Informal Letter Writing ICSE 2011

You have just acquired an unusual pet. This Informal Letter was asked in ICSE 2011 board exam. You can find Previous Year Informal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Informal Letter Writing ICSE 2011

3, Anand Vihar,
Lucknow – 226001
22nd March 2011

Dear Seema,

Thanks for the wonderful birthday card you sent me. It was indeed very thoughtful of you to remember and send it. This year I celebrated my birthday with a difference. Instead of the usual party and cake cutting, I went with my friends for a picnic to Shaheed Smarak, which is on the banks of the River Gomti. After the boat ride, we sat down on the river bank savouring the scenic beauty. Just then I noticed a brown coloured tortoise, the size of a small plate crawling towards me. We crowded around it, but unmindful of our glare, it painstakingly made its way toward the crumbs of leftover sandwiches.

Scooping the creature in the empty paper bag, I decided to bring it home as a pet. The idea initially did not appeal to my parents, but seeing my enthusiasm, they finally acceded to my request. I made a small shelter of twigs and leaves for it, in one comer of the kitchen garden.

‘Sandy’ (as I call it) made himself comfortable in his new surroundings. To escape the summer heat it crawls into a shallow pool of water near its new abode.

It is great fun playing with Sandy in the evening. It crawls out of the pit on seeing me wave a loaf of bread. After finishing it, it hides himself under its shell. The sight of a leafy shoot only makes it stick its neck out. It is amusing to play this game of hide and seek, after which I guide it back to its shelter.

I am sure you will also like it when you visit us this summer vacation. Give my regards to Uncle and Auntie.

Your friend,


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