Media Convergence Meaning, Benefits and Examples | Types of Media Convergence

Media Convergence Definition: Up to the time is the media world as it has maximum impact on our society and brought significant changes in our lifestyle. Media is all about entertainment and information from around the world. It has even brought significant changes in the career of people. Media is not limited to a single device or platform. It is the combination of mass communication outlets, including the internet, television, mobile phones, newspaper, radio, and many other portable devices.

The technological world’s advancement in our lifestyle with computer networking, media content, and information technology is Media Convergence. The media industry is successful because it is grappling up with good time and brought compromising future. Media convergence aims to bring up a highly successful media world by shifting to digital platforms, high-speed computer networks, and good internet speed.

The blog below is to describes the basic concepts followed in Media Convergence and its counterparts, Importance of Media Convergence. More to know:

How Will You Define Media Convergence?

Suppose you have enough information; you need to broadcast it to different people. It is media convergence that will bring up new opportunities to provide knowledge to the world. When information combined with communication channels, computer networks, and media contents combine, it forms Media Convergence.

This digitizing world has brought up 3 C’s together, which precisely define the term. It is:

  • Computing
  • Communication
  • Content

Internet is the basic demand for three of them to work side by side. These three C’s are responsible for bringing up the resulting digitization of media.

What are the Different Examples of Media Convergence?

Media Convergence Examples: Media around you in the contemporary is all consequences of Media Convergence. You have smartphones in your hands. It is a combination of a camera; you can listen to music, surf the internet on the browser, read a soft copy of books, and much more. It is the first example that comes to your mind after you listen to the word Media merging.

Now think about the radio. Before this present world, radios were limited to your houses. But advancement in networking, i.e. internet, has brought a new concept of Online Radio. Another basic example of media merging is a crowd of people moving together. They move and share information.

Next comes the concept of websites and apps. A single website offers your various services. At one platform, you have different choices to make. Similarly, an app works. It offers a good platform for you to connect with the internet and run them.

Media Convergence Benefits

Media Convergence Benefits

The media is seeking our attention every day. Different converging platforms have even made it quick for us to deal with the problems we face. Your electronic gadgets are flooded with information today. There is no end to your learning. Below are the basic advantages that Media Convergence has brought for us:

  • Availability of news and good content is the basic advantage of media convergence. It has brought a 360-degree change in the traditional and new world.
  • You have a platform where you can frequently search for target audiences and produce content accordingly. This helps to integrate the audience at the global level.
  • Presently, audiences are also creators. They post on social media and create memes. With this, they attract an audience throughout the world.
  • Media Merging has brought a change in the thoughts of people in consuming media. It has efficiently overcome the limitations of traditional media.

Explain Various Types of Media Convergence

Media Convergence is a huge term in itself. It has brought up changes in the entire world in industry, technological, political, and textual worlds. However, the basic decision is :

  • Economic Convergence
  • Technological Convergence
  • Cultural Convergence

Economic Convergence

Countries face major challenges when it comes to the economy. It is even more difficult for a developing country like India to raise GDP in a go. However, with the concept of Economic media convergence, a company can bring employment to a large interested group. Also, the same company can be the reason for meeting the basic demands of the people. All this ensures to bring up good norms of GDP.

Some Key Points on Economic Convergence

  • Selling and purchase of the right product have become easy with this digitizing platform of media convergence.
  •  The entertainment industry has come up together and brought new services for you on a single platform.

Technological Convergence

Different platforms of technology have come up together to form media convergence. New technology is efficiently built to take new past technology. New technology also performs the same task but consumes less time and produces efficient results. One basic example is the convergence of hard copies of books into PDFs and e-books. You can view them whenever you like through your portable devices like mobile phones.

Some keys points on Technological Convergence:

  • With new emerging technologies, you can perform your previous task very efficiently in less time. This is what advancement we call in the present world.
  • You are to perform your task in less time, which has improved your tendency to work on a job.

Cultural Convergence

It can be best explained by adopting one culture by two or more people as they give rise to new traits. It can be best described with the help of traits possessed by two people. One is weak, and another is good at the same task. However, the similarities between the two will only be displayed as dominant traits. It is also known as Acculturation.

Another term that best explains Cultural Convergence is Assimilation. It is defined when weak section traits are completely erased, and only dominant traits are followed. One such example is the native language is not spoken these days that was first followed in past centuries.

Media Convergence Types

Why is it important to have Media Convergence?

Though Media Convergence has its advantages, why do you feel it an essential aspect of your life? It is a way you get tons of entertainment, information, and content on a single platform. Our life seems to be incomplete if you don’t have smartphones with you. Media merging is the reason for an immediate change in the world over the past few years.

The below points precisely explain why Media Convergence is an important aspect of our day-to-day life.

  • You got a new platform for learning, getting information, and a new way to communicate with the people sitting around the world.
  • You have portable devices flooded with information with you. You can reach content at any time you want. News organization does not rely on television and newspapers anymore.
  • Media merging has given birth to many new terms, including podcasts, news feeds, portals, websites, internet running applications, and blogging.
  • You have endless opportunities with you to create and post whatever you like. You are the audience as well as the creator of your content and gain identity throughout the world.

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Explain 3 C’s Concept in Media Convergence

As explained above, media convergence is nothing if you don’t have the concept of 3 C’s with you. It defines:

  • Communicating
  • Content
  • Computing

These are the results of digitization and the reason why the internet became popular in the present times. When we put these 3 C’s together, we have content that we spread through communication. Communication is possible with good computer networking.

How Media Convergence Brought up Good Times for Your Career?

Media Convergence needs advancements over time. Thus it has brought good career opportunities where people earn millions. If you are too planning your career on the same platform, you have to gain a media degree. Below are the opportunities available for you with media convergence in Journalsim:

  • Editors
  • Illustrator
  • Reporters
  • Cartoonists
  • Travel Journalism
  • Critics
  • Columnists
  • News Analysts
  • Correspondents
  • Proofreaders
  • Staff or Freelance Writers
  • Photojournalists

Media Convergence Examples

FAQ’s on Media Convergence

Question 1.
What are the major changes brought by Media Convergence?

Before the concept of media merging arrived, the three C’s worked alone. The 3 C’s has brought digitisation of the modern world with the help of the internet. The merging of media has brought a change in the establishment of services, industries, and work practices.

Question 2.
Why is Media Convergence an important aspect of your daily life?

It is not merging different technologies as one but also introducing new concepts in your life. Media convergence is an important part of our daily lives and made our work life easier than the traditional approach. Information gathering is now an easy and minutes process.

Question 3.
How media convergence brought a change in our mind of consuming media?

Media convergence aims to deliver information in minutes. Presently, audiences are also co-creator of the information and content to be delivered throughout the world. It has improved our way of communicating with others and interact with them.

Question 4.
How will you define convergence in mass media?

Your smartphone is the consequence of media merging. Before this, you followed the traditional approach of watching television, listening to the radio, printing, etc. But with the concept of media convergence, all such options are available within your portable devices as your smartphone is. The merging of media as a single platform has overcome the traditional definition of media-consuming.

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