoyable to practically learn lesson of team work and coordination.

Later I trudged home with the prize, which shall always remind me of the wonderful time I had in the school fete.


  • Imagine that you were told you could wish for any one thing, except money, and that your wish would be granted. What would you wish for and why?
  • You are to organise a farewell party for your seniors passing out from school. Describe in detail what arrangements you would make to make it a success.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2011

Children’s Day is celebrated in your school every year. Write what you particularly liked about this year’s celebration. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2011 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2011

Children’s Day is celebrated in your school every year. Write what you particularly liked about this year’s celebration. What did you learn from the efforts of those who planned and organised the function? How did you express your gratitude to them? (ICSE 2011)

Children’s Day celebrated Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

  • Going to school was like going on a picnic
  • Greated by the teachers
  • Play staged by the teachers
  • Learning the importance of hardwork and team work done by the the teachers.

Reasolved to express my greatitude by respecting and obeying them.

On 14th November every year, we celebrate the children’s Day in school. This is celebrated to remember Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on his birthday. He loved children and they formly called him “Chacha Nehru.”

Going to school on Children’s Day was great fun. It was like going to a picnic, wearing casual dress instead of school uniform and the hefty school bag. ‘Happy Children’s Day’ banners greeted us, as we made our way to the school auditorium. Unlike other days, we found the teachers and staff extra indulgent towards us. The Principal greeted us and informed that the teachers had organised a special programme for us.

The program me started with a play titled ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It was staged by teachers of the primary section, dwelling on the transformation of a child in the wonderland of a school. It was interesting to see teachers behaving like small kids. This was followed by a hilarious comedy aptly titled, ‘Three idiots’. It was a satire on the students of the senior section, dwelling on the innovative excuses for not doing their homework and making fun of teachers behind their back.

To know that the teachers knew it all was surprising. There was a deafening roar of applause as the curtains came down. We clapped and shouted our hearts out. The play was a welcome departure from the usual song and dance programme of previous years and hence was appreciated by everyone.

The school Captain thanked the teachers on behalf of the students, for taking extra pains in make this occasion memorable. The teachers distributed chocolates to the students and the programme finally concluded.

It was good to see the humorous side of teachers, who generally appear very serious and sombre. However, they put up such a magnificent performance, because of their hard work and team effort. Indeed one and one makes eleven, for working in a group one can do wonders.

The Children’s Day may have come to a close, but my respect for teachers grew manifold that day. One can never repay them for what they do for us. I however resolved to respect and obey them, for this is the least I can do to express my gratitude for them.


Independence Day is celebrated in your school every year. Write what you particularly liked about this year’s celebration.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2012

One of your parents has influenced you considerably. Give details of the influence. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2012 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2012

One of your parents has influenced you considerably. Give details of the influence. (ICSE 2012)
Many people play very important roles in our lives. Describe in vivid detail any one person and show how he/ she has played a very special influence in your life.

Influence of parents

  • Greatly influenced by my mother
  • By her industrious nature and qualities of head and heart
  • Love, compassion and sacrifice
  • Willpower and perseverance

My guide and mentor

We are blessed for having parents to look and care for us. They are an incarnation of God, for they bring us into the world, and also take care of us when we need them the most. They are the ultimate role models, for no other person influences us more than our parents. They are there in our sorrow, mitigating our grief and jubilant in our happiness, multiplying it manifold. We not only imbibe good virtues from them, but also learn to differentiate between good and evil. They leave an indelible impression on our mind, which consciously or unconsciously influence our life. Though I love both my parents, I am however more influenced by my mother.

She has a positive and overwhelming influence on me. So much so that my friends call me a mama’s boy. She is by nature very industrious and loving. Getting up early in the morning, she goes about the daily chores. After serving breakfast, packing my lunch box and sending me to school, she goes to office. In the evening she has ample time for me hearing my adventures through the day and then helping me with my homework. Her stellar qualities of head and heart have drawn me close to her. She is very large hearted and forgiving by nature and has often stood by me even when I was at fault. Nevertheless, she is strict and stem so that I do not repeat it again. This understanding makes me share all my worries and apprehensions with her. She encourages me to take decisions, at the same time giving me dispassionate advice and suggestions, which boosts my confidence.

She is an embodiment of love and compassion. Last summer when I was down with typhoid, she was by my bedside day and night caring for me, taking leave from office she regaled me with stories and episodes, so that I do not feel lonely and depressed. Her dedication to work has a great influence on my outlook to life. It has enabled me to appreciate emotions like love and compassion, which makes one a good human being.

Her willpower and perseverance makes me proud of her. Despite her busy work schedule, she persevered to complete her PhD after doing her post graduation quite some time back. She accomplished this feat in the face off many odds, like insufficient time and my illness. I have great respect for the redoubtable spirit, which makes her face great odds with a positive approach.

I do not have to look elsewhere, for inspiration. She is my mentor and guide. Her only advice to me is to be myself, with a clear objective in life. According to her nothing is impossible, provided one strives for it. She firmly believes in the words of H.W. Longfellow, “Life’s battle don’t always go to the stronger or the fastest man, But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”


  • One of your teachers has influenced your life to a great extent. Refer to relevant incidents or relate appropriate anecdotes to show how the action of your teacher has affected your life.
  • One of your friends has influenced you considerably. Give details of the influence.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2013

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2013 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2013

You were on a school trip and were on your way back to the hotel late one night when your school bus, full of children, broke down in a lonely area. Describe what you saw and experienced as you looked around. How was the problem solved? (ICSE 2013)

On a school picnic the bus axle broke in the middle of a jungle

  • A sudden fear crept into my heart on peering out of the window
  • Warning of class teacher not to go out of the bus for fear of wild animals
  • On taking my head out of the bus window, pulled back by teacher
  • Saw a herd of ‘Neel gais’ darting fearfully across the road; Danger seemed to be lurking nearby
  • A strange feeling of being a bait, made me fearful

Fortunately nothing happened, back in the hotel, I said a brief prayer, before dosing off to sleep.

‘Clank, clank,’ followed by the sudden screech of the tyres jolted me out of my slumber. Rubbing my eyes, I peered out of the bus window to see pitch darkness all around. “What happened?” I asked my friend Sunil sitting beside me. As if in answer to my query the lights came on and the driver’s cabin door opened. Our conductor and guide, a short stout man, with a receding hairline emerged gesticulating with his hand and uttering, “Axle toot gaya.” We groaned in disgust and slumped back on our seats.

Peering at my wristwatch, I realised that we had barely travelled an hour from Dudhwa National Park and were about another hour’s journey to our hotel in Lakhimpur. Thus probably we were in the middle of the jungle. A sudden fear crept into my heart. I anxiously peered out of the window, straining my eyes to survey the surroundings. In the dim moonlight I could see nothing but tall sal and sesam trees, their leaves rustling in the mild breeze. This too seemed quite loud, in the sudden silence that had enveloped us.

“Well boys,” the voice of our class teacher Mr Johnson broke the stillness. “The bus’s axle has broken and they are trying to call for another bus, that will ferry us back to the hotel. However, this shall take two to three hours. Please stay inside the bus, for we are in a dense forest area. Do not, I repeat do not venture out, under any circumstance.” The stem warning made some students who had scampered out of their seat, to straighten their legs outside, slump back. My worst fears being confirmed, I stretched my legs, trying to make myself as comfortable as possible.

After some time, unable to bear the stuffiness inside the bus, I slid the window pane open and stuck my neck out to catch some fresh air. An earthy fragrance of an unusual variety wafted in the air, which seemed quite refreshing. The occasional hooting of an owl and chirping of birds livened the otherwise grave atmosphere. The unusual calm was suddenly broken by a loud alarm call of a languor, which echoed throughout the jungle. Just then I felt two strong hands on my shoulders pushing me back to my seat, simultaneously slamming the window shut. Mr Johnson stood glowering at me, “Stupid, we are in a jungle, the alarm call you just heard, could in all probability herald the presence of a tiger in the vicinity.”

This heightened my anxiety. I started peering through the closed window panes of the bus, trying to get a glimpse of the elusive animal, who had not put in an appearance on our forest trek throughout the day. Minutes ticked by but nothing happened. Suddenly the calm was broken by what seemed to be a herd, trampling the dry leaves. In the head light of the bus I saw a herd of ‘Neel gais’ darting across the road. Seeing the fear stricken animals from so close quarters made me a bit nervous. Danger indeed seemed to be lurking nearby.

A strange feeling crept through me. I had read stories of Jim Corbett and how he killed man-eaters using a goat as a bait. I could now imagine how the goat may have felt, waiting for the tiger to pounce on it. Unfortunately here we were the bait and tiger the hunter.

Fortunately nothing happened. After an hour or so a new bus arrived and under the watchful eyes of the teacher and conductor, we were herded into it. By midnight we were back in our hotel. I however did not forget to say a brief prayer, before I dosed off to sleep.


You had gone shopping to a mall and suddenly fire breaks out in the building. Describe what happened.

Teaching someone else how to do something can be a rewarding experience. Think of a skill that you have helped someone to develop. Perhaps you taught someone how to swim or to bake a cake, or helped someone learn how to study more effectively. Narrate the events that made up the process of teaching the skill, and say what made the experience important and memorable for you. (ICSE 2013)

The board exams had just got over; Rahul’s mother requested me to help him in studies

  • Rahul was obedient but careless, because of severe emotional problems.
  • Instead of scolding and reprimanding him, I motivated him with chocolates.

He later topped the ISCE board examination. Basically he needed someone to believe in him.

The board exams had just got over. I heaved a sigh of relief, as I walked out of the examination hall, thinking of the thing I had missed, while preparing for the examination. Just then, I saw Rahul, my neighbour’s son coming out from the Principal’s office, clutching his mother’s hand. He looked quite distraught and avoided looking at me. I found this quite unusual, for normally he would greet me very cheerfully saying ‘Hi Amit Bhaiya’.

His mother looked quite perplexed and worried. Acknowledging my greeting, she thrust Rahul’s report card in my hand. The red circles in Maths and English required him to appear in the supplementary examination, to get promoted to class V.

“Amit can you help him in his studies,” she entreated. Taken aback by her sudden request, I fumbled, “me”.“Yes Amit, he likes you and moreover your exams are now over, surely you can spare an hour for him daily.” Rahul looked entreating at me and I simply did not have the courage to say no.

Returning home I cursed myself for having ruined my summer vacation, which I had so fondly looked forward to. Little did I know that I was going to experience an altogether different feeling, which would last a lifetime.

I found Rahul to be obedient, but very careless. Initially I would scold him and even twist his ears. Gradually I discovered that he had severe emotional problems, because his parents were separated. His working mother hardly had time for him. The long hours in the crephe after school, bore adversely on him.

I decided to change track. Instead of scolding and reprimanding him, I made him redo the exercise, gently pointing out the mistakes he had made. To further motivate him, I would announce a reward of a chocolate, for each exercise he did without making a mistake. Gradually I found that the lessons he previously found boring, became enjoyable to him. Every time I explained a new concept, his eyes would light up and I could feel a strange sense of accomplishment.

A month later his mother came to me with tears in her eyes, thanking me for helping Rahul. He had done extremely well in the supplementary examination and had also started behaving well at home. A couple of years later I saw his photo in the newspaper, he had topped in the ISCE board examination. The small part that I had played in his growth was indeed very rewarding. He basically needed someone to believe in him.


  • It is said that childhood is the happiest period of one’s life. Show how true is this statement citing evidence from your own childhood days. The events and incidents you describe may be real or imaginary.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2014

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2014 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2014

Describe an early morning walk through your city or town in winter. Give details of the smells, sights, sounds and feelings you experienced. (ICSE 2014)

Early morning walk in Mallital, Nainital

  • Sound of hoofs of mules, thick fog, scene at sunrise
  • Deserted market, school going children, hawkers and porters
  • The sceneric beauty of the Nainital Lake

Sunrise heralding the arrival of a new day, bringing with it new hopes and aspirations

‘Clank, clank,’ the sound of hoofs on the concrete road, followed by someone bellowing “Jara hat ke bhaiya.” jolted me. I moved towards the pavement in the narrow street, that wound its way steeply, descending towards Mallital, on the other side of Nainital Lake.

The day being a holiday I ventured out for an early morning stroll towards the lake, despite being a habitual late riser. A thick fog hung around the valley, which seemed to deny daybreak. The golden haze of the Sun drifting through the fog, spread its golden light on the lush green mountain slopes, making it look heavenly.

The otherwise crowded street in the market seemed to be gradually coming out of slumber. Porters with heavy baggage slung on their backs with tourist in toe, were shuffling on the street. The spicy aroma of samosas and jelabis wafted through the air, from a nearby roadside dabha.

The owner seemed to be doing brisk business, serving hot steaming tea and snacks to the tourists crowded around makeshift tables and chairs. The enthusiastic yelling of ‘chai, chai’, by the attendant, seemed an aberration to the otherwise serene surroundings. The newspaper hawkers with newspapers stacked on their bicycles, raced on the street shouting ‘paper, paper’. Small shops selling milk and bread were doing brisk business.

Walking down the steep road, I sat on a bench facing Nainital Lake, which seemed to be extremely quiet and peaceful. The eerie silence being broken by the splashing of waves, stalking the muddy shores. This was divine music to my ears, which I had never before experienced. The tranquility however was short-lived, for soon a flock of birds descended on the lake chirping shrilly in search of prey. The gentle breeze brought forth the pungent smell of stagnating weeds, which forced me to return home.

The sun had successfully pierced through the dense cloud, clearing the mist and fog. The streets had also suddenly come to life. Small children with bright coloured school uniform, held on to their mothers’ arms, as they unwillingly trudged to school. The honking of horns, whistling of porters and the trotting of mules on the streets, had heralded the arrival of a new day, bringing with it hopes and aspirations.


You have gone to a circus along with your friends. Describe your experience during the visit.

Think of a time when you found yourself in an embarrassing situation. Narrate how you got into that situation, how you dealt with it and the lesson you learnt from it. (ICSE 2014)

The sound of cloth tearing, as I found a big tear in my pant

  • In great hurry I jumped over the four feet boundary wall of the playground which tore my pant!
  • Greatly embarrassed as friends poked fun. They escorted me to the Principal’s office for help.
  • Principal directed me to the NCC office for lending me a pant for the day.
  • Felt like the proverbial ugly duckling in class, on recounting my story to the teacher.

Taught me an important lesson of following rules and the truth in the adage ‘Act in haste and repent at leisure.’

‘Chirrrrrrr….,’ the sound of cloth tearing made me come to an abrupt halt. I instinctively put my hand behind my bottom, to find a big tear in my pant. For a while I was stunned not knowing what to do. Somehow gaining my composure, I pulled out my handkerchief and placed it behind me to hide the tear, but it seemed insufficient.

I had just finished my lunch in the recess and seeing my friends play football in the school playground, rushed to join them. In great hurry I jumped over the four feet boundary wall of the playground, instead of going through the gate. I cleared the wall, but in the process my pant unable to bear the strain of the jump, developed a big tear, which left my bottom exposed. To add salt to injury my friends came flocking around, poking fun at me.

After their share of fun at my expense, Rohit offered me a safety pin to hold the tear, but it was of no help. Thereafter, we decided to approach the Principal for help. Escorted by my friends, who tried to cover my behind, we made our way to the Principal’s office. Students and some teachers in the corridor, grasped in astonishment as the unusual procession passed them, which further accentuated my embarrassment.

“Tore your pant, Ahh” said the Principal, “How did you manage to do it?” he asked.
I related my woeful story which he listened with gleaming eyes and a mischievous grin on his bespectacled face.
“Boy you could have broken your limbs. Walls are not for jumping. Now what do you want me to do? Should I give you my pant.?” he said teasingly.
“No sir,” I said blushing with embarrassment.
“Can I go home?” I entreated.
“No you may not. Go to the NCC office, they probably will lend you a pant for the day,” saying this he got engrossed on his laptop.

We trooped out of the office and headed towards the NCC room. The NCC master was very sympathetic and after hearing my story lent me a khaki pant for the day. On returning to class, I felt like the proverbial ugly duckling, as everyone stared at me. The teacher wanted to know what happened and when I told her about it, the entire class burst out laughing.

Ever since that day I was identified in school as the boy who tore his pants. Recalling the incident makes me even now blush with embarrassment. It however taught me an important lesson of following rules and not doing anything in haste, for there is much truth in the adage ‘Act in haste and repent at leisure.’


  • Narrate an incident that brings out the importance of a positive attitude.
  • Narrate a heart touching incident and the impact it had on you.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2015

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2015 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2015

You had booked a ticket on an early morning train. However, you woke up late and missed it. You then decided to run to catch a bus to the next station where you hoped to catch up with the train. Narrate the entire event, how you felt, the effort you made and how you finally caught the train. What did you learn from this successful experience? (ICSE 2015)

My carelessness made me wake up late for catching the train to Delhi

  • Raced toward the railway station but missed the train
  • Brother suggested to catch a bus to Kanpur
  • Tantalizing one and half hour, as the bus raced towards Kanpur

Caught the train, promising never to be careless for ‘Experience is the best teacher.’

“Wake up. Wake up”, shouted my mother gently nudging me. I got up with a start and looked at the clock, it was 5 AM. I had just half an hour to catch the Gomti Express for going to Delhi, to attend the interview for the Birla Meritorious Students Scholarship. Cursing myself, I checked my mobile alarm, to find that I had in my carelessness switched it off, before going to bed.

I freshened up quickly and with my mother’s help packed my bag. My brother offered to drop me to the station on his motor bike. It was 5.20 AM by the time we raced toward the railway station. The early morning winter fog hung heavily on the road. Small droplets trickled down my face making me cringe with cold. Running towards the platform, I prayed fervently for the train to be late. To my horror, I saw the guard wave the green flag as his cabin passed me.

Crestfallen I slumped on the bench. My brother who had come trailing behind me kindled some hope by suggesting “Bhaiya take a bus to Kanpur which is the next stop of the train.” His suggestion immediately galvanised me into action and we rushed to the nearby bus station. Gasping for breath I boarded the express bus, just as it rolled out of the station.

The next one and half hour was tantalizing. As the bus raced towards Kanpur, I shared my misery with the conductor. Fortunately he was very sympathetic and promised to do away with the half an hour halt at Nawabganj. Reassured, I settled down on my seat, watching the trees and the field rushing past me. The fog had by now thinned and people were out on the road going about their daily chores.

As each milestone passed, I glanced at my watch, trying to mathematically calculate the time required to reach Kanpur. Cold sweat tricked down my neck, at the thought of the ridicule I would have to suffer in school and at home. My teachers and mother had pinned a lot of hope on my getting the coveted scholarship, that would bring laurels to the school and the family.

Lost in such gloomy thoughts I heard the conductor yell,“ Kanpur, Kanpur”. Quickly picking up my bag I disembarked and took an auto for the railway station. To my relief I saw Gomti Express rolling in. Sitting on my berth, I wiped the sweat from my forehead, promising never to be careless, for as they say ‘Experience is the best teacher’.


You have gone on a school picnic by bus. While passing through a forest area a gang of robbers attack your bus. Describe what happened and how you were saved.

Describe in detail the view from your bedroom window. Does your room overlook a park? A busy street? What are the sights, sounds and smells that you would typically see, hear and experience at different times of the day? When do you most enjoy the view? Early in the morning, in the evening or late in the night. (ICSE 2015)

Peering out of my window early Sunday morning

  • Window overlooking a park, cool breeze, sweet aroma of plants and birds chirping
  • Scene at daybreak
  • Activity of adults and children.
  • Scene in the afternoon with the streets wearing a deserted look
  • The picturesque scene at sunset

The view changed my perspective toward Nature.

“It’s an earthquake!” I screamed, jumping off the bed. The culprit however was the vibrating mobile alarm placed under my pillow. Switching off the alarm, I realised that it was a Sunday and not another hectic day of school. Grudgingly I stood up like a languid zombie, with my eyes half closed stifling a yawn.

Drawing the curtain of my window, I saw a steady beam of bright sunlight, stream into my room, located on the second floor overlooking a park. As I opened the window the enchanting aroma of the Rajnigandha wafted in, with the cool morning breeze which invigorated me instantly. I stretched my body heaving a sigh of relief, for being spared the daily routine of preparing for school.

“It’s going to be a great day” I said to myself, as I looked at the clear blue sky. The sunlight was softly illuminating the street below, piercing the thin layer of the winter fog that floated on the horizon. The chirping of the gauriya bird and the fluttering of pigeons, from one tree to the other, was divine music to my ears.

Looking beyond the trees that bordered the park, I saw people doing their morning exercises. It was fun watching elderly men and women doing yoga in one comer of the park. The instructor’s counting “One, two, three, inhale, exhale”, made me also count unconsciously. In the middle of the park children were playing badminton. The tiny tots were having the time of their life, just shouting, running around and rolling on the grass. They were however in for a rude shock, when the yoga group as part of their laughter therapy, burst into bouts of laughter, which concluded their morning exercise.

In the afternoon the sun shone brightly overhead. The street beyond the park wore a deserted look. Occasionally few cars passed by blowing the horn to ward of the children cycling on the road. The serenity was occasionally disturbed by hawkers hawking their wares.

At sunset the sky in the horizon turned deep orange, as the sun hid itself behind the tall buildings, handing over the sky to the moon. With the shadow of darkness fast approaching people switched on the lights in the flats on the other side of the park. The streetlights and twinkling glow signs on the street, made the sight beautiful and sublime. The dark sky was looked mysterious, with bright shining stars stretching till eternity. A sudden gust of cold wind made me reluctantly close the window and draw the curtains, to a wonderful day spent on savouring the beauty of nature.

I have never been a great admirer of nature. However, the view from my window that Sunday morning changed my perspective. It was the most unforgettable experience of my life. I would forever cherish the scenic beauty of dawn, the fluttering tree, the chirping birds and the general bonhomie spirit of the adult and children, that was contagious and inspiring.


Describe the onset of monsoon in your area depicting the happiness of the people after the hot dry summer.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2016

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2016 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2016

Narrate an incident from your own experience when you expected to do very well, but for some reason were unable to do so. Explain what happened and why it happened. What lesson did you learn from it? (ICSE 2016)

Won the semifinal race with a huge margin

  • Resolved to break the school record in the final 400 metres race
  • Put all my energy in the first round
  • Tried to accelerate the speed in the final lap but could not do so
  • Greatly disappointed on losing the race

‘Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.’

“On your mark, get set… go,” shouted the referee. I sprinted on the racing track, along with the other contestants, in the semifinals of the 400 metres race for the annual athletic meet in the school, I ran the first round of the field, closely followed by two contestants. As I began the final round, the children cheered. This propelled me to put all my energy and I breasted the rope, winning the race by a huge margin. Exhausted I lay on the ground as my friend clasped my hand and pulled me up and hugged me warmly. My sports teacher patting me on my back said “Well done Rohit, a little more effort and you will break the school record of 2 minutes.”

I had been preparing for this event for the last one year. Getting up early in the morning and jogging in the park outside my house. The big margin by which I had won bore testimony to the hard work and dedication, I had put in. Assured of winning the race, I resolved to improve my performance and break the school record in the 400 meters race to be held on the final day of the athletic meet.

With such thoughts racing my mind, I took position on the racing track. No sooner did the referee utter the word go, I ran as I had never run before. The loud cheering of spectators made me accelerate the momentum. Looking back after the first round, I saw my nearest contestant way behind me.

Assured of winning the race by a huge margin, I tried to accelerate the speed in the final lap. However, to my utter surprise my legs started to feel heavy. They just refused to move as fast as I wanted them to move. As a result my speed slackened. I helplessly saw other contestants overtake me. Feeling weary and drained out, I somehow managed to complete the race, being the last one to do so.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I walked to the visitors’ gallery to meet my parents, who were waiting for me. “Good race,” said my father, as he thumped and hugged me warmly. Wiping the tears, my mother consoled me with words of encouragement. I returned home feeling like a wounded warrior.

Utterly disappointed with my performance, I introspected as to what had gone wrong. I soon realised that in my enthusiasm, I had set a goal of breaking the school record, without chalking out a strategy for achieving it. Instead of conserving my energy for the final round, I had exhausted myself in the first round. I had learnt an important lesson in life, for in the words of Tom Landry, “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”


  • You have experienced a situation that posed a challenge to you. Narrate an account of such an experience, describing how you met the challenge.
  • You have won a prize in a competition. Give an account of the competition, the effort you made to win. The nature of the prize and your feelings on winning the same.

You walk home from school one afternoon to find the door unlocked and on entering you are shocked to see the house in total disarray. You call out but get no answer. Describe in detail what you saw, the reason behind your house being in total disarray and how you found your family. Mention also how the experience ended and what impact it had on your life. (ICSE 2016)

Returned home late from school after buying a surprise gift for mother

  • Found the house in total disarray
  • Called out but got no response
  • Enquired from neighbour and learnt that my parents had left in a hurry
  • On return father reported to the police that someone told them that I had met with an accident
  • My irresponsible behaviour was the root cause of the problem

I resolved to be more responsible in future and never blindly trust strangers.

“Mummy, see what I have brought for you?” saying this, I left the bicycle in the driveway and raced up the stairs to surprise my mother with the present I had brought for her on ‘Mothers Day’. To my surprise I found the front door unlocked. I pushed it open and walked straight into the drawing room. I stopped in my track, for before me the room was in total disarray.

The showcase with all its articles lay on the floor or on the sofa. Sensing something terribly wrong, I loudly called out “Mummy, Mummy, where are you?” but got no response. I ran towards the bedroom to find the almirah wide open. The clothes and other articles lay on the bed and the floor, as though somebody had ransacked the house in a hurry. A cold chill ran down my spine, as horrible thoughts raced through my mind.

Panic stricken I ran out of the house and pressed the door bell of my neighbour. Narrating my plight to Mrs Sharma, I learnt that someone had come to the house an hour ago, after which my parents in an agitated condition had left in a hurry. Reassured of their safety, I asked her to call my father on his mobile. I heard my father heave a sigh of relief, on learning that I was waiting for them at home.

Coming out of the car my mother hugged and kissed me, as though I had come after a long time. My father called the police to report the burglary. Recalling the sequence of events to the police he informed, that one person had come to the house and told them that 1 had met with an accident and was in the emergency ward of the civil hospital. As a good Samaritan he had come to inform them about this unfortunate accident. Shocked by this news my parents immediately locked up the door and left for the hospital. This person in all probability was behind the robbery.

‘While the police took down the report, I felt dejected for being the cause of the misery. In my eagerness to surprise my mother, I had not informed her of my plan to buy a present while returning from school. This irresponsible behaviour was the root cause of the unfortunate incident. The miscreant had observed my movement, and taking advantage of it, made my parents venture out to search for me, while he ransacked the house.

This incident impacted my life profoundly. I resolved to be more responsible in future and never trust strangers blindly.


  • Relate a real or imaginary experience of the problems you faced or an interesting incident that occurred when your parents went out of station and left you to manage the house.
  • Narrate an incident which occurred while you were walking in the park.

Descriptive Essay Topics ICSE Board Exams

Descriptive Essay Topics ICSE Board Exams

Here we have covered previous Year Descriptive Essay Writing Topics asked in ICSE board exams.