Sample Letters of Advice | Template, Format and How To Write Sample Letters of Advice?

Sample Letters of Advice: Advice is defined as an act of guidance, recommendation, a proposition, a suggestion, or an opinion using wise words. Individuals can seek advice from anyone who she or he thinks fit to approach for guidance or recommendation.

However, the advisor’s burden is liable to the kind of opinion or suggestion, or recommendation is given to the other individual. For instance, when someone reaches out to you for advice, you have to remain honest and provide them with your sincere opinion or suggestion.

A letter of advice is primarily of two common types, an official capacity and a personal capacity.

In an official capacity, the advice could be directed to a customer or maybe a subordinate. There are chances that your opinion may be sought or asked by higher officials or authorities.

In a personal capacity, the advice could shapeshift as motivation to take an opportunity, to avail a chance, recommendation, or words of encouragement,

Here is a note to self, no matter in what capacity you are writing the letter of advice, remember that the burden lies in presenting a positive response. Before responding to the other individual to such a request, think about the request without delaying the letter.

Remember to make the right choice of words and avoid being judgemental. Make the person on the other end believe that you genuinely care about him or her and build your opinion on sincerity.

When considering a sensitive topic, evaluate the approach carefully and avoid strong and intense language. It is also better to restrict your opinion regarding the subject that has been asked. Refrain from adding additional aspects to it.

If you have been requested for an opinion about a serious or grave matter that you are not personally inclined to or dislike, refrain from mentioning it or pointing it out in a disrespectful manner. Instead, remain polite, helpful, and respectful.

Refrain from giving a personal opinion on any issues unless you have requested to provide one. When you are asked for advice, always maintain a constant tone of appreciation and assure the person that whatever suggestion you are conferring is in her or his interest.

If you cannot confer an opinion or comment on any request, show your request and clearly state that you are unable to advise on this matter or issue. However, do not present wrongful advice to anyone.

Sample Letters Of Advice

Here are a few of the samples of letters of advice based on the occasion or person.

Letter Of Advice Format

When writing a letter of advice, the format should be molded around the following pointers-

  • The choice of words must be used carefully.
  • Respond quickly to the request for advice but give yourself some time to think about your answer.
  • Keep the tone respectful, congenial, and helpful no matter how you feel.
  • Be careful of appearing judgmental and avoid direct or implied criticism.
  • Avoid vital languages, and it may discourage your reader.
  • If you cannot give advice, express your regret but refrain from personal opinion or comments.
  • When dealing with a sensitive topic, consider your approach carefully.
  • Present personal advice only if asked and must ensure caution and sensitivity.
  • Show some gratitude with a friendly letter.
  • Keep your advice simple, concise, and to the point.
  • If someone takes your advice, maintain a tone of appreciation and avoid condescension or feelings of superiority.

Letter for Asking An Advice

Dear (name),

I want to ask your advice on joining a company located in Dubai. I have received a good career opportunity in Dubai, inclusive of a family visa. I need your unsolicited advice and decision about this. You know that I am completing my seven-year tenure in my current job and even received a promotion.

I am looking forward to moving to Dubai with my family and hope for a better and safe environment. I could take your advice as you have settled in Dubai.

Please send me a detailed enquiry about the living situation, the cost of living, and a query about the company. I have attached a copy of the appointment letter for the address. Please feel free to call my number at any time, waiting for your reply.

Thanking you,



Letter for Asking An Advice

Letter Of Advice On Weight Loss

Dear Daisy,

I firstly thank you for writing me this letter. I’ve just received your email, and I was sorry to hear you’re worried about your weight. I hope my unsolicited advice helps you and hope that things get better soon.

Your initial problem is about your weight. Besides having a healthy diet, I suggest you try some beneficial and health exercises and activities like swimming, playing ball games, etc. Besides, accept your appearance as everybody is beautiful. Avoid being with people who put you down or let them know how you feel when they comment about your weight.

You could walk more whenever possible rather than taking the bus or car as it helps your burn calories and helps you become fit and healthy. I know it can be hard to do at first, but believe me, it will work.

Please, feel free to contact me through call or email anytime. I am looking forward to your reply.

Thanking You,



Letter Of Advice On Weight Loss

Letter Of Advice To Company

A letter of advice to a company or a business should be formal and professional. The letter should encompass professional correspondence from one industry to another or from one company to another. The letter of advice to a company allows the format of a formal letter by having clear, precise, and relevant information.

Recipient’s address

Your Address and contact details

Objective ( A simple and short sentence)

Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing to inform you that our business name has changed from ( insert the old name) to ( insert the new name).

There has been no change in management, and we will be providing the consumers with the same service and products on which we have built our reputation.

There is no change in the contact, and everything will remain the same on the business level. I would greatly appreciate your HR team about the difference in the organisation’s name and update the record accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter, and we will look forward to continuing a great partnership with each other.


(Sign here)

(Your Name and Title)

Letter Of Advice To CompanyLetter Of Advice To Company

Letter Of Advice To Friend

While writing a letter of advice to a close friend, the informal letter format must be implemented. A letter of recommendation on this category should not be restrictive, and therefore there are no particular rules to follow. You can write what feels natural to you depending on how well you know the advice letter recipient.

Dear (name)

I am sorry about your current situation; I am sure we can brainstorm something to relieve you from the shackle.

(Briefly mention a few suggestions to help)

I will look into the matter in detail and get back to you as soon as possible. You know that you can always contact me whenever you need something or a hand of help or talk about anything. You already possess my contact details.

I will contact you after looking further into the matter.

Keep your chin up.

See you soon!

(Your Name)

Letter Of Advice To Friend

Letter Of Advice About Dispatched Goods

Letter of advice about dispatched goods should be a formal letter confirming that you have shipped the item(s) to the reader. Enlist or mention what and when the item is mailed, along with the instructions as to what the reader should do if he or she does not receive the item(s). Also, include what the reader should do during any problem with the item(s). State your next course of action and end with a kind note.

(Sender’s Name)

(Address line)

(State, ZIP Code)

(Letter Date)

(Recipients Name)

(Address line)

(State, ZIP Code)

(Subject: A summary of the intention of the letter)

Dear (Recipients Name),

We want to inform you that we have dispatched the brochure and other promotional material you requested yesterday during the phone conversation. I hope the above-mentioned information will provide you with all the information you need regarding the product you ordered.

We expect that you will receive the package by April 10. If, however, you do not receive the package within that said period, please get in touch with me immediately to rectify the situation.

Upon receiving the package, please do inform me if every product within is intact. Upon receiving the package, I will be calling you to present you with further instructions.


(Your Name)

(Your Title)-Optional

(Enclosures: number) – Optional

cc: (Name of copy recipient) – Optional

Letter Of Advice About Dispatched Good

Academic Letter Of Advice

Dear Louis,

I am sorry that I haven’t written to you or reached you in a long time. I have been swamped over the last year.

I want to pursue an MBA in Canada, and I hope you could give me some advice. I visited Toronto last year, and I wish to pursue my Higher education in Toronto. Since you have been living there for a few years, I am pretty sure that you will be able to assist me in finding an appropriate institution. I don’t have a huge budget, so I am looking for an affordable institution.

I hope you would not mind helping me. Although I can search online for colleges in Canada, I think the information obtained from a friend living in the country would be better.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You.


Academic Letter Of Advice